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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Looking after one's physical and mental health amidst pandemic

The pandemic is not just threatening people's physical health and lives, but the prolonged 'meh' condition that everyone around the world has to go through due to the movement restriction in order to curb the virus from spreading has been straining the mental health of many people, even for those who are mentally healthy all the while but their life and livelihood is being affected greatly by the pandemic, not to say, it is hammering hard on those who are already suffering from some kind of mental health issue.

Some people who suffer from some kind of mental health issue, such as depression, can be benefiting very much from performing certain physical activity, especially lap swimming, where the contact with water combining with the repetitive movements and rhythmic breathing that gives a very special effect which can effectively elevate and stabilize the state of the mind without the need of drug medication, but unfortunately, many physical activities are not allowed due to the movement restriction, including lap swimming, even when it's an individual activity/exercise that doesn't need to have physical contact/interaction with other people, especially if the swimming pool is well-maintained and properly chlorinated with limited lap swimmers at one time, and not meant for people who just want to be in the pool to enjoy some leisure playful water activities for fun. Refraining from swimming is like stopping a safe and effective regular treatment for those who depend largely on regular swimming to maintain sanity without using drugs that doesn't really cure depression but induce many bad side-effects.

Other than there's frustration built up due to the movement restriction for months, there's also the side-effect of the prolonged partial or total lockdown resulting in the economic downturn causing joblessness or pay cut to more and more people, as well as there's anxiety, tension and fear towards contracting the virus or being 'punished' for unwittingly violating the many confusing unfamiliar new 'laws' that were being introduced and implemented in order to 'slow down' the spread of the virus, that has been going on for months, and most possibly will continue for the next few years, as this 'fast mutating' virus seems to be going to hang around in the world for a much longer time than we would like it to be.

It's quite unpleasant and challenging, even for those who think and believe they are 'optimistic', not to say, it's really hard for those who are less 'optimistic'.

For many people, the long term side-effects of the prolonged pandemic affecting people's everyday life and livelihood, might be worst than contracting the virus itself.

What's important now, is how people can maintain their over-all physical and mental well-being living under the movement restriction, and how people cope with this 'meh' condition of the pandemic, be able to get through/survive this global challenging time being, and be ready to live with the virus hanging around us for many more months or years, and be able to make adjustment to adapt the long term side-effects that affect and change everyone's way of life and livelihood.

Different people cope with the 'meh' condition differently in their own way. There's no 'the best way' of coping any kind of situation for everyone. Everyone needs to find their own way to cope with this 'challenging' condition in the world.

During the partial or total lockdown, people are being advised to stay at home as much as possible, where some people might need to start creating and following a planned schedule for themselves to perform certain task and activity at home for maintaining their physical and mental health, while for some others, they might not need to have a planned schedule but just live life spontaneously that might work better for them that helps to maintain their physical and mental health. Some people need to keep busy physically and/or mentally, while some others might need to be more laid back physically and/or mentally.

Patience, tolerance and understanding towards oneself and among human beings within a family or a community is much needed in this time being, as the state of the mind of many people could be toppled by the 'meh' condition and would behave irrationally, whether wittingly or unwittingly.

Unintentionally, some people could actually be benefited from this pandemic life experience, and develop certain understanding/insight that could change their over-all perspective towards many things about themselves and/or life existence.

Some people becoming more creative and/or productive due to having a lot less 'distractions' due to the partial or total lockdown.

Some people started to be aware of certain things that exist in life but they didn't notice before until they have the opportunity to reflect upon themselves and life during the partial or total lockdown.

Some people realized that they don't really love themselves or the people whom they thought they loved, while some might learn how to love and look after themselves and others.

For yoga practitioners, one lives life in the present as it is, adjust, adapt, accommodate, free from craving and aversion, and all is impermanent.

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