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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yoga In Malaysia

Welcome to Malaysia another place in the world that has more and more yoga practitioners and lots of yoga studios, centers and clubs are blooming in most of the major towns in Malaysia!

I think it is great to have so many Malaysian who are interested in yoga practice whether their motives is for fitness only or for spiritual realization. It doesn’t matter if we are Malay or Indian or Chinese or any other races in the country who are so enthusiastic in going for some yoga classes regularly.

Malaysia is a heaven on earth. We don’t have many natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes, sand storms, wind storms, hurricanes, cold winter, hot summer or extreme weather. Through out the whole year we have a stable temperature and rains. The forests and jungles are always green and there is minimum problems of dryness. Most of all the people here are friendly and open minded towards people from other countries and different cultures.

We also don’t have wars or violence in the country. Despite the imperfection of some political conflicts and petite crimes which is very common in everywhere in the world, I think most of the Malaysians would like to live in harmony with all the different races, and to respect each other’s different cultures and believes. Everyone are wishing for positive improvement and prosperity for Malaysia to become a beautiful and nice place for people to live in.

And yoga is something that can bring peace and harmony into all the people’s heart who live in Malaysia with different races, cultures, believes, languages and nationalities. Although Yoga originate from India and the Vedas are part of Hinduism, yoga is always open to all living beings who are in search for self-realization or enlightenment. There is no differentiation of sexes, races, religions, languages, believes, cultures, castes, sects, social status, education levels or good and bad people in the propagation of yoga.

In the wisdom eyes of yoga, all are equal beyond all names and forms. Every living beings are entitled to walk the path of yoga and attain self-realization. There is no superiority or inferiority. There is no ego involve in the path of yoga because the main practice of yoga is selflessness or ego-less.

The existence of yoga is to transcends suffering and bring every living beings back to their true self or original nature or the pure consciousness which is whole and self-contain, which is beginning-less and endless, beyond creation and destruction, beyond birth and death, beyond good and evil, beyond happiness and suffering, and beyond all names and forms.

If everyone are sincerely practicing yoga, become selfless and attain self-realization, the world is a peaceful heaven.

Even though lately there has been an issue about the Fatwa on yoga for Muslim in Malaysia, but I believe that wouldn’t change the understanding of yoga in the hearts of many Malaysian Muslims who are sincerely practicing yoga and who truly understand the harmony and peacefulness that yoga practice brought into their lives and into their hearts. And the wisdom and compassion that they had attained from yoga practice will not disappear due to the issue of Fatwa on yoga. Actually the real yoga practice will make a person becomes a true religious and spiritual person, help people to develop stronger faith in their religions and practices which suppose to develop love, peace, respect and harmony in their hearts and in life, and not provoking anger, hatred and petite mindedness.

May we all appreciate the good environment in Malaysia for us to live in and to practice yoga.

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