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Sunday, May 17, 2009

chapter 7 - Become truly confident

We will also have full confidence about our own selves if we have wisdom, correct understanding and equality, free from lustful desire, greed, cravings and aversions, fear and worries.

Real confidence is when we know exactly what we want and what we are doing, without the attachment to the fruit of action and without pride. It is not affected by compliments or censures from other people.

It has got nothing to do with our external appearance, our status in the society, our achievements, our study of the knowledge in the world, our talents and abilities, our wealth or health, nor any name and form at all.

It is the strong faith and believes in ourselves that keep us going in life and keep doing what we are doing with sincerity whether we are getting any support from others or not, if other people acknowledge our work or not, recognize us or not, praise us or not, condemn us or not.
And we shouldn’t do things that we are reluctant to do and without sincerity just to get the attention from other people.

It is no harm to do things to please other people and make people happy if we are sincere and the actions are righteous according to the teaching of right conduct, even if we are so reluctant to do it.
But it is doing more harm for everyone if we do things that are not righteous to please other people to get their attention, or love, or on account of any selfish intention.

That is true confidence. It doesn’t change even though everything else is under going changes. It is the ego feeling good or not good if a person self esteem is based on the judgment from other people and the things that he has done or hasn't done.

Of course there is nothing wrong to feel good if we are kind to others and have attained certain achievements but let us not become arrogant and always remain humble. Let this happiness come from doing good be one of the motivations for us to do more good then.

At the beginning we might be not good at what we are doing, but determination and perseverance and true confidence will let us keep going until one day we are good at it, despite discouragement or criticism from others especially from the people who we look up to.

It doesn’t matter what type of expectation from other people, it is us, ourselves that doing the work, not those people. Be happy even though we have not yet successful in all our pursues.

Now that we are not success yet doesn’t mean that we will not be success in the future. Most important is that we keep on going until the end of the journey doesn’t matter how many times we fall down on the way.

So what if we are not success according to the worldly point of view, but we had did our best effort? That is already a great achievement.

At the end, if we can detached from the term ''success'' and ''failure'', give no value to these name and form, then we will be free from the craving for success and the aversion for failure.

We don't need any name and form to define us as successful or unsuccessful in life.

It is the wisdom that free us from all the duality in this world, free us from the mind and the ego, that is giving us the true confidence.

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