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May all find the teacher within to guide oneself towards unconditional love and peace

Photo Album - Me in India 2012/2013

Be Happy


  1. You are so beautiful Meng Foong - both on the inside and the outside. Wonderful pictures from India. I am going there in 4 days :-D Looking forward to it! When I read your blog it is like hearing your voice and it takes me back to that time when I was in your wonderful Malay house, learning about the path of yoga in Langkawi. I really enjoy reading your blog. Please keep on writng. I think a lot of people find it helpfull and comforting. Thank you.

    Love, Ida Nordkild (Norway)

    1. Om Ida,

      Enjoy your trip to India and be happy.

      Peace and love,

      Meng Foong


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Know thyself. Everything is impermanent and selfless. There is no 'I'. There is no 'I am selfless'/'I am not selfless'. There is no 'I am hurt'/'I need to be healed from hurt'. Non-blind believing, non-blind following, non-blind practicing and non-blind propagating, but be open-minded to inquire the truth of everything. Be free. Be peaceful. Be happy.

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