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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Want to learn and practice yoga? (22)

The prolonged pandemic that affects everyone in the world, and its long term after effect onto the condition and situation in the world, as well as the ignorant never ending wars and corruptions in many organizations and leaderships in the world, that lead to more and more difficulty and suffering in the majority population of the world, in the common people's life, is neither good nor bad.

It depends on whether the minds are still sleeping and didn't make use of this opportunity to reflect and realize the ignorance and the consequences of ignorance in the world, or if there are more and more minds starting to be waking up, and make use of this opportunity to reflect and realize something.

One of the obvious thing to be reflecting upon, is that regardless of where on earth, in which region or country, in big city or small town, in the modernized and so called civilized society, most people are being conditioned to live in a world under a similar system, which is a sicked and corrupted system that benefits certain people and improves the comfort of certain people by exploiting one another, particularly exploiting the majority of the common people where their main priority is to be able to make a living and survive, appreciate life, and to be in peace and harmony with everyone, however, many of them are being broken by the sicked and corrupted system.

Except the very few people who are living a self-contained and self-sufficiency way of living that doesn't depend on the regional and global economy for livelihood and survival, but the livelihood and survival of the majority of the people on earth depends solely on the system - the regional and global economy loop, that survived on 'capitalism', 'commercialism', 'nationalism', 'socialism', 'authorization', 'governmentalism', 'documentation', 'taxation', 'religion', 'business', 'work', 'income', 'spending power', 'family values', 'cultural values', 'community values', 'spirituality and religious values', 'self and group identity and pride', 'self and group image and achievement', 'self and group aspiration and ambition', 'bodily health and fitness image', 'physical appearance, condition, ability and achievement', 'mental abilities and achievements', 'financial inter-dependency', 'mental and emotional inter-dependency', 'all kinds of social, national, family, cultural, personal, friends, community, educational, sports, spirituality and religious celebrations, festivals, rituals, events and activities', 'food security', 'health security', 'insurance security', 'finance security', 'home security', 'social security', 'national security', 'endless new inventions of enjoyments, toys, games, entertainments, machines, gadgets, apps, and etc', 'endless desire', 'discontentment', 'greed', 'addiction', 'craving', 'physical and mental enjoyments', 'leisure activities enjoyments', 'sensual and material enjoyments', 'conveniences', 'lifestyles', 'trends', 'fashions', 'beauty, health and fitness related products and services', 'tourism and holiday activities', 'social medias', 'insecurity', 'fear', 'worry', 'unrest', 'wars', and so on.

People are making money out of other people's insecurity, fear, worry, unrest and wars. How sicked is that?

Those who still have 'the sufficient spending power' to support their 'comfortable enough' way of living under such system, will not give up supporting such system, even if they feel sympathy for the majority of the others who are being exploited and suffering from such system, not to say, there are quite many that don't bother about all the others, as long as "I survived, and I am comfortable enough."

Even those who want to do something and are doing something to help those who are in difficulties and sufferings, such as NGOs and charity organizations, are unwittingly supporting such system and are very welcoming by the system. It's like, "There are many wounds (suffering). We try to comfort and heal as many wounds as possible," but being reluctant or didn't try to eliminate the source of all those wounds. The system 'say', "Great! Somebody is there to clean up the mess that I created, that I will be continuously creating. All kinds of sympathetic people are there to help lessening my burden and responsibility. They should be awarded with some acknowledgment and appreciation for being so helpful. And that will make them feel proud and happy, and will continue to clean up the mess that I keep making."

It's like prescribing the many different medications and health supplements to heal or prevent certain illness, but never eliminate the cause of illness (medical and health care is surviving on the existence of illness, and it's a big contribution to the economy. The end of illness, is the end of medical and healthcare business). Similarly, there will be endless and increasing wounds (suffering), as they didn't try to eliminate the source of wounds (suffering), which is ignorance and egoism being empowered by the corrupted system born out of ignorance and egoism.

All kinds of sufferings and desires creating more opportunity of business and work that are contributing to the economy that support the system. The more suffering and desire in the people, the better it is for empowering the system that benefits certain people while inflicting suffering on all the others. That's why the existence of all kinds of advertisements, to encourage and empower greater desire and ambition in the people by propagating - Be ambitious. Be inspired. Work more. Make more money. Spend more money. Make all your desires come true! And more importantly, "You deserve it!"

People are making money from exploiting other people who are in difficulties and sufferings, and are desperate. How sicked is that?

If people stop spending money, the economy will crash, and the system will be paralyzed. That's why the people are being encouraged to keep spending money, even if they don't have enough money, but to be in debt for spending money that they don't have. And people will need to be keep generating income (working) for that. Then people's income will then contribute to taxation and higher spending power, where it supposed to be benefiting the community, but somehow, certain people are getting a lot more out of it, while more people are struggling to survive, even when they spent most of their time and energy into making a living, but still can't make enough to feed themselves or to afford a place to rest and sleep, where their physical and mental health well-being is being impacted a lot.

Even many yoga practitioners and yoga teachers are also unwittingly being the slaves of advertisements, both of those who advertise to promote something and those who are attracted by the advertisement of something. That's why the advice from the teachers of Dhamma, to renounce the world and refrain from all kinds worldly affairs, connections, communications, interactions and activities, in order to be effectively purifying the mind eliminating the stubborn ignorance and egoism.

Peaceful desireless dispassionate mind resting in silence, is not good for the system (the economy). Those involved in beauty, fashion, accessories, leisure, social, spirituality, religion, physical and mental health and fitness, medical, material and sensual enjoyment, entertainment, luxurious indulgence industry, as well as yoga or holistic industry, will say to the peaceful desireless dispassionate mind, "If everyone are like you, we will have no business." If some people still are not aware of, spirituality and religion is part of the big money business.

Many people talk about the importance of mental health care, awareness and advocacy, but very few are interested in eliminating the source of increasing mental health problems and social behavior problems in the world, that is mostly deriving from the sicked and corrupted system. People think and believe that increasing mental health and social behavior problems need to be 'controlled' and 'regulated' by the system, to 'protect' them and their loved ones from being 'hurt' by those who have mental health and social behavior problems, but very few thought of the cause of the increasing mental health and social behavior problems is largely related to the corrupted system itself, where people are being discriminated, oppressed, bullied, threatened, ill-treated, exploited, exhausted, depressed, manipulated and broken under the corrupted system.

Still thinking, believing, practicing and propagating that compassion means sympathetic loving kindness?

Just like everything else, the system is neither good nor bad, as it has some goodness or sweetness, but then it also brings along many painful side-effects at the same time, because it is a sick and corrupted system due to the ignorance and the consequences of ignorance in the minds that created and running the system. People might think of it's a failed government leadership and policy, and thinking that changing government will change everything, but it doesn't, because changing into new government which will still be operating under the similar corrupted system. Then people will think that by changing the system will change everything, but it's not necessarily, because the new system will still be imperfect and corrupted in a different way, being created and running by minds that are under the influence of ignorance and egoism, no matter how intelligent they might be. As the minds that are free from ignorance and egoism, will have no egoistic desire or aspiration to create a worldly system to run the world, to be controlling and regulating the world in certain way.

That's why when the world of yoga started to have the influence of such 'system' born out of ignorance and egoism to be controlling and regulating everything to be in certain way, and involving in many kinds of activities that empower the ignorance and egoism in the minds, it's not yoga anymore.

If the minds are working on the elimination of ignorance and egoism, then there is no need any worldly system to control and regulate anything, as there's already the nature law of cause and effect, and minds that are free from ignorance and egoism, that are selfless and peaceful, that won't intentionally hurt oneself and others, that are kind to one another without discrimination, they don't need to be controlled and regulated by any system created out of ignorance and egoism.

If there's a need of control and regulation and government, it's called 'self-control' and 'self-discipline' and 'self-management'.

Swami Sivananda - "Stay away from politics. Stay away from politicians."

From different individuals (families) living on a specific area by themselves, to coming together forming a community living closely to one another in a village/town, and from there, arise the idea and movement of forming a gang with a leader from within the community claiming 'power' to be collecting monthly or yearly compulsory 'protection fees' from the community under the name of 'providing community protection' and some other kinds of 'services' to the community, and if some people couldn't or reluctant to pay the 'compulsory protection fees', they will be receiving threats/warnings and certain type of disturbing treatments from the gangsters, to forming a nation with the idea and movement of forming an authorized government with a leader claiming 'power' to be collecting monthly or yearly compulsory 'taxation' from the community under the name of 'providing national protection' as well as some other kind of 'public services' to the community, and if some people couldn't or reluctant to pay the 'compulsory taxation', they will be receiving threats/warnings and certain type of 'legal fine and prosecution' from the authority.

For many of those who think and believe that they 'need' that kind of 'protection' to be protected from being invaded by some other communities, as well as to avoid being 'disturb and hurt' by the gangsters from within their own community, they would just pay the 'protection fees' as it is. It's the same for many of those who think and believe that they 'need' that kind of 'protection' to be protected from being invaded by some other nations, as well as to avoid being 'legally fined and prosecuted' by the authority from within their own country, they would just pay the 'taxation' as it is.

People have fear towards 'gangsters', similarly people have fear towards 'the authority' that supposed to be 'protecting' them. How come?

Is that merely a coincidence? Or, they are just the same thing under different names? The only difference is, one is being 'illegalized' and one is 'legalized'.

Even when all the different nations have their own authorized government to be so called 'protecting' their own people from being attacked by invasive outsiders in this world, did it prevent invasion or war from happening? Nope. Invasions, wars and violence are still happening in this world in the era of advanced science and technology.

It's all sprung from survival instinct and desires that lead towards possessiveness, ownership, protectiveness, power and greed.

It's all about, "Do as I say (obey). If you don't do what I tell you to do, and if you do what I don't want you to do (disobey), I will punish and hurt you. Give me what I want. If you don't give me what I want, and if you give me what I don't want, I will punish and hurt you." This exists in family, community, spirituality, religion, school, authorization, company, relationship, and anything that we can think of, in this world of ignorance and egoism.

The yoga practice, is to let go such worldly thinking, belief, values and practice (renunciation), freeing the mind from being influenced by ignorance and egoism (purification).

Inquire towards the truth of everything.

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