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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

All these is suffering

'All these is suffering' is the truth of the selfless impermanent existence of the body and perceptive thinking mind governed by the law of nature, of cause and effect/actions and the consequences of actions, especially in a world occupied and operated by human beings under the influence of ignorance and egoism.

Minds that are enjoying many good things in life, would disagree with the truth of 'All these is suffering', and these minds want to believe that life in the world of human beings is wonderful and meaningful by focusing on the good things. There's nothing wrong with that. Just that even the good things are impermanent. There's no suffering if the minds know and respect the truth of impermanence, being free from attachment towards the good things and without aversion towards the not so good things.

Even when the mind is free from suffering by knowing and respecting the truth of impermanence, being free from attachment, identification or expectation, but the existence of the selfless physical body couldn't escape the inevitable suffering of restless maintenance for survival, hunger and thirst, and all kinds of discomfort, pain, illness, decaying, aging, weakening and limitation.

There is no real freedom or satisfaction that can be found in this world of human beings that is not just being governed by the law of impermanence and selflessness, but it's also being governed by 'laws' created by human beings out of ignorance and egoism with all kinds of rules and regulations trying to 'control' everything to be in certain way, or 'keeping things in certain order', or even under the name of 'civilization' and 'development' for improving the over-all welfare of human beings, the existence of human beings need to be 'documented', 'legalized', 'decriminalized', 'authorized', 'recognized', 'certified', 'qualified', 'approved', 'allowed', 'granted with such and such rights', and etc, which inevitably generating all kinds of 'illegality', 'criminalization', 'unauthorized', 'undocumented', 'non-recognition', 'non-certified', 'unqualified', 'disqualified', 'disapproval', 'disallowance', 'non-gratification of such and such rights' and etc, that empower all kinds of unnecessary corruption, prejudice, discrimination, oppression, violence and 'tormentation'.

The 'authority' isn't just generating 'profit' from receiving fees by issuing all kinds of 'legally approved documentation' to the people who 'need' to be 'legally documented to be residing and making a living in a particular area on earth that doesn't belong to anyone' as well as from penalizing those who didn't or couldn't attain 'legally approved documentation' for some reasons, or those who were being issued with 'legally approved documentation' but there is penalty being issued as well due to the many different kinds of ridiculous rules and regulations.

From the moment of birth, all human beings are 'not free'. In fact many wild lives in nature are more free than human beings, just being governed by the law of nature.

All human beings are being 'regulated', 'restricted' and 'controlled' by 'the authority' that claimed 'authorization' over the many different areas on earth. 'The basic freedom of existence' doesn't exist for being existing on earth, not to say, 'trying to live a life of a selfless impermanent body and perceptive thinking mind' to be 'living', 'moving around', 'acting', 'expressing', 'making a living or trying to survive to maintain life' on this space of the universe that doesn't belong to anyone or any so called 'authorization and authority' that exists under the name of 'an organization to carry out duty and responsibility for serving the community and maintaining welfare development and keeping order in the world'. Even in one's birth country, everyone also needs to attain legal 'documentation', 'permission' or 'approval' for everything by appealing to 'the authority' and paying some monthly or yearly renewable fees/taxes until one dies.

Human beings think and believe that at least they are free in their own birth country as a rightful citizen of that country, where they can live and do anything freely, but it's not. Whether residing and doing something in one's own country, or in some other countries, everyone must 'possess' or 'obtain' legal documentation/permission/approval from the authority by paying some sorts of charges, just by being where one is. Or else, naturally one is being illegal and will be criminalized/penalized and facing the risk of losing 'the rights/permission of being at a place on earth' that was being 'granted by the authority' before.

"As a citizen of this country, you can live and do anything here as long as it's legally permitted and approved under the law of this country created and authorized by 'the authority'. And of course you need to pay some fees in order to obtain the permission and approval from 'the authority' for legalizing anything you want to do. But, be very careful. Your citizenship could be revoked and stripped-off from you, at any time, if you offend the authority."

Upon seeing the truth of impermanence and selflessness, minds attain liberation from suffering through non-attachment/non-association/renunciation towards 'all these' (the mind stuff, or the modification of the mind, or the mind perception of a worldly life existence) upon the realization of 'All these is suffering' and being unattached towards the inevitable suffering of the selfless existence and function of the decaying physical body.

The past enlightened Buddhas and yogis didn't claim that "Oh! Life existence in the world of human beings is wonderful and meaningful" upon enlightenment. This realization of 'All these is suffering' is not negative at all, but it appears to be something negative for the minds that want to believe that they have the power to create 'the desired reality that they preferred' even if it's just temporary and needed to be maintained restlessly, by ceaselessly keep creating what they think is wonderful and meaningful in life.

Whether with or without a government body to be 'the authority' that was being given the so called 'lawful' power to run any country, there will always be some human created/related problems deriving from ignorance and egoism. By having or not having 'the authority' of a government body to run a country, couldn't guarantee that there will be less or no problems. The existence of human created/related 'problems' is due to the human beings' perceptive/cognitive/assertive intellectual egoistic thinking minds are functioning under the influence of ignorance and egoism, as well as due to the basic survival instinct that exists in all living objects.

Whether human minds are free or not free from the influence of ignorance and egoism, is nothing to do with the presence and absence of education, accumulated knowledge, intelligence, talent, skill, belief, values, status, title, documentation, legalization, authorization, recognition, certification, qualification, approval, possession of such and such rights, accomplishment, privilege, and etc.

Whether the minds are being kind and compassionate, or not, and being peaceful or in painful suffering, is nothing to do with the presence and absence of 'courses and certifications of kindness and compassion' or 'courses and certifications of peace or suffering', that allowed or disallowed the mind to be kind and compassionate, being peaceful or in painful suffering, or not.

Buddha didn't attend a 'legally authorized enlightenment course' and didn't carry a 'certification of enlightenment', or obtained 'permission from the authority to be legalized/authorized to practice and teach Dhamma', or issued different types of 'certifications/qualifications of enlightenment' to respective practitioners that had gone through self-discipline and self-inquiry towards the truth and attained different levels of realization.

Practicing yoga, realizing yoga and teaching yoga, or being dispassionate, unattached, fearless, peaceful and silent, or being patient, accommodating, forgiving, kind and compassionate, are nothing to do with all kinds of worldly authorization and legalization of 'One must gone through certain type and amount of learning and training via authorized/approved courses and obtained such and such recognized certification/qualification in order to be legalized/recognized/approved/allowed for existing, living, moving around, and making a living to survive or doing something in this world'.

A talented artist might or might not become better and better in its creativity through certain type and amount of training, but it's nothing to do with 'certification of creative arts'.

A writer who loves to write, a dancer who loves to dance, a singer who loves to sing, might or might not becoming a better writer, dancer, or singer through certain type and amount of training, but it's nothing to with 'qualification and certification of writing, dancing and singing'.

"Without training and certification of writing, or dancing, or singing issued/sanctioned by recognized/authorized organization, one wouldn't be eligible to obtain 'permission'/'approval' from 'the authority' or cannot be legalized/approved/allowed and will be criminalized/penalized/imprisoned for getting involve in activity of writing, dancing, or singing," and "Without training and certification of authorized yoga courses, one wouldn't be eligible to obtain 'permission'/'approval' from 'the authority' or cannot be legalized/approved/allowed and will be criminalized/penalized/imprisoned for practicing, realizing and teaching yoga," is like "Without training and certification of friendship or loving kindness, one cannot be legalized/approved/allowed and will be criminalized/penalized/imprisoned for being a friend or to love and be kind to oneself and others." Such is the world being occupied and operated by human beings under the influence of ignorance and egoism.

There are minds that think and believe that they can 'buy' all the freedom of existing, being, living, making a living, moving around/travelling/migrating and doing anything that they like in anywhere of the world, for as long as they have the money to keep paying 'the authority' for getting all the required legal documentation/permission/approval done and without any intentional/unintentional offense towards the respective 'authority' in different places, would disagree with 'All these is suffering' while they are enjoying 'the privilege' that they still have and even until the end of their life existence. And that's their freedom.

Human beings would want to think and believe that 'laws' and 'authorities' are made to protect human beings and the world from 'bad' and 'wrongful' things, to make the world a better place for everyone, but unfortunately in some countries, 'laws' and 'authorities' are made to profit and protect the authority and give rise to many unnecessary difficulties to the people for just trying to live a life on earth that doesn't belong to anyone. There's no freedom of existence or living, not to say, freedom of expression, action and speech. Or, one can express, do and say anything, as long as it's agreeable and complimentary to 'the authority'.

'Laws' and 'authorities' in most countries legally discriminate all human beings by scanning/analyzing 'the eligibility' of the people for accepting/processing/approving/granting certain 'authorized documentation', which mainly is about 'nationality', 'financial status', 'social status', 'title', 'educational level', 'certification and qualification', 'talent and skill', 'achievement', 'health condition', 'submissive mentality towards the authority', and etc, where all these have nothing to do with whether someone is free from ignorance and suffering, or not, and being kind and compassionate, or not. Even highly educated knowledgeable intelligent people who want to protest against certain kinds of 'discrimination' and 'prejudice' might not be free from ignorance and egoism, where they don't see 'many of the discrimination' that were being generated by 'laws' and 'authorities' that they support very much, where these 'documentation qualified' people think and believe that the world or a country needs to be governed by 'an authority' to keep things in order by 'legalizing and criminalizing' everything, to keep those 'documentation unqualified' people away from the world or their country.

In most countries, wisdom and compassion deriving from inquiring into the truth of everything that bring peace and harmony into the society is not important and could be seen as a potential risk of jeopardizing the 'profit' and 'power' of the authority, but, how much 'profit' and 'power' the authority can get from the people's financial contribution, as well as maintaining certain degrees of separateness, unrest and disharmony among the society that can keep the authority in power, is the upmost priority.

In Dhamma, all are one same nature of selflessness and impermanence. There's no discrimination towards those who are and are not free from ignorance and egoism, or who are and are not kind and compassionate, not to say, all kinds of different names and forms, of 'nationality', 'financial status', 'social status', 'title', 'educational level', 'certification and qualification', 'talent and skill', 'achievement', 'health condition', 'submissive mentality towards the authority' and etc, to determine or judge anyone is deserving or non-deserving the teaching and practice of Dhamma, and be eligible or non-eligible for attaining liberation from ignorance and suffering.

Many human beings are being conditioned to put upmost importance onto 'the eligibility' of 'nationality', 'financial status', 'social status', 'title', 'educational level', 'certification and qualification', 'talent and skill', 'achievement', 'health condition', 'submissive mentality towards the authority', or even 'religion', 'ethnicity' and 'body and facial appearance' to determine or judge themselves and others as deserving or non-deserving to be existing and living on earth, might not agree with this. That's their freedom.

The worldly minded people put upmost importance onto "Are you qualified (enough)?" while in truth, there's a certain 'qualification' existing in all and everyone regardless of whether one is qualified (enough) for anything in this world of ignorance and egoism, which is, "All are qualified for the suffering of restlessness, of the selfless impermanent changes of decaying, weakening, aging, sickness and death. All are born to be qualified to die, regardless of who you think you are and whether you are highly qualified for something in this world, or not."

Inquire towards the truth of everything.

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