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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Being "good" doesn't necessarily represent happiness if we don't know how to be free from the impurities in our own mind...

Looking at the people surrounding us. Some are whom we know and some are whom we don’t know. They are good people with good heart and they do a lot of good deeds and don’t do anything bad and evil. Maybe they are not completely perfect human beings but they try their best to be good, which is very good… I salute to them and wish them peace and happiness.

They deserve to be happy and should be happy, since they are good people and they do a lots of good actions for many other people. They want to make other people happy, but unfortunately, they themselves are not necessary happy and at peace…

It’s because they are still not free from ignorance.

There are attachments, fear and worry in them that they couldn’t let go.

They are still being disturbed by all the impurities in their own mind.

Anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, lustful desire, craving, aversion, frustration, disappointment, discontentment, fear, worry, doubt, ignorance, low self-esteem, anxiety, and all other types of impurities continue to arise and passing away unceasingly in their mind.

They are still very much being over-powered by their own mind, the intellect and the ego. They are being conditioned and limited by the impure mind even though they are trying hard not to commit any bad actions and are doing a lots of good actions. But, they have great expectation and attachment in all their actions (what they do) and in-actions (what they don’t do). They are being determined by the worldly names and forms about good and bad, and what they do and don’t do.

These attachments are not just towards their own selves, but also towards other people whom they know and don’t know…

They attach to good, and when they are not able to do good, they feel bad about themselves. Their sense of self-worth come from how much good that they can do. And they will be also upset and unhappy with other people who don’t do as much good as they do.

They attach to bad, and when they unwittingly did something wrong or bad, they feel bad about themselves. Their sense of self-worth is being determined by how perfect they are without committing any wrong or bad doings. And they will be upset and unhappy with other people who do wrong and bad actions.

Beside being unhappy and dissatisfied about themselves, they are also being unhappy and angry with the world which is full of people who don’t do much good and are doing lots of wrong and bad actions. They always look at what other people do and don’t do, and constantly being disturbed by what other people do and don’t do.

Even though they have done many good things and have many good things in their life such as family and friends, but still, they are not contented with what they have. They have so much things they want to do. They have unlimited dreams to be achieved. They have great plans and ideas for themselves and for the world. They have great expectation for themselves and for other people. And when they don’t get to do what they want to do, they will be so unhappy. And when things and other people don’t meet their expectation, they will be so disappointed and angry (with themselves and the world).

There is nothing wrong about being ambitious and want to do a lot of good things for the world, but what's the point if we are being unhappy and disturbed by how much we can do and how much other people don't do?

And so, it is not about whether we do good and don’t do bad that will give us happiness and peacefulness. It is about removing all the impurities from the mind, and practice non-attachment and letting go. It is about observe our own mind and control our own thoughts, actions and speech. It’s not about observe what other people do and don’t do, and want to control other people and the world to be the way that we want it to be…

It's about non-attachment… Not attach to good, not attach to bad… And be free…

Life is too precious to be disturbed and determined by what other people do and don’t do…

We all want to be good and want to be unselfish. But what's the meaning if we are not happy and dissatisfied with ourselves, and are constantly being disturbed and determined by whether other people are good and unselfish or not?

We try our best and do our best, to create joy and happiness for ourselves and others, to do good and not to do bad, to enjoy and appreciate the goodness in our life, and let go of the result of our efforts, not attach to the fruit of our actions (the good that we do, and the bad that other people do) and in-actions (the bad that we don't do, and the good that other people don't do).

We cannot change the world to be the way that we want it to be, but we can change our own mentality and live peacefully within the world which itself is not something good or bad. It is up to our own mind to judge it as something good or bad. The world itself has no intention or quality to be good or bad.

The world didn’t disturbed us. It is just there performing its duty (the law of nature). It is our own mind had disturbed the world… And we are being disturbed by our own mind.

In the end, there is nothing wrong with people who feel unhappy and angry because they think some other people are selfish and bad. They have the rights and freedom to feel unhappy and angry with the evil happenings in the world. But why do we allow ourselves to be hurt by some other people's wrong doings and bad actions? We didn't do any bad actions, why are we suffering for other people's actions and in-actions? We don't have to...

Be happy.

*I wrote this article because I see so many good and kind people who are discontented, are not peaceful and are unhappy in life, including my own family and friends who suffer so much. May all of you be blessed with joy and happiness which is nothing to do with the conditions of life, or the conditions of the world, or the conditions of this impermanent physical body and mind...

    The poorest man in the world is the one who doesn't see his own blessings, and keeps looking out for more and more achievements and fulfillments to feel good about himself, endlessly, restlessly, never satisfied...

    The loneliest man in the world is the one who thinks that he has not a single friend, when all are his friends whether known or unknown...

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