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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Be truly generous

The mind wants to thinks and believes that itself is a generous person.

It also wants others to think and believe that it is a generous person.

It wants to be generous to all its friends and the surrounding community.

However, it feels that it is unfair to itself for being the one to be working and supporting its family's living.

It feels that its family members shouldn't be staying at home and just looking after the household affair, while itself has to go out and work to be the financial supporter of the family. It wants its family members to also be working hard in certain way, so that it will feel better about itself.

It tells its family members to be grateful towards its contribution to the family.

It complains to others about itself has to be working hard while its family members are enjoying the fruit of its hard work.

Itself is getting frustrated and unhappy due to such ignorant thinking and petty-mindedness.

What generosity?

If there is true generosity, the mind would be so glad to be able to provide for the family, even if oneself is the one that has to be working for making a living, while all the others family members are having their own particular duty and responsibility to be looking after themselves and the household affair. There's no calculation towards who work less and who work more, or who contribute more and who contribute less.

Inquire the truth of everything.

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