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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Self-esteem, pride and arrogance

Many people growing up being told to take pride or shame in what they do/don't do, what they eat/don't eat, what they achieve/don't achieve, how they look and conduct, what and who they think and believe and identify as 'who I am' of a personal and community identity, taking pride/shame in 'I', 'family', 'siblings', 'parenting', 'children', 'friends', 'school', 'social circle', 'career', 'nationality', 'race/tribe', 'culture', 'religion', 'spirituality', 'belief', 'political view', 'the actions and the result of actions', 'social status', 'financial status', 'possession', 'the sense of belonging', 'the sense of meaningfulness', 'the sense of achievement', 'social activity/contribution', 'recognition', 'appreciation', 'acknowledgement', 'qualification', 'certification', 'title', 'talent', 'skill', 'profession', 'knowledge', 'intelligence', 'righteousness', 'appearance', 'charisma', 'personality', 'life style', 'food choices', 'aspiration', and so on.

The basic yoga practice is to let go and be free from that.

There's neither pride nor shame.

All is impermanent and selfless.

This is true renunciation - Renouncing the ego and egoism.

There won't be any personal/family/relationship/social/national/racial/religious/global issue that relates to self-esteem, pride and arrogance deriving from the ego and egoism.

The world could have more egoless human beings.

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