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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Most minds don't like to hear about dispassion and renunciation

It's understandable that most minds/people don't like to hear about or even react with anger and hatred towards the teaching and practice of dispassion and renunciation in yoga and Buddhism.

This doesn't exclude many of the highly intelligent, talented, educated, knowledgeable and so called successful/powerful people/influencers in the world, who might not be aware of the influence of ignorance and egoism in themselves, who are surviving in this world playing along with the game of capitalism and commercialism that exploits all and everything as much as possible utilizing the higher science and technology, in order to achieve higher and unlimited success and wealth for securing survival, pleasurable enjoyment and comfort for oneself.

People who believe in the meaning or goal of life existence is about equipping oneself from young with all kinds of education, qualification, skill, knowledge, connection, social networking and experiences, to be highly ambitious, with the intention and aspiration plus determination and perseverance for striving to be attaining and accumulating more and more success/wealth that are more than enough for basic survival, in order to be supporting and maintaining certain comfortable and pleasurable lifestyle, to fit into 'the successful and wealthy rich upper class' category, they are the fuel that feed capitalism and commercialism surviving from exploiting all kinds of natural resources, nature, animals and human beings in the world as much as possible.

Out of survival instinct and greed, the minds that are functioning under the influence of ignorance and egoism would want to defend and protect themselves, their life existence, their survival, their livelihood or source of wealth, their accumulated wealth and possessions, their career or business, their inherited or adopted belief, values and practice, and their pride, from the intimidation deriving from any teachings or practices that not only don't support capitalism and commercialism, but are unintentionally, existing as the biggest threat/obstacle towards the prosperity of capitalism and commercialism, or in another term, GREED, and POWER that supports and empowers GREED.

Most of the empowerment workshops in the world are about equipping oneself with the 'qualities' in order to attain higher and unlimited success and wealth, to be inspired and being aspired to become highly ambitious and successful, which turn into GREED and PRIDE unwittingly, with the main aspiration of to be achieving and supporting certain lifestyle of higher and unlimited comfort, new interests, new activities, new toys, new adventures, new excitements and pleasurable enjoyments, that gives rise to and empowers the sense of goodness, satisfaction, positiveness, joyfulness, accomplishment, pride and meaningfulness.

No any advertisements can tempt the minds that are dispassionate. No any salesmen can sell their products/creations/ideas/values to the minds that renounced the world. No any politicians can manipulate the minds that are free from ignorance and egoism. No any 'amazing inspirational quotes of passionate inspiration' can move or cheat the minds that are dispassionate. No any businesses that are surviving on the egoism, discontentment, greed and fear of human beings can survive, if all and everyone are dispassionate and renounce the world of ignorance and egoism, or are free from ignorance and egoism.

The huge business of 'medical health care', 'body, facial and hair care', 'beauty and cosmetic', 'fitness and fitness related products and services', 'dietary supplement', 'spiritual healing', 'fashions and accessories', 'home appliances and decor', 'luxurious holiday', 'recreational food and beverage', 'social media platforms', 'cars', 'gadgets', 'games', 'toys', 'sports', 'trendy lifestyle', 'leisure activities', 'real estate', 'insurance', and so on, are surviving on human beings' ignorance and egoism, passionate desires of craving and aversion, fear and discontentment/greed. Almost everyone are trying to 'sell' something, to gain certain profits or rewards that they desire, either in the form of money or something else. Young children are being brought up to admire and be inspired by 'successful, powerful and wealthy rich' human beings, to become like them, whom are being identified as 'inspirational most successful people in the world being determined by their wealth and power status', who are not necessarily being free from selfishness and corruption, who are not necessarily using their power, knowledge, position and wealth, or advance science and technology, to be looking after the general welfare of all and everyone and the environment, but only to fulfill their personal or community selfish ambitions, of GREED, POWER and PRIDE.

Even Swami Sivananda renounced his job as medical doctor, after realizing the corruptions in the world of ignorance and egoism cannot be eliminated through medical health care of advance science and technology, as even the physically strong and healthy human beings who are free from illness and disability, who are highly educated and knowledgeable, might not necessarily be free from ignorance and the by-products of ignorance, and hence, he immersed into serious Sadhana to realize the path that leads towards liberation from all these corruptions.

Inquire towards the truth of everything, freeing one's mind from the influence of ignorance and egoism, particularly those who are angry and disgusted towards the many human made destruction in the world of human beings, who have great aspiration to help to make the world a better place for all and everyone without discrimination, or to reduce unnecessary human made suffering in the world, or to advocate awareness for world peace, non-violence, non-discrimination, equal rights and mental health, or to protect the over-all welfare of all and everything and the environment.

Many minds might think and believe that hardships, poverty, difficult life condition, sickness or low education are the cause of misery and suffering, but it's not necessary so. Those who are free from hardships, poverty, difficult life condition, sickness or low education, but might not necessarily be free from unrest and suffering due to ignorance and egoism. Those who are free from ignorance and egoism, they are free from unrest and suffering, regardless of whether being free from hardships, poverty, difficult life condition, sickness or low education, or not.

In the beginning, the world of business/trading is neither good nor bad, where most businesses are just purely about exchanging different kinds of goods and harvests for diversity, however, due to ignorance and egoism in human beings, there are many kinds of corruption, exploitation and destruction arising from the world of business, out of never ending GREED.

GREED doesn't just manifest in the world of capitalism and commercialism, where the businessmen are greedy for higher profits and the consumers are greedy for higher possession, convenience, comfort and pleasurable enjoyment. But, it also manifests in the world of spirituality.

The teachings from ancient until the present, never change. Where ignorance and egoism is indeed the root cause of all kinds of suffering or bondage, while the greatest obstacles towards liberation from ignorance and egoism, is endless PASSION, DESIRE, GREED, and PRIDE. The subside of passion, desire, greed and pride, is the annihilation of egoism, that removes the veil of ignorance, that uncovers unconditional peace and selfless compassion.

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