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Friday, April 21, 2023

Inquiry and realization towards selflessness and impermanence in all kind of names and forms

The mind that knows how to perform inquiry towards all kind of names and forms, and attains direct realization towards the nature of selflessness and impermanence in all kind of names and forms, including the existence and function of the physical body and the perceptive cognitive intellectual thinking mind, is a free mind that is not being determined, disturbed or influenced by all kind of impermanent changes that are desirable or undesirable, pleasant or unpleasant, and agreeable or disagreeable.

It's neither easy nor difficult to see the nature of names and forms. It depends on whether the mind is able to let go and allowing itself to be opened, or not, to see everything as they are, without judgment of good and bad, right and wrong, positive and negative, happiness and unhappiness, meaningfulness and meaninglessness based on any particular worldly passionate egoistic thinking, belief, values and practice, and be able to be unattached towards all kind of conditions, situations, experiences, interactions and relationships with all and everyone.

The selfless impermanent life existence or the perceived world of names and forms is just what it is, neither good and meaningful (upon the presence of all kind of goodness or the absence of all kind of badness) nor bad and meaningless (upon the presence of certain badness or the absence of certain goodness). The minds that understand this, are free being what and where and how they are, and are peaceful as they are, regardless of the agreeable and disagreeable experiences and impermanent changes in this world of ignorance and egoism.

All kind of physical or mental (external or internal) yoga practice as well as everyday life experiences and all kind of selfless impermanent changes are there to train and teach and enable the mind to be opened, to be attaining concentration and attentiveness bringing the mind to be in the present, to be withdrawing the senses from going out restlessly chasing after the objects of the senses, to be eliminating egoism of attachment, identification, desire of craving and aversion, comparison, judgment and expectation, to be free from passion, discontentment, greed and ambition, and to renounce the fruit of action. All these practice are neither easy nor difficult. It depends on whether the mind has the basic elements of openness, discipline, patience, perseverance, forbearance and determination, and be able to let go, accept, adjust, adapt and accommodate, or not.

The minds that are still struggling in restlessness being determined, disturbed and influenced by the impermanent changes and the duality of good and bad, right and wrong, success and failure, positive and negative, happiness and unhappiness, or meaningfulness and meaninglessness, is merely because they are still functioning under the influence of ignorance and egoism, as they haven't attained the direct realization towards the nature of selflessness and impermanence in itself and everything that it perceives/comes in contact with/experiences, where they are being over-powered by the desire of craving and aversion which gives rise to the urge to control names and forms to be and not to be in certain ways, that gives rise to many unnecessary suffering and disturbance to oneself and many others in the world. These minds are restlessly chasing after interaction, attention, love, support, kindness, sympathy and empathy, encouragement, acceptance, agreement, compliment, appreciation, acknowledgement, or even submission from others, to feel good, right, positive, happy and meaningful, or even powerful about itself, its life existence and the world.

These minds are not aware of the selfishness or selfish intention behind all its thinking and actions/reactions, even when they are performing actions that are being recognized as something good and righteous, or wholesome and healthy, thinking and believing and identifying themselves as good and kind human beings. Even when they think and believe that they are performing such actions with the good and positive intention to be good and kind to others, to be giving and helping others, to bring happiness to others, to relieve the suffering of others, to be looking after the nature, and to change the world to be a better place. Because all these actions and the fruit of these actions will make the minds feel good, right, positive, happy and meaningful about itself and its life existence.

Such as the enthusiasm and motivation to be performing certain yoga practice regularly as well as the action of sharing or teaching yoga to others, might be present and increasing in the mind, as it makes the mind feel good, right, positive, happy or meaningful, however, the mind needs to know how to be unattached and go beyond the sense of goodness, righteousness, positiveness, happiness and meaningfulness, to realize unconditional peace transcending the selfless impermanent modification of the mind.

The minds that are free, might be performing the similar actions in this world of selflessness and impermanence, looking after themselves, others and the surrounding environment, but they don't need to feel good, right, positive, happy and meaningful about anything at all.

The difference is, the minds that are not free, they are unwittingly being determined or disturbed by the pleasant/unpleasant, desirable/undesirable and agreeable/disagreeable experiences, relationships, interactions, conditions and situations, actions and the fruit of actions, or the selfless impermanent changes governed by the nature's law of cause and effect. While the minds that are free, they don't. They are peaceful as they are.

Under the veil of ignorance, many minds have great difficulty of letting go attachment and identification, even when they have intellectual understanding towards the nature of impermanent changes in everything, but somehow they just couldn't go beyond the idea of 'I' and the mind perception of duality, and hence, they are not free, being determined and disturbed by the selfless impermanent changes, experiences, conditions, situations, interactions and relationships that are not the way that they like, desire and agree with.

It's everyone's freedom for all their thinking, belief, feeling, desire, intention, actions and reactions, and whether they are able to let go and realize unconditional peace, or not.

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