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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Just go

When being in a house that is on fire, regardless of whether the fire is started intentionally or unintentionally by someone from inside or outside the house out of ignorance, and the situation is life threatening as the fire is too strong to be eliminated, then one must try one's best to leave the burning house as soon as possible, calmly. There's no hesitation of whether one should be staying or leaving. There's no attachment of "I love my house very much and I don't want to leave my house. I cannot abandon my house and I need to defend my house until I die." That's merely an idea or values in the mind that is being conditioned deeply by intense egoistic passionate attachment, identification, pride and loyalty, out of ignorance.

The deep ignorance of human minds and their corrupted thinking, selfish desire and destructive behavior in a particular area is similar to the uncontrollable fire that is burning down a house that everyone is living in it, and when the situation is threatening all the others as the fire is too strong to be calming down, then one may just try one's best to leave that 'house' as soon as possible. That fire started out of the ignorance of certain minds might also spread to other 'houses' and causing damages to the 'houses' of many others.

Just go.

It's not cowardice, but wisdom and compassion, to get out from any kind of threatening situation deriving from the deep ignorance of human beings. None can stop the ignorance of others, but only by oneself being aware of one's ignorance and the consequences of it, and be initiative to free oneself from ignorance.

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