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Friday, May 31, 2013

Reflection at the waterfall on loving kindness...

On the way walking back from the waterfall to the car park, an old Malay man asked us, "Is the waterfall very far away?"

We told him it's only less than 5 minutes walk and it's easy to walk there.

And when he started walking towards the waterfall, we heard someone calling, "Pakcik (Uncle)!.... Pakcik (Uncle)!"

We then saw a Malaysian Chinese man who was working for the renovation project at the waterfall was calling for the uncle.

Assumed that he must have something to say to the uncle, I helped him to call the uncle also, but seemed like the uncle didn't hear us and kept walking away.

The Malaysian Chinese man spoke to me in Chinese, "The uncle's family had went up to the top of the waterfall and I heard the family told the uncle to wait for them here. He is old and alone. He shouldn't go anywhere. I worry if something happen to him and no body is with him."

I said to him, "Maybe you can go and check him out in 10-15 minutes time later to make sure he is alright."

He said, "But I will be going back soon."

I said to him, "为人为到底,送佛送到西, (It means that when we show concern and kindness to other people, we have to complete doing what we have started), please go and check him out before you go back to make sure he is alright."

He then laughed, and said, "Okay. I will go to check him out before I leave."

A small story, but it was very touching, as this Malaysian Chinese man doesn't know this old Malay man. The old Malay man's family left him alone there, and the family didn't ask this Malaysian Chinese man to watch out for this old man. He has no obligation to look after this old man. But just because he overheard their conversation and out of concern for the old man's safety, he showed concern and care for him.

And most important, there's no difference about race or people whom we know or not. We show concern and care to anyone disregard we know them or not, and without any obligation.

Marc laughed out loud after I explained to him about our conversation. He said it's funny for me to tell people, if we want to be good, we have to complete the good actions that we have started. And that man actually listened to what I said to him.

Om shanti.

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