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Monday, May 23, 2022

Want to learn and practice yoga? (3)

Regardless of,

What is the condition of the body,

In good health, strong and flexible, or not,

What the body can do or cannot do,

What is the state of the mind,

In calmness, or not,

What the mind knows and doesn't know,

What is the condition and situation in the world,

How is the surrounding environment,

Agreeable or disagreeable,

Desirable or undesirable,

Pleasant or unpleasant,

Possibility or impossibility,

What the body and mind and this life existence can achieve or cannot achieve,

What type of family and social background, origin, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, culture, belief, spirituality, values, education, profession, ambition, aspiration, inspiration, past and present experiences and non-experiences, achievements and non-achievements,

What type of yoga lineage, brand, style, level and practice,

Which yoga schools and who were/are the teachers,

In this present moment,

Where one is,

In motion or motionless, thinking or not thinking,

While doing some sort of yoga practice, or not,

While performing duty and responsibility in life, or not,

In solitude, or not,

There's no past, no future, no grasping, no attachment, no identification, no craving, no aversion, no judgment, no comparison, no expectation, no aspiration, no admiration, no longing, no clinging, no good, no bad, no positive, no negative, no meaningfulness, no meaninglessness, no superiority, no inferiority, no regret, no pride, no fear, no worry, no grief, no painful sorrow, no hurts, no suffering, no end of suffering,

There's no 'I', 'my', 'mine'.

There's no 'I am',

There's no 'I am not',

There's no 'I want',

There's no 'I don't want',

There's no 'I wish', 'I hope', 'I aspire', 'I inspire',

There's no 'I practice', 'I love', 'I give', 'I forgive', 'I let go', 'I inquire', 'I meditate', 'I receive', 'I realize'

There's no 'good enough', 'not good enough',

There's no 'I am free', 'I am not free',

There's no 'I am good, wise, generous, loving, kind and compassionate',

Merely selfless impermanent changes of names and forms arising and passing away.

Being what it is, as it is.

Void of egoism or desire, is silence.

*If the mind still has the idea or desire of "I want to learn and practice yoga from this or that teacher because I want to .....", then keep practicing, until the mind is void of such idea or desire.

If the mind doesn't agree with, doesn't like and doesn't want this, let it be.*

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