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Thursday, October 14, 2021


There's nothing wrong when the mind is being affected and disturbed by something that the mind perceives as unpleasant, undesirable or disagreeable, as the mind is not free from ignorance and egoism yet.

The difference between a mind that is free from being influenced by ignorance and a mind that is under the influence of ignorance, is whether the mind is aware of and understands that this disturbance is due to this mind itself is still not completely be free from ignorance and egoism yet, and hence, this mind will continue to work diligently to annihilate ignorance and egoism from itself, or, the mind firmly thinks and believes that this disturbance is due to all the unpleasant, undesirable and disagreeable happenings, actions/reactions and behaviors that this mind believes and judges as bad and wrongful deriving from the ignorance of other people in the world.

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