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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Who or what has a permanent independent individual existence to be under going ceaseless loop of births and deaths?

Upon the annihilation of the ego, or the idea of 'I', that doesn't really exist, but only existing in the form of a continuous stream of thoughts arising and passing away ceaselessly occupying the selfless modification of the selfless mind functioning under the veil of ignorance selflessly that is existing and functioning upon the selfless support of selfless energy and selfless elements, where this idea of 'I' attaching and identifying towards the actions and the fruit of actions, or cause and effect, either enjoying or suffering, or both,

as well as,

Upon the realization towards Selflessness and Impermanence, simultaneously as well, the realization towards Timelessness, Attributelessness, Namelessness, Formlessness, Deathlessness and Birthlessness, upon the annihilation of the selfless modification of the selfless mind, in silence, in stillness, in timelessness, in selflessness, WHO, or WHAT, that has a permanent independent individual existence to be under going the ceaseless restless loop of 'births and deaths' or the restless selfless impermanent changes, in NOW?

If the selfless mind still thinks and believes that there is the existence of a WHO or WHAT that representing itself, or, it's 'I', or 'I' am THAT, that comes with an individual identity under certain attributes, names and forms, that has a beginning which will followed by an end, that has an existence which will followed by non-existence, that means that WHO or WHAT is also conditional and limited, that is subject to selfless impermanent changes, that is under going the ceaseless restless loop of 'births and deaths' governed by cause and effect. It is not real, because it doesn't has a real solid permanent unchanging independent existence.

Similarly, the one, or the selfless impermanent name and form that is under going ceaseless restless loop of births and deaths of impermanent changes selflessly, is something selfless, impermanent, conditional and limited, that is initiating and deriving from cause and effect selflessly, that which enjoys or suffers the effect of cause selflessly. It is not real, as it doesn't has a permanent independent unchanging existence.

If there is something permanent, if that something is permanent that exists independently, it is void of births and deaths, or impermanent changes. What is the ceaseless loop of 'births and deaths'? Who is under going births and deaths? Who is in painful sorrow? Who is suffering? Who is enjoying?

Inquire towards the truth of everything, and be free.

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