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Sunday, May 17, 2009

chapter 4 - limitation of our perception

Words are very limited, so is our perception. This physical body and all the existences in the world are limited by time, space and impermanence (existence).

We cannot describe through words in speech or writing, for something that is beyond our mind to perceive. There will be confusions, arguments, debates and misinterpretations from the original meaning of what is written or spoken. It’s because every single mind has different level of consciousness and perception, even though all minds have the same characteristics and same conditions.

What we can do is to try our best to present something which is close enough to the definite description or reflecting the meaning of the practice, so that our mind can perceive and we can learn something from it.

So are all the books that are talking about ways to achieve peacefulness and to unfold the wisdom within us and describing the ultimate truth towards self awakening and self realization.
Not everyone will have the same understanding after reading the same book. 

Some people may induce confuse in their mind when they read too many different types of teaching, they don’t know which one to follow or they try to follow everyone of them which is not really working that way.

We need to find a path that suits ourselves and concentrate on that path until the end. Of course at the same time we can keep an open mind towards other teachings and respect other’s practice.

Right education is so important for our younger generations because they are our future leaders of the world. If they have right understanding and right conduct, if they are selfless and wise, then there will be positive changes in the world later, socially or environmentally or politically and so on.

But sadly, lots of selfish and ignorant people have taken advantage of the education and media network to manipulate and corrupt the minds of these young people, implanting selfishness, racism, anger, hatred and untruthfulness into these naive young minds.

May we all develop correct understanding and do something right for the sake of ourselves and the future generations, and also for the welfare of the environment.

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