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Friday, August 25, 2023

Prosperity is nothing if without looking after the mental health of the people

When the world is focusing largely on the importance of basic survival, living skills, livelihood, family, relationships, friendships, education, job, career, business, personal growth, community growth, all kinds of empowerment, economy growth, infrastructure development, township, modernization, convenience, comfort, architecture, history, welfare of the environment, welfare of the animals, prosperity, financial security, national security, politics, religion, culture, sports and fitness, health and beauty, enjoyment, entertainment, social medias, investment, medical health care, insurance, holiday travelling, property ownership, advanced technology, gadgets, lifestyles, old age retirement plan, and etc, many people have been neglecting towards looking after the mental health of oneself as well as all the others in the society.

Prosperity, financial security and national security is nothing, when more and more people in the society are losing their mental health, and most people are not even aware of themselves are losing their mental health.

There will be increasing unrest and disharmony in the world, if more and more people are losing their mental health, losing the clarity of thinking, reasoning power, conscience, self-control, or peace in oneself that affects the peace and harmony in the surrounding environment.

Physical illness or injury is nothing, it can't do much harm, as those with certain physical illness or injury most probably don't have the enough energy or attention to be engaging in many kinds of physical and mental activities, and especially if the minds still have very good mental health with the clarity of thinking and reasoning power that is free from the influence of any corrupted thinking and belief, that give rise to correct understanding and self-control, they don't, and wouldn't create additional unnecessary suffering or damages unto oneself and others, or into the surrounding environment. Even if they are under certain physical limitations due to certain physical illness or injury, but they can still make good use of the knowledge, creativity and skills that they have, to be performing certain wholesome mental activities for oneself and/or others within their limited energy level, under the presence of good mental health.

Meanwhile, people with certain mental illness, who have lost the clarity of thinking or self-control, where the reasoning power is under the influence of certain corrupted thinking and belief, that give rise to incorrect understanding and corrupted behaviors, actions and reactions, even if the mind can be highly intelligent and have been receiving higher education, where the mind is well-equipped with many different types of knowledge, creativity and skills, and they might have very good physical health and fitness condition, and have very high energy level, that enabling them to be performing many kinds of physical and mental actions that could create lots of unnecessary suffering or damages unto oneself and others, and into the surrounding environment, either wittingly or unwittingly, intentionally or unintentionally, directly or indirectly.

This mental illness is not about depression.

Suffering from depression due to certain abnormal condition and function in the brains, does not necessarily mean that they don't have, wouldn't have, or couldn't have the clarity of thinking and reasoning power that is free from the influence of any corrupted thinking and belief, that give rise to correct understanding and self-control. One can be suffering from mild or intense depression, but still can maintain certain degrees of clarity of thinking and reasoning power that is free from the influence of corrupted thinking and belief, to be having correct understanding and self-control, if there's a will.

Similarly, most of the minds that are under the influence of ignorance, egoism and impurities, and are suffering from the restless selfless modifications of the mind, might still can have certain degrees of self-awareness being aware of the presence of ignorance, egoism and impurities in their mind, being aware of the suffering of restlessness, and might have the will power to help oneself, to be doing something about it, or not.

The most serious and destructive form of mental illness, is when the mind is functioning under the influence of ignorance and egoism, that is suffering under the presence of impurities and restlessness, and is being over-powered by the ignorance, egoism, impurities and restlessness, while being ignorant towards what is happening in one's restless and corrupted modifications of the mind, being ignorant towards the presence of ignorance, egoism and impurities in one's mind, void of any self-awareness and self-control, and generates lots of random ignorant damaging behaviors, actions and reactions under the influence of such ignorance and the disturbed suffering restless state of the mind.

There are plenty of such minds in the world in all levels and all fields. That's why the world is being what it is now, the consequences of the many corrupted understanding, thinking, beliefs, desires, behaviors, actions and reactions of the many corrupted minds that either have lost or are losing their mental health.

One can still be do something to help oneself to be looking after the mental health of oneself before it's too late, if there's a will, or there is the presence of the yearning towards liberation from all these ignorance and suffering, or corruptions, or disturbed states of the mind.

Depression, or any levels of mental illness, doesn't determine the mind as good or bad.

None should be discriminated because of the suffering of depression or the suffering of certain type and level of mental illness.

Nobody want to be ill. Nobody want to be ignorant. Nobody want to be in any kinds of suffering. Those who intentionally want themselves and others to be ill, to be ignorant, and to be suffering, are very ill indeed.

All are suffering, under the absence of good mental health, or under the presence of ignorance, egoism, impurities and restlessness or the corrupted and disturbed states of the mind, suffering from and being over-powered by pride, arrogance, attachment, identification, desire of craving and aversion, dissatisfaction, disappointment, hurt, fear, worry, greed, jealousy, hostility, defensiveness, offensiveness, anger and hatred, and have no idea towards what is going on in the mind.

It's merely whether the mind has correct understanding and self-control, or not, that contribute to certain unnecessary damages, unrest and disharmony in oneself and others and into the surrounding environment, or not.

Even those who think and believe that they are highly compassionate, empathetic or loving human beings, that their religion or belief is centered in love and loving kindness, and they want to show loving kindness to others whom they perceived as suffering beings, would also be empowering ignorance and egoism, empowering the mental and emotional dependency among one another to attain certain degrees of momentary relief but doesn't help to root out the cause of suffering, out of such ignorance and egoism.

What compassion, love, or loving kindness, when there's ill will towards those whom they dislike and disagree with, to be deserving and receiving all kinds of badness and painful suffering or be sent to 'hell' for undergoing punishment and painful suffering, while thinking and believing that oneself and those who are good, compassionate and loving, would be deserving all kinds of goodness and enjoyments, and will go to 'heaven' for enjoying all kinds of goodness?

Similarly, by gratifying the desire of craving and aversion via doing something and being with somebody that oneself likes and agrees with, might be empowering the momentary sense of confidence, goodness, happiness, positiveness and meaningfulness, that might give certain degrees of momentary relief, but it doesn't help to root out the cause of suffering or the disturbed restless states of the mind.

Inquire the truth of everything.

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