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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Decay and death don't discriminate anyone of any qualities

Regardless of who and what and where everyone think they are

Regardless of all kinds of different qualities and experiences that everyone have or don't have

What kind of condition and situation in the world

Pleasant or unpleasant

Desirable or undesirable

Agreeable or disagreeable

For the mind, the body, the senses

What the minds think and don't think

What the minds believe and don't believe

What the minds appreciate and don't appreciate

What the minds do and don't do

What the minds achieve and don't achieve

What the minds feel and don't feel

Wise or ignorant

Peaceful or peaceless

Healthy or unhealthy

Fit or unfit

Easiness or difficulty

No matter how successful, powerful and prideful one can be

No matter how advance is science and technology

There is one same inevitable truth in all and everyone and everything

Decay and death don't discriminate anyone of any qualities

The selfless impermanent changes under the influence of the law of nature


Above all that

'I' less

Who is there to feel or don't feel successful, prideful and powerful?

Who is there enjoying and suffering?

Who is there coming and going?

Who is there changing?

Who is there decaying and dying?

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