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Monday, November 22, 2021

Explore without exploit

Life in this world, can be like forever standing at the outside of a giant forest that is unknown to us, looking at the forest from our point of view of where we are with many wild imaginations towards what could be inside and beyond the forest, and never want to take the risk to be exploring what is inside and beyond the forest, to see and experience what is actually there, or we can choose to be walking into the unknown forest to explore what is there and beyond.

However, some people would be exploring the forest while claiming ownership over the space in the forest, exploiting what is in the forest, as well as transforming the space in the forest into something that they prefer, causing many kinds of damages.

Just as some people try to find a place on earth that they feel they belonged to, where they want to stay for as long as possible, and desire to establish a living space and community of their own in a particular way that they prefer, while exploiting what is there in the name of pursuing higher pleasurable enjoyment of life beyond the basic needs for survival, and causing many damages here and there, either wittingly or unwittingly.

While some people don't need to find or establish a sense of belonging, but just to explore the unknown as much as possible without exploiting anything along the way, and wherever they are, they live life as it is, without taking more than what they need to survive, without claiming ownership towards the space or trying to establish a living space or community of a particular way.

Unfortunately, many people growing up were being told that it's highly important to find and establish a sense of belonging towards a particular place, community, culture, belief, spirituality, and etc, as well as emphasizing on the pursue of higher pleasurable enjoyment in life.

Inquire the truth of everything.

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