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Thursday, August 24, 2023

The intense yearning for liberation

Under the presence of intense yearning for liberation occupying the mind, there's no room or attention in the mind for hosting or entertaining any kind of worldly passionate ideas, desires, connections, interactions, activities, gossips, debates, inspirations, aspirations, plotting, scheming, manipulation, anticipation, hypocrisy, lies, fairy tales, superstitions, auspiciousness, inauspiciousness, meaningfulness, meaninglessness, anger, hatred, jealousy, success, failure, accomplishment, non-accomplishment, superiority, inferiority, pride, low self-esteem, disappointment, hurt, offensiveness, defensiveness, guilt, regret, doubt, fear and worry, or, "What if I still didn't manage to attain self-realization by the end of this life, then all these efforts and sacrifices that I made for performing all these yoga and meditation practice would be wasted, and wasting my life and energy, and like what most people say, I will regret and have guilt for not spending all these time and energy with my family and friends, enjoying a meaningful life with them while achieving certain success in life, while I am still living," and so on.

If there's still so much room and attention in the mind for hosting and entertaining such passionate egoistic ideas, desires, thoughts activities and impurities, it means that, the yearning for liberation is not intense enough, or there's no yearning for liberation at all.

There's nothing wrong and it's common for all these ideas, desires, thoughts activities or impurities arising in the mind that act as a form of obstacle deriving from ignorance and egoism in the mind to hinder the mind from attaining the annihilation of ignorance and egoism, during the process of mind purification to be eradicating ignorance and egoism.

Those are the moments for the practice of non-attachment, non-identification, non-craving, non-aversion, non-comparison, non-judgment and non-expectation towards all these ideas, desires, thoughts activities and impurities that are also selfless and impermanent, until the intense yearning for liberation occupying the mind, and there's no room and attention in the mind to be hosting or entertaining all these selfless impermanent modifications of the mind.

Under the intense yearning for liberation, there's no fear towards losing something or everything. There's no fear towards the unknown, the 'future', or 'what if?' and 'what next?'. That will allow the mind to be truly being in the present moment, appreciating all kinds of goodness and relationships with everyone as they are, not necessarily have to be physically, mentally or emotionally close together all the time, without attachment, without possessiveness, without clinging, without expectation, without disappointment, hurt or painful sorrow, and without aversion or fear towards unpleasant or undesirable selfless impermanent changes.

Inquire towards the truth of everything.

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