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Sunday, March 17, 2024

The body is consuming itself upon insufficient energy for basic life maintenance

No doubt that when there is still an idea of 'I' having an identification in the thinking mind identifying with the state/modification of the mind that is very much being determined and influenced by the energy fields in the body, as there is absence of correct understanding in the mind, and lack of non-attachment, non-identification, non-craving, non-aversion, non-comparison, non-judgment, and non-expectation, then this mind can observe a type of diet consumption as well as a way of life or activity that can help to induce more calming effect or less agitating effect in the modification of the mind. But, that is not a guarantee that the mind is, or will be free from the veil of ignorance and the consequences of ignorance.

Yoga, or the self-realization towards selflessness and impermanence, or the annihilation of ignorance and the consequences of ignorance, or unconditional peace, is nothing to do with whether one is consuming a particular type of diet consumption (either vegetarian, or non-vegetarian, or mixture of both), or not.

All minds have been adopting a particular type of vegetarian, or non-vegetarian, or mixture of vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet consumption, either since birth or at certain stage in life under different reasons, however, it doesn't determine that whether the minds are free from ignorance and the consequences of ignorance, or not.

The body needs to be fed from time to time for maintaining the basic life maintenance, for the selfless bodily systems to be functioning properly, and to have some sufficient excess energy for daily physical and mental activity.

If one stops feeding the body, or stops eating, or is eating too less, over a prolonged period of time, where the body doesn't get enough energy/nutrients/minerals for life maintenance or for the bodily system to be functioning properly, the body will start to consume itself, or 'eating' itself, in order to extract energy from the proteins and fats deposit, as well as nutrients and minerals from within the body parts that are made up of all these components. That's why the body starts to loose body weight, or muscles mass, or fats deposit, or even bone and teeth density, or couldn't function properly as it is, and etc, when the body consumes less energy/nutrients/minerals input than the energy/nutrients/minerals expenditure over a period of time.

How can anyone be a pure vegetarian, if that is a natural process under the selfless survival instinct that is happening within the physical body from time to time, or once in a while, even if the mind is unaware of that?

It's a matter of personal choice under any particular reason for choosing what type of diet to feed the body and mind for maintaining its selfless impermanent existence and function. There's neither right nor wrong in the personal choice of diet consumption that one prefers.

There's nothing wrong, and it's very good to be observing a more healthy option and balanced type of diet consumption, if possible, depending on the logistic, climate, general condition and situation, availability and affordability. But, it's not about whether one is a better or purer human being than the others who have different types of diet consumption.

A yogi is not determined by the state of healthiness or unhealthiness, or good and bad health and fitness condition, or the sense of goodness or badness, positiveness or negativeness, righteousness or wrongfulness, and meaningfulness or meaninglessness, upon the realization of selflessness and impermanence.

The absence or presence of illness, weakness, injury, disabilities, or limitations, and the inevitable process of decay, aging, and disintegration/death of the body and mind doesn't determine one is a yogi, or a liberated mind, or not.

If the mind insists on the availability of specific type of diet (either vegetarian or non-vegetarian) that it prefers, and it will be frustrated and disturbed by the non-availability of that specific type of diet due to certain reasons, as well as be disturbed and angered by others who have different type of diet consumption from oneself, for any reasons, under the presence and influence of the desire of craving and aversion, attachment, identification, comparison, judgment, expectation, specific way of thinking, belief, ideas, visions, values, aspirations and practice, as well as all kinds of impurities, then that is not part of the yoga and/or buddhism practice at all.

Be free.

Inquire the truth of everything.

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