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Sunday, May 17, 2009

chapter 9 - detachment

Detachment doesn’t mean irresponsible or non-caring as some people may perceive the meaning of it.

It is being fully responsible in one’s duty or responsibility but staying detached from the fruit of actions and free from expectations, without judgment and criticism about him self or other people, the duty and the outcome.

Even the state of calmness and peacefulness is impermanent, because it is a quality of the state of mind. It will be disturbed by our feelings and emotions. We should not be attached to this state of calmness as well. As long as we are aware of the changes in our heart, as soon as the state of calmness is being disturbed and we are able to observe this change and let go instantly and not being frustrated about it, then very soon the state of calmness will reappear again.

Calmness and peacefulness are always there. It is only when we have fears and worries or excitements, it will be disturbed and we are not in the state of equilibrium for temporary. When fears and worries or excitements subsided, this state of equilibrium will be restored. It is a constant changing process of being calmed and being disturbed.

Every moment is detach, detach and detach… until one day there is no need to detach from any sensation when all the impurities are eradicated from our mind, when the senses, mind, intellect and ego ceased functioning. We have no more fear and worries, even though the surroundings are always disturbing.

Real detachment is detaching from our ego and the senses, detached from the body and the mind.

Detached from dualism - likes and dislikes, craving and aversion, comfort and discomfort, heat and cold, praise and censure, strength and weakness.

Detached from name and form, lustful desires and sensual enjoyments and also detached from our knowledge and abilities.

Detached from what we can do and cannot do and also what we have done and have not done.

Detached from anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, selfishness, pride, caste, social status, fame, wealth, success, failure, health, illness, happiness and unhappiness, virtues and merits, clinging, longing, fear, worries, excitements and all sorts of good and evil intentions.

Detached from the past experiences and memories, and detached from the future's expectations and plannings.

Detached from our practice and achievements.

Detached from our qualifications and certifications.

Detached from criticism, comparison and judgment towards ourselves and towards other people.

Detached from all our good and bad feelings.

Detached from birth and death, and our life.

Detached from all the happenings in the world.

Most important is to detach from the fruit of action.

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