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Thursday, May 23, 2019

World saver?

Yoga teachings and the practices might appear to be 'the best thing in the world' for those who are seriously interested in transforming their own mind, to transcend ignorance, egoism, impurities, restlessness and suffering. But, not all and everyone else in the world would be interested in transforming their minds, or to transcend ignorance, egoism, impurities, restlessness and suffering, or be interested in the teachings and practice of yoga, or they could be following/observing some other form of teachings/practices that also would lead them to be free from ignorance, egoism, impurities, restlessness and suffering, and they might not see yoga teachings and the practices are 'the best thing in the world', and there's nothing wrong with that. It's everyone's freedom for what they want to think, believe and practice, or not.

Yoga practice is about purifying and quieting one's mind, while allowing other minds to mind their own mind the way that they want, without intention/desire to be interfering with other minds, without expectation towards other minds have to be in certain ways. That's real freedom in yoga. Freedom is not so much about "I am free to think, speak, act and live life the way that I want." but it's more about "It doesn't matter if this body and mind is being restricted/limited to think/speak/act/live life in this world, but freeing this mind from ignorance, egoism, impurities, restlessness, desire, expectation, and all kinds of disturb and suffering, respecting and allowing all the others to be free to be what they are, without interference or control towards others' thinking, belief, practice, behavior or way of life that are different from this one, is freedom."

The one who identifies oneself as "I am a loving and compassionate being who loves the world, and hence, I need to save the world from 'badness' and 'destruction', and I aspire/desire to make the world a 'good place' for all and everyone." is the ego, desiring "I want the world to be like this and not like that." or expecting "The world should be like this and not like that." And above all, not everyone wants a world that is according to what 'I' desire, or the way that 'I' think and believe is 'good for all and everyone'.

Those who truly love the world, they might be performing actions in the world for oneself and others, but there's no such egoistic identification/attachment/desire/intention/expectation. They just perform actions, without intention to change the world to be the way that 'I' desire, without the idea of "I am doing this for the world and all and everyone" or "I am saving the world and all and everyone from badness and destruction" and allowing all and everyone to be free to think/believe/practice/behave as they are, and respect others' desire for a world that they want, that might be different from what 'I' want.

Those who truly love the world, there's no egoistic individual/group aspiration/desire to be achieving a world that has to be in a particular way according to what 'I' think and believe how it should be, but just do one's best that one believes it's good and beneficial for the world and allowing the fruit of actions to be what it is, and love the world as it is, even if it's not the way that 'I' would like it to be.

There will be more peace and harmony in the world if everyone can let go their aspiration/desire to achieve a world that they think and believe how it should be.

Minds that have been conditioned by worldly egoistic and heroic thinking/belief/values/practice to think and believe in certain ways, to act and react in certain ways, to judge and expect towards everything in certain ways, to be empowered to aspire and inspire, to perform actions to achieve what 'I' and 'my group' want to achieve, to attain the sense of accomplishment, pride, righteousness and meaningfulness, they might not be able to understand this or agree with this. And that's their freedom of thinking/belief/action/reaction.

Those who understand, they don't mind if others don't understand or disagree, and they don't expect others to also understand or agree with oneself. It's the ego that feels frustrated and offended if others don't understand and disagree, and it would expect others to also understand and agree with its aspiration/ideas/vision/thinking/belief/desire.

World peace is not attained through 'over-powering', or 'controlling', or 'defeating', or 'influencing' all the others to be under one's control/influence and to be adopting/supporting one's desire/vision of 'a good world for all and everyone' about how everyone should or shouldn't think/believe/practice/behave/live life, to create a world that 'I' and 'my group' desire. But, it's letting go the 'aspiration'/'desire' to make/change/influence the world to be the way that 'I' desire, that 'I' think and believe how it should be.

Be free.

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