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Sunday, May 17, 2009

chapter 21 - Letting go

Peacefulness is not about gaining something, but it’s to be able to let go, letting go of fear and worries, the past and the future, the likes and dislikes, the want and don’t want, discontentment, anger, hatred, hurt, disappointment, resentment and frustration.

The cravings towards happiness and the aversions towards suffering are the reasons why we are not in peace. Everyone just wants happiness and doesn't want suffering, but these two things are bound to be existing together as they are the shadow of each other. How can we avoid one of them? It is like if we just want to breathe in, and don't want to breathe out, or vice versa. It’s impossible.

One of the easier way is we learn to accept that all these duality in life are unavoidable. We learn to live in harmony with duality. After breathing in, we need to breathe out, after breathing out, we need to breathe in. Even when we choose not to breathe in and not to breathe out, it will cause pain too, it’s impossible.

The moment of life begins, death is awaiting.

Anything that exists will be gone one day.

When there is togetherness, there will be parting. The only thing that we can do is, let it go.

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