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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Compassion, the absence of egoism

Compassion is not a feeling or sentiment or quality as what most minds understand what it is. As 'feeling', or 'sentiment', or 'quality' is part of the names and forms that are subject to impermanence. While compassion is not a name and form that is subject to impermanence.

Neither being sympathetic or empathetic or forgiving is what compassion is about. Forgiveness is irrelevant in compassion, as there's no hurts existing under the presence of compassion. If compassion present in the mind (upon the absence of egoism), this mind won't be hurt or disturbed or offended by anything. It's when compassion is absent in the mind due to ignorance and egoism, this mind constantly perceives/feels hurt or disturbed or offended by something that the mind recognizes as bad, wrong, disagreeable, negative and unpleasant. While being sympathetic or empathetic towards certain names and forms that the minds recognized/categorized/perceived as 'sympathy/empathy deserving' has nothing to do with compassion, as in compassion, there's no discrimination of whether something is being sympathy/empathy deserving, or not.

Compassion is the absence of egoism, and vice versa.

Compassion is not something (feeling/sentiment/quality) to be acquired/developed/possessed through learning, training, achieving, sacrificing, or becoming. It's the nature of all kinds of names and forms (living beings and non-living objects). Without compassion, there's nothing.

Compassion is what allowing all beings and objects being forming/disintegrating, existing and changing, arising and passing away as they are, allowing nature to be what it is, allowing all the names and forms to change as it is, without grasping, without attachment, without expectation, without desire of craving and aversion, without judgment, without discrimination, without intentional interference to control everything to be in certain way.

What allows the breaths coming and going and eventually stop coming and going, what allows food to be existing and be transformed into energy giving life to all beings, intentionlessly, is compassion.

It's egoism born out of ignorance that generates the veil that prevent all beings from realizing its nature of compassion, where the minds don't/couldn't think, act, react or behave compassionately, or selflessly (absence of the idea of 'I' and egoism).

Beings/minds that are under the influence of ignorance and egoism cannot be compassionate even though they would want to be compassionate while thinking and believing that they are 'compassionate beings'.

Although there might be many people talk about, support and propagate 'love and compassion' in the world, but compassion will always be veiled under the presence of egoism. 
Compassion is never about empowering the ego by giving the ego what it wants and don't give the ego what it doesn't want to gratify its desires of craving and aversion in order to make the ego feels satisfied and happy or not making the ego feels dissatisfied and unhappy. A lot of time, the ego will react with great dissatisfaction and unhappiness towards what is truly compassionate. For many worldly minded people, non-compassionate actions are often being perceived as 'something agreeable, good and positive' while real compassionate actions are often being perceived as 'something disagreeable, bad and negative'. Such as disciplining the mind is a very unpleasant and painful process for the egoistic impure passionate minds, but it's great compassion to discipline and purify the mind to free the mind from ignorance, egoism, impurities and restlessness, to be free from the consequences of ignorance.

Without any intention to be compassionate, and without any identification as 'compassionate beings', all and everyone unveil the selfless nature of compassion upon the absence of egoism, knowing all and everything is impermanent and selfless. There's neither craving/clinging towards love/goodness/positiveness/meaningfulness nor aversion towards lovelessness/badness/negativeness/meaninglessness.

As long as egoism prevails in the thinking mind, where there is attachment/clinging towards love and/or compassion under the perception of "Life or the world is bad, wrong and meaningless without love and compassion," where there's egoistic identification of "I am a loving compassionate being/We are loving compassionate beings," and there's egoistic desire and expectation of "All beings need to cultivate love and compassion. Everyone should be loving and compassionate towards one another," there will always be impurities of self-righteousness, pride, dissatisfaction, disappointment, frustration, anger, hurts, offensiveness, fear and worry over-powering the mind, being disturbed by all the others that seem to be 'loveless and non-compassionate', and have aspiration trying to interfere with all the others to control/change/influence them to become 'loving and compassionate' the way that the egoistic minds think and believe how it should be, in order to create a world of love and compassion that the minds desire and expect the world should be like.

Not that having a loving and compassionate community in the world is wrong or bad, but the presence of egoism where there's egoistic identity/idea/existence desiring and expecting or demanding the world to be 'the way that I think and believe how it should be (loving and compassionate)' is not freedom at all.

There's absence of egoism of attachment, identification, desire of craving and aversion, judgment and expectation in compassion, where actions are being performed without the desire or expectation to influence/change/control the world to be something that is not what it is, but allowing the world to change and evolve as it is, not necessarily the way that 'the ego' thinks and believes and desires how it should be.

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