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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Letting go, is not weakness but the greatest strength

Letting go and moving away from one's native living environment that one cherishes and familiars with, without wasting energy and effort into fighting against ignorance and the consequences of ignorance that ceaselessly occupying that particular surrounding living environment, is not weakness at all. Instead, it's the greatest strength that allows oneself to move forward without fear and worry towards the unknown or uncertainty.

Choosing to move away from a living environment that is drowning in too much ignorance and the consequences of ignorance that directly and indirectly impacting one's over-all physical and mental well-being, and not wasting energy and effort into fighting against ignorance and the consequences of ignorance in the world, is not about running away from the perceived reality that is unpleasant, undesirable, disagreeable, or challenging. Fighting against the ignorance of others is completely useless, because none can remove the ignorance and the consequences of ignorance of other beings in the world.

Even though none can find any place in this world that is completely be free from ignorance and the consequences of ignorance, but one can appreciate the rest of one's life span by choosing to be in a space that has less ignorance and the consequences of ignorance, that allows possible constructive improvement in oneself and/or others, if that's possible. If it's not possible, then one can let it be. In the end, all are just selfless and impermanent changes of names and forms.

It's wisdom and compassion towards this mind, by conserving energy and diverting life and attention onto some other things and actions that would lead to more constructive improvement for over-all physical and mental well-being in oneself and/or some others, truly appreciating and making good use of this impermanent selfless life existence, if possible, without attachment.

Meanwhile for the many egoistic minds, letting go and choosing not to fight but to retreat, and being free from egoism of attachment, identification and expectation, without ambition to conquer the world to make the world 'mine' and 'to be the way that I desire and the way that I think how it should be', is weakness. That's their freedom of thinking, belief, values and practice.

It has to come from the mind's own awareness, initiative and effort to acknowledge the presence of ignorance in itself, to discipline and purify itself, to inquire the truth through self-inquiry and self-realization, and free itself from ignorance.

Being in a space that is full of ignorance and the consequences of ignorance, is like being on a ship in the middle of the huge ocean that is full of other human beings who think and believe that the ship belongs to them, and all have their own ambition to make the ship and all the others to comply to their own particular desire, way of thinking, belief, values and practice. Everyone also think that they love 'their' ship very much, but then, they don't really look after the over-all well-being of the ship as well as ceaselessly fighting and harming one another while trying to be the master of the ship, to be in power and in control of the ship and the occupants to become exactly the way that 'I' desire, where none welcome but would be offended by any wise advice for constructive improvement for oneself and others. Then, no matter how much energy and effort someone tries to put into looking after the over-all well-being of the ship, it's useless. Just let them have the ship for themselves the way that they desire.

If there are no other ships available, then one has no choice but remaining on that ship no matter how bad it is. But, if there's a possibility of another ship where there's less ignorance and the consequences of ignorance, where more people are self-initiated to be looking after the over-all well-being of the ship without the sense of belonging or authority, where most occupants don't have ambition to conquer one another to make the ship 'mine' or to make everyone complying to 'my desire, my way of thinking, my belief, my values and my practice', as well as welcoming others who would lead to all kinds of constructive improvements for the ship and everyone on that ship, then one can choose to be on that ship as well, where peace and harmony, wisdom and compassion are most welcome.

Maybe there are people who don't like peace and harmony, who don't appreciate wisdom and compassion, but they prefer life existence under the sense of authority and possessiveness, pride and arrogance, discrimination, oppression, intrusion, anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, violence, unrest, and all kinds of ignorance induced suffering. That's their freedom.

Some people might be thinking and believing that, "I am a compassionate being. I love this ship. This ship needs me. This ship is part of me. I am part of this ship. We are a family. I need to do my best to make improvement for this ship and all the others who are on this ship. I cannot abandon this ship and all the others who are suffering due to their own ignorance and the consequences of ignorance. It's selfish and cruel for me to abandon them while it's possible for me to be on another well looked after ship occupied by wise and compassionate occupants. And hence, I will not go anywhere else and would stay here and hope to make a change for better improvement on this ship. Someone has to be here to clean up the mess that created by others endlessly." That is people's freedom of thinking and action, though it has nothing to do with wisdom and compassion.

Under wisdom and compassion, unless one is incapable to do so due to some inevitable reasons, everyone learn to clean up their own body and the facility by themselves after peeing and shitting. Those who are not incapable to clean up by themselves, but merely reluctant to do so, while peeing and shitting everywhere as they like, or expecting some other people to do the cleaning up for them, and someone offers to clean up for them by thinking and believing that this is being kind and compassionate, but it's not. This is not about people don't need to be kind and generous towards one another if everyone is being independent physically, mentally and emotionally, or if none is needing any kind of help from others. It's a complete different story, if people are being generous and kind towards one another, where people would help one another when help is needed, or do something nice for one another randomly out of generosity and loving kindness.

Knowing the bowl that is shared among many others is full of stubborn impurities and cracks, due to many others ceaselessly staining and damaging the bowl as they constantly fight against one another to 'own' the bowl just for themselves in order to only put in specific food that they prefer and to gain certain personal benefits using the bowl, while none willingly to clean up and look after the bowl, but then someone is still hoping to clean up the bowl and repairing the old and new cracks caused by all the others, while putting in all kinds of well-prepared wholesome and clean food into the forever dirty and cracked bowl for oneself and the others, where many others don't want to consume that kind of food, where oneself and some others are actually ended up consuming the contaminated food and suffering for it, which is unnecessary, while hoping that somehow be able to 'transform' the dirty and cracked bowl into a clean and crack-less bowl 'one day', thinking that "This is 'our' bowl, I need to look after and protect this bowl no matter what," this is nothing but egoism of attachment, identification and expectation deriving from ignorance. 

It's the same as offering wholesome and clean food in a clean bowl to those who don't appreciate and don't want wholesome and clean food, and those who are already full with many food that they prefer, will only end up in the food being thrown away. But then the mind strongly thinks and believes that it is practicing compassion, and it keeps doing that, hoping that one day eventually, people would appreciate the wholesome and clean food in a clean bowl, it doesn't matter how much food and effort will be wasted. Why not offering the food to those who are hungry in the present moment, and those who are looking for and appreciate wholesome and clean food?

It's not discrimination, when you stop giving something to people who refuse to accept or don't want to receive the thing that you give, instead, giving it to those who need it and who want it. It's not non-compassionate when you allow everyone to learn from their own mistakes or consequences of ignorance, and learn to become independent physically, mentally and emotionally.

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