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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Inquire towards public social media platforms

Some people might think and believe that they are still having certain degrees of freedom of expression being in certain areas in the world by being able to be expressing or sharing their ideas via certain public social media platforms, not knowing that all the public social media platforms are under the total control of the world of business, religions and politics.

Even when one is able to express certain ideas via certain social media platforms, but, who would be able to see or come in contact with such ideas, are all under the control of the world of business, religions and politics, in order to achieve their respective ambitious vision and aspiration.

Certain ideas that are beneficial for all humanity are being censored in certain or many countries.

Certain ideas that are promoting selfishness, possessiveness, separateness, petite mindedness and greed are being promoted widely in many countries.

Just because some people or some organizations have the money and/or the influence power to do so.

Even if somebody have the money to pay certain social media platforms for promoting certain 'ideas', 'products' or 'services' in certain areas, it's still up to those who either can pay higher fees or who have the higher influence power to be controlling everything on all kinds of public social media platforms, either by promoting what they want the people to see and know, or censoring what they don't want the people to see and know. That's everyone's freedom. Let them be.

People will only come in contact with what certain people want them to see or know, and people won't be able to come in contact with what certain people don't want them to see or know. That's why it's so important for the observation of dispassion, renunciation, seclusion, solitude, self-reliance, self-inquiry and self-realization, not to be relying on the public social medias, or hearing from anybody, or reading books for all kinds of information, not even from this mind.

In the past, before the existence of higher technology and creativity that give rise to the world of internet and so many different public social media platforms that mainly to be stimulating the passionate egoistic desires, and conditioning the minds to think, believe, behave and desire in certain way that would be profiting certain people in the world of business, religions and politics, where the Gurus in the past advised the practitioners or the truth seekers, to stay away from newspaper reading, magazine reading, book reading, TV and movie watching, theater or cinema visiting, and social interactions and activities, as there are very little truthfulness or wholesomeness in all these public medias that were mainly being used by certain people to achieve their selfish greedy desire and agenda by promoting certain passionate egoistic ideas, thinking, belief, values, practice and desire in the people's mind, that would favor them in return.

Such advice for the practitioners or the truth seekers to be observing such restrictions can help to quiet the restless modifications of the mind, and to purify the mind by eradicating ignorance and egoism and all kinds of passionate greedy and ambitious worldly desire and aspiration from the mind, not to be conditioned and empowered by such passionate egoistic ideas, thinking, belief, values, practice and desire, to allow the mind to see the truth of names and forms as it is.

All kinds of public social medias platforms via the internet nowadays are way more powerful than all those public medias in the past.

And if these Gurus are still existing in this time being, they would probably also advise the practitioners or the truth seekers to stay away from all these public social media platforms as well. The essential practice of dispassion and renunciation of seclusion, solitude, self-reliance, self-independence, self-inquiry and self-realization is even more relevant in this time being.

Even the existence of this blog, is limited and conditional. If it reaches the mind that needs it, that's good. If it doesn't, that's okay too. All is impermanent. Even this, is passing away. When this body and mind passed away, this blog will also be vanished from this world. Be happy.

Swami Sivananda - "You are left alone now."

Inquire the truth of everything.

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