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Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Is the mind progressing on the path of yoga?

It doesn't mean that the mind is not practicing yoga correctly, or is not progressing on the path of yoga, if the mind is not peaceful or is being disturbed by something sometimes, or most of the time, being determined, or affected, or influenced by something.

It requires certain degrees of (precious) self-awareness coming from the perceptive thinking and acting mind itself to be aware of itself, or its own modification, or the state of mind, as well as it requires certain degrees of correct understanding and truthfulness to have doubt about itself, and questioning towards its own progress on the path of yoga. It's a sign that this mind is on the right path, and is doing quite well.

Being aware of, and acknowledging the presence of ignorance and doubt or restlessness in oneself, is highly precious. Being initiative to free oneself from ignorance, doubt, and restlessness, is even more precious, even if the mind is unable to be completely be free from all that. There would be more peace in the world with less disturbing hurtful damaging behavior/action/reaction, unrest and violence, if more minds have the initiative to be engaging in the process of trying to free themselves from ignorance, doubt and restlessness, even if the minds don't attain complete annihilation of ignorance by the end of their limited duration of selfless impermanent life existence in this world.

If the mind doesn't even aware of itself, or its own modification, or the state of mind, but is being over-powered by the idea of 'I', 'my', 'mine', the thought activities, and the pride towards certain identities, qualities, abilities, inspirations, aspirations, knowledge, experiences, and achievements, not to say, to be questioning towards its own progress on the path of yoga, or the mind conquest towards knowing Thyself, then it indicates that the mind hasn't 'found' the path of yoga yet, or it hasn't really started practicing yoga, or conquering itself to be knowing Thyself, even if it is practicing some kind of yoga practice enthusiastically and regularly under certain reason. And it's okay.

Such as there are certain minds are being over-powered by pride and arrogance, thinking and believing that themselves are in 'very good' state, because they have been performing many actions that lead to certain or many achievements in life, even when the mind is being over-powered by ignorance, egoism, impurities and restlessness. Thinking and believing that "I am good, smart and intelligent, and highly successful." These minds have no initiative to be looking into themselves, to see what is really going on in themselves, but merely feeling good and proud about themselves based on their personal and/or group identity, attaching and identifying towards (holding onto) all kinds of identities and qualities, inspirations and aspirations, abilities and achievements that they acquired and possessed, as well as identifying with their actions and the fruit of their actions, to be who they are, to feel satisfied, confident, good, happy, positive, accomplished, successful, or meaningful about themselves and their life existence. That's their freedom.

If the mind is aware of its own state of mind, regardless of whether it has many, or little, or none achievements in life (academic/career/financial/social/physical/mental/family/relationship/material/spiritual, and etc), then even though sometimes, or most of the time, the mind is aware of itself is being in a state of restlessness, or disturbance, or tiredness, or dullness, or unpleasantness, or agitation, or doubt, or ignorance, or suffering, or hurt, or violence, or pride, or meaninglessness, or fear, and so on, being determined, or affected, or influenced by the mind perception of names and forms of agreeable and disagreeable, desirable and undesirable, or pleasant and unpleasant sights, sounds, smells, tastes, sensations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, energy field/level fluctuation, hormonal changes, physical or mental blockage or illness, physical or mental over-active/over-stimulation, physical or mental stagnant/idleness, physical positions or movements, mental thought activities, memory flashback, wild imagination, daily affairs, family and relationship affairs, social affairs, national affairs, regional affairs, global affairs, and etc, and it has this doubt or question towards whether itself is or has been practicing yoga correctly, or not, and whether it is progressing on the path of yoga, or not, then it indicates that this mind is already on the right path, and is indeed progressing very well.

Most important, is that the perceptive thinking and acting mind knows how to be unattached towards, and non-identifying with the selfless impermanent modifications or states of the mind, standing as an observer observing all kinds of desirable or undesirable thought activities, or the pleasant and agreeable calmness and peacefulness, or the unpleasant and disagreeable disturbance and restlessness, without craving towards the impermanent state of calmness and peacefulness, without aversion towards the impermanent state of disturbance and restlessness, without judgment towards the different states of mind that are impermanent, without comparison with the previous state of mind or with some other minds, and without expectation towards the state of the mind should or shouldn't be in certain way, while at the same time, there's awareness, correct understanding, and self-control of not behaving, acting and reacting under the influence of the different impermanent states of mind, or not being over-powered by all kinds of impurities or restlessness.

Even this, is impermanent, it will pass away.

Calmness or disturbance, it will change, and pass away.

Peacefulness or restlessness, it will change, and pass away.

Go beyond the impermanent states of the mind.

It's not 'I', and there's no 'I'.

As the mind keeps practicing this, the more it can understand this, and without attachment, identification, craving, aversion, judgment, comparison, or expectation, it will realize yoga, or selflessness, or know Thyself.

It will realize unconditional peace, that is beyond the impermanent modifications or states of the mind.

Inquire the truth of everything.

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