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Friday, February 2, 2024

Guiding the minds to perform inquiry towards the truth of everything

There are two parts in self-inquiry.

One is to be inquiring towards what is the 'I' that the mind thinks and acknowledges and identifies as 'I', to attain self-realization towards the truth of the selfless impermanent existence and function of the limited conditional physical body with the perceptive cognitive intellectual emotional thinking and acting mind, of knowing Thyself - Selflessness and Impermanence.

One is to be inquiring towards the truth of everything to attain self-realization towards the truth of everything that come under different qualities of different names and forms - Selflessness and Impermanence.

This is not about finding out what is right or wrong, good or bad, true or untrue.

It's about seeing all and everything as it is, where all and everything are neither right nor wrong, neither good nor bad, upon the realization towards non-separateness/non-duality/oneness, upon the mind attain self-realization towards selflessness and impermanence in all and everything, including what was/is true or untrue, that gives rise to the right discrimination towards what is 'real' (permanent/unconditional) and 'unreal' (impermanent/conditional), while letting go and stop chasing after whatever that is 'unreal'.

Before self-realization, or the annihilation of the idea of 'I', the mind perceives the inquiry towards what is 'I' and the inquiry towards all kinds of names and forms as separated distinctive subjects, as the existence of the idea of 'I' in the mind generates the separateness/distinction between 'I' and everything that is not 'I'. Upon self-realization or the vanish of the idea of 'I', the selfless mind realized that these two subjects are not distinctive/separated from one another. There's neither right nor wrong. It's merely part of the process.

The subjects of inquiry might be different, but the truth of all kinds of existence regardless of sentient living beings or non-sentient living beings and non-living objects, as well as all kinds of diverse ideas, beliefs, values, and practices, regardless of whether they are something true (factual) or untrue (non-factual), is the same.

One might come in contact with the teachings or the dhamma about selflessness and impermanence through various books, medias, and teachers, but just by reading, hearing, studying, or possessing the knowledge/information about selflessness and impermanence without attaining direct experience or self-realization towards selflessness and impermanence doesn't liberate the mind from ignorance and the by-products of ignorance, as well as the suffering/unrest/disturbance/painful sorrow driving from all that.

The liberated minds cannot take away the ignorance of the others by telling others what they themselves have realized through their own effort, practice, self-inquiry, direct experience, and/or self-realization, but they can provide guidelines for the others that would lead them towards performing self-inquiry towards all kind of doubts, or questions, or ignorance that they have, via their own effort, practice, and self-inquiry, to attain direct experience or self-realization, and be free.

Inquire the truth of everything.

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