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Monday, March 17, 2014

Why not?

Either it is something that is beyond the knowledge of our minds, which our minds have not experienced before, or it is something that our minds dislike and disagree with, and our minds react with "How can it be?!" or "No, It's not possible!" then we reply the mind with this mantra - "Why not?"

Train the mind to be opened towards something that is beyond the mind's knowledge and experiences, or towards names and forms that the mind dislikes and disagrees with.

This doesn't mean that we have to be agreeing with everything, or we are supporting things that our minds believe as bad or wrong. But, it is to free our minds from being disturbed or determined by things that our minds strongly dislike and disagree with, and be at peace, maintaining a balance state of mind.

Only when ourselves is at peace, or the mind is balanced, we can contribute to the world to improve with peace and compassion. Or else we will be generating lots of negativities in ourselves and into the world, when our minds are disturbed and determined by things that our minds dislike and disagree with, and react with actions and speech that will cause further disharmony in oneself and in others.

Om shanti.

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