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Saturday, May 16, 2009

chapter 33 - Perfection of existence

Due to the power of intention by the ego and discrimination of the intellect, they are causing the rise of the terms of happiness and suffering within us and this deeply influence how we think, how we perceive the world and how we react to how we feel, which usually will end up with frustrations, fears and worries.

But luckily we also have the ability of awareness, righteousness, will, positive thinking, compassion and wisdom, and we have the power to change this condition of imperfection.

We are still living in a conditioned world and having a conditioned physical body and mind, but we shall not be affected by these conditions. And the so called imperfections according to the human’s mind, intellect and ego, are actually the perfection of existence.

The four seasons, the changes of tides, the day and the night, the cold and the heat, sleeping and waking, birth (growth) and death (decomposition), everything works so well together.

Imagine if the earth stopped spinning and only one side of the earth is getting all the sunlight and heat all the time and the other side is in darkness and coldness all the time. What a difficult situation it can be!

This vast of universe must have a beginning of existent and of course it will come to destruction as well. This is a logical law of the nature.

Just take a deep look at all the lives and things around us. They are going through the same process of forming, sustaining, decaying and destruction.

The earth is under going this same process as well. The only difference is the length of time to complete one cycle of becoming and destroying.

Although the highest level of self realization is to achieve Samadhi, where there is no birth, no death, no beginning, no ending, just pure consciousness, pure bliss, and pure knowledge, and is free from worldly suffering, but before that can happen, we still can free ourselves right now from feeling depressed or unhappy about the suffering caused by the existence of birth and death, which caused by the mind, happens in the mind, and will dissolved in the mind.

Let us cherish the present moment, the power of nature, the existence of life and the wonderful functions of the senses and be happy always.

Hari Om Tat Sat.

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