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Thursday, April 9, 2020

In this present time

In this present time

Life might not be easy or pleasant for many people

Different people have different condition in life that they need to deal with

Some are getting too busy and tired working at home while looking after the entire household

Some are getting too free and bored being cutting off from most of their habitual physical leisure activities

Some are struggling to have a reasonable shelter and food on the table

Unwittingly, there are many things that everyone needs to make adjustment, adaptation and accommodation

Everyone don't have the same degree of adaptation and tolerance as one another

And it's okay

There is stress

Consciously and subconsciously

Wittingly and unwittingly

One just be in the present as it is

Need not judging oneself or others

Good or not good enough

Need not comparing oneself with one another

Need not expecting oneself or others

To be good or better

One doesn't need to try to be a better version of oneself

One doesn't need to try to be somebody that one is not

One doesn't need to try to be productive or creative

One doesn't need to be positive or stay positive

One doesn't need to be happy or stay happy at all time

One is fine as one is

Dealing with whatever arise in the mind in this present

If one chooses to react, let it be

If one chooses not to react, let it be

Dealing with whatever arise in life in this present

If one feels need to be busy doing something, it's okay

If one feels need to be lazy not doing anything, it's okay

It's neither right nor wrong

Neither good nor bad

It's just finding a comfortable space for oneself

To get through this

By oneself

Along with all the others

Looking after oneself

By looking after oneself



One is looking after the others

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