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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Non-judgment and non-expectation

The practice of non-judgment is about the mind stops judging oneself and others, under the presence of correct understanding, and at the same time, the mind allows all the others to be what they are, as they are, where others are free to have their own understanding and non-understanding, and have judgment or expectation towards themselves and others, or not, but this mind is not being determined by the judgment or expectation coming from others towards oneself and all the others based on their understanding and non-understanding, action/inaction, and reaction/non-reaction under the influence of their particular thinking, belief, ideas, values, desires, and practice.

It's not about expecting others shouldn't have any judgment or expectation towards oneself at all, and be offended or disturbed by others' judgment or expectation towards oneself and some others.

That's why the practice of non-judgment is always being practiced together with non-expectation, as well as non-comparison, non-attachment, non-identification, non-craving and non-aversion. All these names and forms are non-separated or non-distinct from one another.

All kinds of yoga practice is about understanding what is going on in one's modification of the mind, and purifying, disciplining, or changing the modification of this mind via certain methods or practices of observing certain observations and restrictions, it's not about looking at how all the others practice, understand, behave, act and react, or not, while expecting others to practice, understand, behave, act and react in certain way or not in certain way.

The yoga teacher is merely being there to deliver the teachings and the different practices. And, it's the freedom of the minds of how they want to perceive and react. The minds are free to react towards the delivery of the teachings and practices of yoga by the yoga teacher as a form of judgment or expectation towards themselves to be or not to be in certain way. Similarly, such minds also have the freedom of expecting the teacher to teach in certain way that they desire and agree with, and not in certain way that they don't desire and disagree with. While the teacher also has the freedom to teach in certain way, or not in certain way.

That indicates how deep is the ignorance in the minds, where the minds feel disturbed or offended by the delivery of the teachings and practice of yoga about identifying ignorance, the ego and egoism in one's mind, as well as observing certain observations (do's) and restrictions (don't do's) in order to eradicate ignorance, the ego and egoism. Even this teaching about pointing out, understanding, recognizing and acknowledging towards "The ignorance, egoism, impurities and restlessness in the mind," is being perceived as an offensive 'negative' judgment, feedback, or discouragement by the passionate egoistic minds functioning under the influence of ignorance and egoism.

The minds expect 'reactions' from the teacher,

"You are amazing. You can do and achieve anything that you desire."

"You are such a wonderful wise and compassionate person with such a beautiful mind and kind heart."

"There's nothing wrong with you or your mind. Ignorance doesn't exist in you or your mind."

"Yeah! Well done! You did so well. I am so proud of you! You should be proud of yourself too."

"You are such a good and kind person. You deserve all the love and compliments. You don't deserve any bad people and bad happenings unto you."

For many minds, the presence and availability of what they perceived and recognized as 'positive' feedback, acknowledgements, compliments, and encouragements is 'normal', 'healthy', and 'the way that it should be', while the absence and non-availability of all that, as well as the presence of what they perceived and recognized as 'negative' feedback/acknowledgment, or the truth of themselves that they are not aware of, that they don't like and disagree with, is a form of offensive judgment, criticism, or discouragement.

And many minds are growing up being conditioned to think and believe, to have values, and to act and react in such way.

That is what the ego is about. It wants and needs to receive 'positive' feedback/acknowledgement/praise/compliment/encouragement constantly in order for it to feel good, right, positive, acknowledged, appreciated, accepted, agreed with, validated, loved, supported, deserving, proud, and meaningful about itself and life existence, while it doesn't want and have intense aversion towards coming in contact with anything that it perceives and refers as 'bad', 'negative', 'disagreement', 'non-supportive', or 'non-encouraging', as well as towards the absence of 'positive' feedback and encouragement.

That is what the minds are learning in the yoga class, to identify, recognize and be aware of the ego and egoism, and to understand the egoistic behavior, action, and reaction of the impure mind functioning under the influence of ignorance, the idea of 'I'/the ego, and egoism, while developing mental and emotional independence, without attachment, identification, craving, aversion, comparison, judgment, or expectation. And at the same time, working diligently towards the annihilation of ignorance, the idea of 'I', egoism, impurities, and restlessness.

It's 'nice' to have such comforting agreeable 'positive' interaction and encouragement between the teacher and the students, but it doesn't help to eradicate ignorance, the idea of 'I', and egoism, but only empowers all that, particularly empowering the mental and emotional dependency among the teacher and the students. As even the passionate egoistic teacher also wants and needs to feel that, "I am a good and supportive yoga teacher," and "I am loved and needed by the yoga students."

The mind that is practicing yoga for liberation from ignorance and the consequences of ignorance, that is eradicating the ego by 'starving' or 'stop feeding' the ego, is not determined by the presence and absence of 'positive' or 'negative' feedback or acknowledgement from anyone and anywhere. The selfless mind doesn't need the presence of 'positive' feedback and acknowledgement, or the absence of 'negative' feedback and acknowledgement in order to feel good, right, positive, acknowledged, appreciated, accepted, agreed with, validated, loved, supported, deserving, proud, and meaningful about itself or life existence, in order to motivate it to perform actions that are beneficial to oneself and others or to keep learning and improving itself, while allowing all these names and forms being projected by all the other minds to be there, or not.

There are minds that believe in, "We all need love, acknowledgement, and support from one another, to be motivated and encouraged constantly by one another, to keep improving ourselves, to do good, and be good. Or else, we will be lost and aimless, and reluctant to improve, to do good and be good." That's their freedom of thinking, belief, values, desire and practice.

Inquire the truth of everything.

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