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Monday, August 7, 2023

Yoga with animals?

There's nothing wrong to show loving kindness towards all and everyone including all kinds of animals.

There will be more and more different trends of 'yoga' popping up here and there in the the world of 'yoga', deriving from the passionate ideas of the ever restless aspirational passionate minds. That's the freedom of all and everyone.

One of the new trends of 'yoga', is 'yoga' with animals.

'Yoga' with animals is nothing to do with the yoga practice that leads towards self-realization through the annihilation of ignorance, egoism, impurities and restless selfless modifications of the mind.

The animals are just being what they are, just like all the other human beings. Human beings are not any different from animals. Some animals are even having better conscience than many human beings under the influence of ignorance. There are agreeable and disagreeable human beings, so as there are agreeable and disagreeable animals. Some people fall in love with some other human beings, just as some people fall in love with some other animals. Some people feel sympathy and empathy towards some other human beings, so as some people feel sympathy and empathy towards certain kind or all kinds of animals. However, all these are still the manifestation of ignorance and egoism.

No doubts that certain minds find certain comfort being with and interacting with certain kind of animals, just as certain minds find certain comfort being with and interacting with some other human beings or in doing certain things that makes the mind feels love, good and meaningful, however, that doesn't free the mind from ignorance and egoism.

Yoga practice, or Yoga Sadhana, is a journey of the selfless mind, alone.

No superior entity, or Guru, or Buddha, or teacher, or parent, or partner, or best friend, or any animal, can annihilate the ignorance, egoism, impurities and restless selfless modifications of the mind, but the mind itself, alone.

It's about dispassion and renunciation.

It's about seclusion and solitude.

One retreats from all kinds of passionate social interactions and connections with other human beings, including family and friends, not to say, the presence of and the interaction with certain kind of animals that the mind likes, agrees with and enjoys. It's about withdrawing the senses from the objects of the senses, to turn the outgoing mind inward, to perform self-inquiry and meditation in silence.

Being dispassionate and renouncing the world of passionate egoistic interactions, connections, activities and affairs, while performing yoga and meditation practice alone in solitude, it doesn't mean that one doesn't have respect or dispassionate non-discriminating compassion towards all other human beings, or animals, or nature, or doesn't have any appreciation towards all and everything in the surrounding environment.

Inquire towards the truth of everything.

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