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Monday, April 10, 2023

Transcending all kind of thinking and belief via non-attachment and non-identification

It's neither easy nor difficult to realize unconditional peace.

All and everyone can realize unconditional peace if the minds know what is non-attachment and non-identification.

Regardless of what kind of thinking and belief existing in the mind, conditioning the mind to think and believe in certain way judging everything as either good or bad, positive or negative and meaningful or meaningless, more importantly, it's about whether the mind knows how to go beyond any kind of thinking and belief in the selfless world of impermanence via non-attachment and non-identification.

What the mind thinks and believes and judges as good and bad, positive and negative, meaningful and meaningless based on any kind of worldly cultural thinking and belief, or under any kind of religious/spiritual teachings and practices, including those from yoga and buddhism, that teach or guide the minds on how to transcend the modification of the mind itself, as well as the realization towards selflessness and impermanence, doesn't change the truth of selflessness and impermanence in all and everything.

Go beyond the quality of good and bad based on any particular thinking and belief, allowing the mind to see the truth of names and forms as it is, without attachment and identification, which allows the mind to be in peace under any selfless impermanent changes, not being determined or disturbed by the absence of what the mind refers as goodness and the presence of what the mind refers as badness based on any particular thinking and belief towards what is goodness and badness, free from craving and clinging towards what the mind thinks and believes as the quality of goodness, and free from aversion and resentment towards what the mind thinks and believes as the quality of badness.

What the body and mind can do and achieve through this selfless impermanent life existence, of what the mind thinks and believes as something good and positive and meaningful, is nothing to do with whether the mind is free from ignorance and egoism transcending the selfless impermanent modification of the mind perceiving/experiencing a selfless impermanent worldly life existence, or not.

If a mind loves and enjoys certain mental and physical activity very much, and attaining certain achievements through that particular mental and physical ability/talent, that gives rise to the sense of goodness, positiveness and meaningfulness to the mind about itself and life existence, but then would be disturbed being over-powered by the sense of badness, negativeness and meaninglessness upon losing that particular ability, or couldn't attain higher or further achievement through that particular ability, then this mind is not free. It doesn't know what is non-attachment and non-identification that allows the mind to transcend the selfless impermanent modification of the mind itself.

The mind that knows what is non-attachment and non-identification, it can love and enjoy anything that it loves and enjoys doing and achieving, while it's available or possible, but will not be determined or disturbed upon losing what it loves and enjoys that is no longer available or possible due to selfless impermanent changes, transcending the sense of goodness and badness, positiveness and negativeness, and meaningfulness and meaninglessness.

Such mind is not being determined or disturbed by the selfless impermanent condition and situation in the world of ignorance and egoism, free from craving and aversion, free from judgment and expectation, free from passion and ambition, free from dissatisfaction and disappointment, free from discrimination and hatred, free from bitterness and resentment, free from fear and worry, free from restlessness and suffering.

Similarly, under the presence of attachment and identification, there arise craving and aversion, judgment and expectation, passion and ambition, dissatisfaction and disappointment, discrimination and hatred, bitterness and resentment, fear and worry, or restlessness and suffering.

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