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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Want to learn and practice yoga? (27)

The presence and absence of love or loving kindness among one another has no intention or quality to be something good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative, meaningful or meaningless, joyful or sorrowful, or to make someone feel happy/unhappy and loved/unloved. It's the egoistic attachment and expectation towards 'love' and 'loving kindness' among one another, as well as the desire of craving and aversion towards the presence and absence of love or loving kindness among one another, that is why the mind perceives goodness, righteousness, positivity, meaningfulness and joyfulness upon the presence of love or loving kindness among one another, and feels happy and loved. And the mind perceives badness, wrongfulness, negativity, meaninglessness and sorrow upon the absence of love or loving kindness among one another, and feels unhappy and unloved.

Similarly, whenever the mind reacts and perceives disturbance, dissatisfaction, disappointment, disrespectfulness, humiliation, intimidation, offensiveness, hurt, anger, hatred, fear, worry, painful sorrow or suffering towards the presence or absence of certain names and forms, upon coming in contact with undesirable/unpleasant/disagreeable experiences, reactions and treatments, and not coming in contact with desirable/pleasant/agreeable experiences, reactions and treatments, it's due to the egoistic attachment, identification, expectation and the desire of craving and aversion towards the different names and forms or experiences, actions, reactions and treatments.

If human beings really want to live in a world that is peaceful and harmony among all the different diversities, the minds need to be free from the egoism of attachment and identification towards the qualities of names and forms, that empowers separateness and duality, that feeds the desire of craving towards 'superiority and deserving superior treatments from others' and aversion towards 'inferiority and deserving inferior treatments from others', by letting go the worldly cultural/social/national/political/commercial/religious thinking, belief, values and practice about "Because of who and what I am and where I came from, because of my birth place, my origin, my ancestry, my race, my tribe, my gender, my sexual orientation, my religion, my belief, my values, my culture, my nationality, my status, my title, my position, my education, my knowledge, my profession, my physical and mental ability, my achievement, my contribution, my efforts, my sacrifice, my actions and fruit of my actions, my appearance, my influential power, my name and fame, and etc, and hence, I am either more or less superior or inferior than the others, and so, I  (the others) deserve superior or inferior treatments from others (I), and I or the others deserve or don't deserve respect or humiliation.

Unfortunately, most people don't really interested in living in peace and harmony with one another, but would rather enjoying or chasing after the 'superior qualities and status' that enabling them to receive certain 'superior treatments from the others', to stand out among all the others, to be more superior than the others, or be distinguished from some others who are inferior than oneself, to take pride in the attachment and identification towards 'superior qualities and status', to fit into the category of 'superiority'.

Not all, but many of those who are sort of 'possessing' and 'enjoying' certain 'superior' qualities and status will not let go such 'privilege' for being more 'superior' that the others, and they are being fearful towards losing the status of superiority and the pleasure enjoyment of receiving superior treatments from others.

Although many people would think and believe that they want to be living in a world that is peaceful and harmony among one another of different names and forms, but because most human beings are being brought up from young under the many different cultural/social/religious/racial/national/political/commercial beliefs, values and practices, where all is about enforcing a personal and group identity to either take pride or shame towards the different qualities of names and forms, towards oneself and all the others, that determining how oneself perceives, judges and treats all the others, and how oneself expects and reacts towards how the others perceive, judge and treat oneself, and either feel deserved, respected, pleased and satisfied or undeserved, disrespected, displeased and dissatisfied towards the different perceptions, judgments, treatments, actions and reactions coming from the others towards oneself, where the goal of all actions in this life existence, is directly and indirectly about admiring, chasing after, developing, achieving, possessing and enjoying superior qualities, status, enjoyments and treatments.

Instead of to be more open-minded, friendly, cheerful, tolerant, understanding and accommodating, there are more and more minds are being trained, educated, empowered and conditioned to be highly sensitive and defensive towards one's particular 'superior quality and status', and are easily be offended and angered by what the minds perceived and judged as 'offensive', 'disrespectful', 'humiliating' and 'undeserving' perceptions, judgments, comments, criticisms, treatments, actions and reactions from others, and would react with violent hurtful reactions and behaviors, causing unrest and damaging consequences in oneself and others and the surrounding environment.

The parents told the children, the teacher told the students, the religious leader told the followers, and the country leader told the nation, "This is who you (we) are. Take pride in who and what you (we) are and where you (we) came from. You (we) are different from the others. You (we) are superior than the others. You (we) deserve respect and superior treatments from others. Defend your (our) pride. Those disrespect you (us), your (our) pride and what makes you (us) who you (we) are, and those who don't give you (us) your (our) deserving superior treatments, they deserve painful punishments."

The commercial advertisements told the consumers, "You are special. You worth it. Be passionate. Be inspired. Be ambitious. You can have it if you desire. Pamper yourself. You deserve all these luxuries, new toys and pleasurable enjoyments for all your senses. Celebrate everything! Be adventurous! Fulfill your bucket list! Live without regrets! We have everything that you desire that make you feel great!"

Most people are being 'friendly', 'kind', 'calm', 'helpful' and 'nice' if everything is being the way that they expect and desire, and everyone is behaving in the way that they like and agree with, but then, instantly, they would turn into 'unfriendly', 'unkind', 'aggressive', 'hurtful' and 'not nice' once something is not being the way that they expect and desire, and someone is behaving in the way that they don't like and don't agree with. These are the minds that propagate "people should be angry and deserved to be expressing anger and violence towards something they think is bad and wrong, that is undeserving, disrespectful, offensive, humiliating and intimidating towards their particular attachment and identity towards certain names and forms," while manipulating people's anger in order to help them to achieve their aspiration and desire to create and control the world to be 'their way'.

People would think and believe that it's anger or uncontrolled anger that is causing people behaving violently and hurtfully. But, anger itself is not the problem at all. The main culprit that triggers such violent and hurtful behavior/reaction out of anger, is the corrupted ignorant egoistic thinking, belief, values and practice that is influencing and conditioning how the mind perceives, judges, desires, expects, acts and reacts towards the different names and forms, or towards all kinds of experiences, actions, reactions and treatments. Where the mind reacts/behaves violently and hurtfully out of anger towards what the mind disagrees with, doesn't like and doesn't desire, that is threatening its attachment and identity towards certain names and forms, based on those thinking, belief, values and practice.

The world of human beings is really 'sicked' being occupied by ignorant egoistic minds that are selfish and greedy. "As long as I and my people feel safe, fine, happy, comfortable, enjoying and satisfied..." It doesn't have to be like that, but that's the reality in the world of ignorance and egoism.

This world will never be free from all kinds of man made suffering of discrimination, offensiveness, anger, hatred, greed, violence, hurtful behaviors, ill treatments, prejudice, bias, bullying, corruption, intrusions, wars, painful sorrow and unrest, unless human beings be initiated to let go the egoism of attachment and identification, desire of craving and aversion, judgment and comparison, aspiration and expectation towards all kinds of impermanent and selfless qualities of names and forms.

Being aspired and determined to create or control the world to be and not to be in certain way, even if it's coming from the different thinking and beliefs about what is their own version of 'the best, good and right way', doesn't and can't lead to peace and harmony among the diversities.

It's about letting go the aspiration or desire to create or control the world to be and not to be in certain way.

Unity is not about getting rid of diversities, or making all the differences to become one same singular name and form, but it's respecting all kinds of differences as they are.

The history is already there, teaching and showing human beings about this, however, ignorance and egoism hinders the minds from realizing the ignorance and egoism in themselves, to see and learn from the teachings of the past and present consequences of ignorant and egoistic thinking, belief, values and practice in the world, where human beings keep generating actions and consequences of actions that cause more and more damages to peace and harmony, humanity and the environment, while trying to achieve and possess higher and higher superior qualities, status, treatments and enjoyments.

Higher and advance intellect, science and technology that provides higher enjoyments and conveniences to human beings is neither good nor bad, however, it didn't and doesn't remove ignorance and egoism from the minds, and couldn't stop the ignorant and egoistic minds from generating ignorant actions/reactions and consequences of ignorant actions/reactions, empowering the ignorance and egoism in oneself and the others, passing down all kinds of egoistic thinking, belief, values and practice to their next generations, where the world is occupied and run by impure minds under the influence of ignorance and egoism with specific aspiration and desire to create and control the world to be 'mine/ours' and 'my/our way', selfishly inflicting all kinds of unnecessary man made damages and suffering into the world of diversities through utilizing the higher and advance science and technology.

Performing all kinds of yoga practice regularly, and enjoying the effects/benefits of the different yoga practice, without freeing the mind from ignorance and egoism, doesn't bring peace to oneself or the world.

Inquire towards the truth of everything.

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