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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Ignorance in the world of yoga and buddhism

Many people don't really know or understand what is yoga and the yoga practice, even after many years of practicing and/or teaching 'yoga'. There's nothing wrong or abnormal, because that is what ignorance is about.

It's understandable, because the 'yoga' that many people see or practice in this world are the 'yoga' being practiced and taught by those who don't really know what is yoga, and there are many people are learning and practicing 'yoga' by attending ongoing 'yoga classes' that are being conducted by many 'certified' and 'qualified' yoga teachers that also don't really know or understand what is yoga and the yoga practice.

Similarly, in the world of buddhism, there are many people who think they are the disciples of Buddha, but they don't really know or understand what is buddha, buddhism, the teachings of buddha or the dhamma, and the practice.

Everyone takes their own effort and pace to realize what is yoga or buddhism, the teachings of yoga or the teachings of buddha, or the dhamma and the practice.

And it's okay, if the minds still haven't realized the dhamma by the end of this selfless impermanent life existence, after have been performing so many kinds of yoga practice or buddhism practice, under the idea of "I am a yogi who practice yoga," or "I am a Buddhist who practice Buddhism."

The only difference is that, if more minds are free from ignorance and egoism while being here momentarily in this space of the universe that doesn't belong to anyone or anything, there will be less unrest and disharmony or damaging effects being generated into this world, unwittingly, and vice versa.

Under the veil of ignorance and egoism, the selfless impermanent minds are not any different from all kinds of momentary natural disasters that come with the selfless intentionless damaging power that destroy many lives, objects and the surrounding environment, even if these natural disasters are only existing for a few moments, not to say, many minds are existing for quite a long while in this world, that keep contributing unnecessary unrest, disharmony and damaging effects into the world, either wittingly or unwittingly, during their momentary selfless impermanent existence in this world.

The minds that understand, they won't be offended by this.

The minds that would be offended by this, they don't understand.

Many years ago, in an ashram in India, there was a very old yoga teacher told this mind that he was still 'in doubt' after practicing and teaching yoga for many years. That had actually empowered the intense yearning towards liberation in this mind, to be determined to be free from ignorance, not just doing some form of yoga practice regularly, and hence, initiated the observation of renunciation from the world of passionate egoistic social and cultural affairs, connections, interactions and activities. He was indeed a great teacher.

Inquire the truth of everything.

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