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Sunday, October 31, 2010

5 day 4 night Beginner's yoga course in Langkawi with Yoga Now Malaysia - Dec 1st - 5th 2010

Good news for complete beginners in yoga.

Come for a 5 days / 4 nights yoga workshop just for beginners only in Langkawi, Malaysia.

The 5 days / 4 nights workshop from December 1st - 5th will cover the basic asana practice, basic pranayama practice, relaxation, yoga philosophy, jala neti, sutra neti, meditation, chanting and additional coaching session in this yoga workshop for beginners.

We will only receive maximum 6 people in this workshop to ensure individual attention for all our participants.

Beginner’s Yoga Workshop Outline

Day 1

* 2.30 pm Registration & Orientation
* 3.00 pm Fruit & juice
* 4.00 pm Basic asana practice part 1
* 5.30 pm Free time
* 6.30 pm Dinner
* 8.00 pm Yoga philosophy
* 9.00 pm Meditation

Day 2

* 8.00 am Meditation
* 8.30 am Break
* 9.00 am Basic asana practice part 2
* 10.30 am Relaxation
* 11.00 am Brunch
* 12.00 pm Free time
* 2.00 pm Coaching (mastering the technique of the basic asana)
* 3.00 pm Fruit & juice
* 4.00 pm Basic pranayama practice
* 4.30 pm Basic asana practice part 3
* 6.00 pm Relaxation
* 6.30 pm Dinner
* 8.00 pm Yoga philosophy
* 9.00 pm Meditation

Day 3

* 8.00 am Jala neti
* 8.15 am Meditation
* 8.45 am Break
* 9.00 am Basic asana practice part 4
* 11.00 am Brunch
* 12.00 pm Free time
* 2.00 pm Coaching (mastering the technique of the basic asana)
* 3.00 pm Fruit & juice
* 4.00 pm Basic pranayama practice
* 4.30 pm Basic asana practice part 5
* 6.00 pm Relaxation
* 6.30 pm Dinner
* 8.30 pm Chanting
* 9.00 pm Meditation

Day 4

* 8.00 am Jala neti
* 8.15 am Meditation
* 8.45 am Break
* 9.00 am Basic asana practice part 6
* 11.00 am Brunch
* 12.00 pm Free time / trip to waterfall *subject to the weather
* 3.00 pm Fruit & juice
* 4.00 pm Complete yoga class
* 6.00 pm Relaxation
* 6.30 pm Dinner
* 8.30 pm Chanting
* 9.00 pm Meditation

Day 5

* 8.00 am Jala neti
* 8.15 am Meditation
* 8.45 am Break
* 9.00 am Restorative yoga class
* 11.00 am Brunch
* 12.00 pm Check out

The course fee is Rm 2,160 per person for single room and Rm 1,960 per person for twin sharing.

All meals (vegetarian meals, fruit and snacks) and accommodation (air-conditioning, hot & cold shower, fridge, tea-making facility etc…) are included with a free Yoga Now T-shirt, neti pot and free airport or ferry-port pick-up and drop-off. Yoga mat will be provided.

A non-refundable deposit of Rm 300 is requested upon reservation.

Looking forward to seeing you in Langkawi.

Om Shanti,

Meng Foong

For more details and reservation please contact us at :-

Yoga Now Malaysia

+6016 2715 082

+604 9559 082

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yoga is realizing compassion in us...

Many people asked what is yoga? But they didn't want long explanation... Well, I definitely can understand why people don't like long explanation. People who live in the big city have to deal with everything that is so speedy and busy. People want quick answer and result. And time is very precious to many people because "TIME = MONEY". There is absolutely nothing wrong with this type of thinking...

Anyway, what is yoga in short?

Yoga is realizing compassion in us.

Yoga is realizing we are selfless and compassionate.

Just like the universal consciousness. Like the sun, the air, the water, the earth and the space...

We evolve slowly, patiently, ultimately we unite with our true nature, compassion...

Evolve from very selfish to reasonably selfish, to a little selfish, to unselfish, to selfless...

Selfishness creates fear in us. Selfishness is the nature of the ego.

When we identify with the ego, there will be a little or some selfishness in us and this hinders us from realizing the great compassion in us. Although we all have some sort of compassion in us (it's because we are compassionate in nature) to feel sympathy towards other beings who are less fortunate than us and those who are in painful sorrow and suffering. But due to the tiny or some selfishness still exist in us, our compassion cannot expand to the fullest which is completely without any discrimination, fear and worry. Selfishness obstructs us from embracing and love all without discrimination, without selfish intention and expectation, and without fear.

In the presence of compassion, there is no traces of fear. There is no discrimination of wise beings and ignorant beings... All are the same.

If we don't have wisdom, we couldn't understand what does "All are the same" really means? It's because we only see all and everything with the different qualities of different names and forms but we couldn't see the truth behind all these qualities, names and forms. When we have wisdom, we will know what does it means...

Form is not different from emptiness. Emptiness is not different from form.

Selflessness = compassion = fearlessness = peace = yoga

Be Happy.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Go beyond negative and positive, you'll be happy

Negative mind projects negative world and perceives everything negatively... It doesn't matter when other people are nice or say positive things and think positively...

Positive mind projects positive world and perceives everything positively... It doesn't matter when other people are not nice or say negative things and think negatively...

Pure mind that is beyond negative and positive, projects neither negative nor positive world and perceives everything as it is, neither negative nor positive...

The same world that we are living in, being perceived as negative or positive by different mentalities...

The world itself is not negative nor positive...

Be free from negative and positive...

Go beyond negative and positive...

People who attached strongly to "this is negative" and "that is positive" not just create tensions and unhappiness in themselves but also create tensions and unhappiness for other people...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Review On Yoga Retreat With Yoga Now Malaysia

"I knew I was meant to meet you both. I will go home with a lighter heart and a new understanding of yoga and of myself. Thank you so much. Ever grateful,"

Ange - Melbourne - 4 day relaxed yoga retreat.

Review On Yoga Retreat With Yoga Now Malaysia

"Wow! What a terrific week this has been for me. I came here hoping to improve my yoga skills and am leaving with much, much more.

It has been a while since I have felt like my old self - happy and easy-going. This week has reminded me who I am and want to be.

From your wonderful teaching and many life lessons, to enjoying the simple things that life has to offer. Plus it was fun. I challenged myself and reflected on so many things that are going on in my life.

A million thank yous couldn't cover how great this week was for me.

You guys rock!"

Meredith - Vietnam - 6 day intensive yoga retreat.

Review On Yoga Retreat with Yoga Now Malaysia

"I want you both to know that the retreat meant the world to me. After the retreat I felt tired and sad, calm and light at the same time, but most of all I felt safe. You guided me to find strength. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to a new side of yoga."

Jenni - Finland - 4 day relaxed yoga retreat.

Review On Yoga Classes With Yoga Now Malaysia

"I came here to stretch and relax and I'm leaving with an entirely different outlook on life.I did 21 classes (I feel like I should get a little badge or something?!) with Marc and Meng and they are totally incredible. The setting is perfect. They are the most amazing couple and the classes are without a doubt the most rewarding classes I have ever done. I went to stretch out and left with a completely different oulook on life. The whole experience was totally unforgettable. You are missing out if you don't get your butt there..."

Em - England - 21 classes.

Review On Yoga Classes With Yoga Now Malaysia

"Thank you both so much for opening my eyes to yoga. i arrived having never been taught about the meaning of the yoga I have a completely new understanding. I will now try and keep yoga with me in my everyday life. Thank you for introducing this to me - I will never forget my time here."

Jess - England - 20 classes.

Review On Yoga Retreat With Yoga Now Malaysia

"Thank you so much for a wonderful retreat. I have learnt so much over the past week - about myself, about yoga, the world, that I can't put it into words.

I love the way the retreat was so personalised and how you made me feel really at home. You are both very beautiful people. Very inspiring.

I will now go off and put into practice all the many things I have learnt. I will always have your words in my mind. You both have an amazing understanding of other people!"

Zoe - Singapore - 5 day intensive yoga retreat.

Review On Yoga Retreat With Yoga Now Malaysia

"Si je devais choisir un mot pour resumer cette retraite, ce serait: FORMIDABLE.

Vos enseignements m'apparaissent aujourd'hui comme les vibrations emises lorsqu'on pince les cordes d'une harpe, faisant le chemin jusqu'a la caisse de resonnanace pour s'alimenter en energie et resortir en ondes harmonieuses jusqu'a la conscience.

Merci de grand coeur a vous deux pour cet eveil au yoga et ce reveil a la vie."

Maud - France - 8 day intensive yoga retreat.

Review On Yoga Retreat With Yoga Now Malaysia

如果,让你有一个星期的假期你会到那呢? 也许,我也不想走得太远,也还没有非去不可的国度。 所以,选择的把自己撤退。。。。。 也当着是我的修行。。 从来不陌生的岛屿,而且还是同一个州属。 就是没踏上她。就借这机会。 进修瑜伽是我好想体验的课。 通过瑜伽老师,认识了这两位可爱,顽皮的老师:赖老师和白老师, 感恩他们为我安排了那么好的时间表。。 选择了进阶级的课程,呵呵呵好有挑战喔。 就只想经历不同的瑜伽课,还好赖老师都把课程安排的很好, 初级课和进级课间的穿插,让人更有信心,抱着无常的态度,接受我自己。 每个课和课间的小休,让人恢复体力, 调试得更精神。 两位老师的诚恳,幽默,智慧,包容,微笑都那么的让人欢喜。 尝试了不同的Asana,也了解和学习瑜伽的智慧。 当心灵放松时身体这躯体能更完美的顺流, 当身体更顺流是心灵更放松和清澈。 瑜伽包含了身,心,灵的成长。让人了解无常,感恩,懂得付出。 好多好多的和智慧被启发, 如果一个Asana做得不完美,你会自责吗?还是一再的尝试,还是接受目前身体的能力,将来再尝试。 也许都有我能学习的智慧, 也学习聆听身体的声音而不随着他。 如果同一个Asana今天你能完美的呈现而昨天你是没能力完成的,你会认为今天比昨天强吗? 还是放下过去的活在当下了,活在每个呼和吸。 当你观察了你的身心灵,你会接受他吗?还是用你的判断来断定? 每一个机会,体验,经历,都会有他发生的理由。

Nyioh - Penang - 5 day intensive yoga retreat.

Review On Yoga Retreat With Yoga Now Malaysia

"Thank you so much for a fantastic few days! We came knowing nothing about yoga and leave inspired to keep doing yoga on a regular basis. Feeling calm, flexible and relaxed... We enjoyed the wonderful personal touches you bring to the retreat and will be recommending you to many."

Graeme & Rachel - Abu Dhabi - 4 day relaxed yoga retreat.

Review On Yoga Retreat With Yoga Now Malaysia

"Thank you from my heart for everything - for your kindness, wisdom, hospitality and generosity. I leave here a little wiser, feeling I've been on a journey of release and discovery. Happy to have met yoga again and happy that I came here and met you both and was able to be your student. I wish you all the best in your future business and personal growth."

Lis Wernli - New Zealand - 4 day relaxed yoga retreat.

Review On Yoga Retreat With Yoga Now Malaysia

ランカウイ島にある小さなヨガヨガスタジオ、今回ヨガリトリート インテンシブクラスを5日間受けましたが、とてもよかったです。まずスタジオがマレーの民家を使い6人ぐらいしか入れない少人数クラス。インストラクター はご夫婦2人が交代で行い、朝地元の新鮮なフルーツを食べた後、メディテーション、ヨガクラスが3回、ベジタリアンの昼と夜ご飯が出されます。ヨガのクラ スもほぼマンツーマンのため、今まで怖くてトライ出来なかったポーズも安心してチャレンジする事が出来ました。暖かいご夫婦との会話も楽しく、ヨガとは何 かなど、ジムで受けている運動だけのヨガクラスとは違った経験が出来ました。最終日は友人と2人だけだったため綺麗な白砂のビーチの上でヨガクラスを行っ てくれ、ちょっとした観光にも連れて行ってくれました。チャンスがあれば是非もう一度行きたいヨガスタジオです!

Chieko - Singapore - 4 day intensive yoga retreat.

Reviews On Yoga Retreat With Yoga Now Malaysia

"Thank you so much for a refreshing and enlightening retreat. I came to Malaysia hoping for reflection and a challenge and I certainly got both!

Both my body and my spirit feel stronger and I will take what I have learned here back to my daily life to make it fuller and more enriched. The food was delicious, the conversation was lively and you are both a joy to be around. I wish you the best of luck and hope we will meet again."

Laura Wilson - USA - 4 day intensive yoga retreat.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

We all are looking for happiness, where to find it?

Somehow, we all are looking for happiness.

All our actions start with the motive want to attain happiness through these actions.

It is very natural that we don't like unhappiness or unpleasant sensations and feelings, and want to be happy.

We like to do good and be nice to other people because by doing good, be nice to other people, helping others can give us a good feeling about ourselves, and feel happy.

Even though some people choose to hurt themselves or hurt other beings to give them some kind of sensations to feel good and happy, it is not right but it is still out of looking for pleasant feelings and sensations.

Take a look back into our past experiences. Whatever we did or did not do, was based on whether we could attain happiness and avoid unhappiness.

That is what we say, craving for happiness and rejecting unhappiness. We are full of tensions and dissatisfaction because of this craving and aversion.

There is nothing wrong with having unpleasant feelings so called "bad" and "negative" feelings, such like anger, jealousy, anxiety, fear, worry, disappointment and etc...

Stop seeing these so called "bad" and "negative" feelings as something not good. They all are just like all other so called positive, good and happy feelings, which is something very normal, and they all are impermanent, they don't belong to us, and they are not us.

We don't have to push away these unpleasant feelings nor suppressing them.

It is when we crave for pleasant feelings and reject unpleasant feelings, that is what making us unhappy and discontented all the time, no matter how good our life is, how success we are, able to do whatever we like and want to do, and are having all the things that we want to have.

When we are not able to do the things that we like to do or want to do (actions that give us good and happy feelings), we will be unhappy and frustrated. When we are doing the things that we don't like to do or don't want to do (actions that won't give us good and happy feelings), we will be unhappy and frustrated...

Unhappiness, dissatisfaction, irritation, frustration, fear, worry, greed and jealousy are all derive from craving and aversion. It is due to the craving and aversion is not being gratified. And it can never be satisfied, unless we start to let go of this craving and aversion.

Happiness and peacefulness is here, at this very moment if we stop rejecting unhappiness, and stop looking for happiness. Allowing unpleasant feelings to arise and pass away. Allowing ourselves to express any unpleasant feelings in an open manner just like we would dance, sing, smile and laugh when we feel pleasant feelings.

The point is we should know how to express these unpleasant feelings in a positive way and not causing more tensions in us or in other people who are directly or indirectly being affected by our emotions.

Being aware of all the unpleasant feelings and observe the breath, not associating with these unpleasant feelings, no need to generate aversion towards them, and very soon these unpleasant feelings will become weak and disappear.

It is only when we attached strongly to these unpleasant feelings and don't want to let them go, and keep holding on to them, that will prolong the duration of these unpleasant feelings and be disturbed for a long time. It's because we keep feeding these disturbed feelings with more energy. It's like keep adding fuel to the lamp.

We were being told that we should not express any unpleasant feelings, don't shout, don't cry, don't be like this, don't be like that, and this is what making us so depressed and having so much tensions in our conscious mind, subconscious mind and unconscious mind.

If we feel like shouting, then shout... It will relieve the agitated energy and make us feel better, but there are some consequences that will arise if our actions can cause some other people physical, mental and emotional disturbance. What we can do is, divert this imbalanced energy into something constructive and productive.

Instead of saying words and doing things that will cause destruction and more unhappiness for ourselves and other people, we can divert this agitated imbalance energy into doing something that will bring goodness to ourselves and to other people. Such like perform selfless service. Go and empty the rubbish bin, wash the dishes, clean the house, wash some laundry, help the old and sick people, sing out loud some light and cheerful songs, do some physical exercises, or do some chanting or meditate upon God or compassion, instead of breaking things, causing damages, saying harsh words hurting people mentally and emotionally, or hurting other people physically...

If we try to ignore these unpleasant feelings, and pretend that we are okay and there is no need of express this agitated energy someway, we are supressing this disturbed energy into our system. This energy will be accumulated and turn into heavy tensions which will manifest as energy blockage in our body and mind which will cause mental and physical tensions and illnesses.

The best way is to chanel this energy into doing something good and consctructive for ourselves and others.

May all be happy by letting go of craving for happiness and aversion towards unhappiness, and not ignoring nor suppressing the unpleasant feelings, and chanelling them into great constructive energy.

"Positive" or "negative" feelings, they both are active energy. They both can be creative or destructive. It is all up to us how we want to use it or let it passed away without craving or aversion.

Teaching or sharing yoga as the chanel or instrument for the universal consciousness to act in the world...

While we are still within the mind, still have the sense of separateness, still have not attained great faith and complete confidence in the teaching and in the Self, still struggling with the influence of egoism, impurities, doubts, fear, worry, craving, aversion, attachment and unhappiness, then we need to take refuge in something that is greater or wiser or purer than us such like God consciousness or the universal consciousness or Guru, to help us and guide us through the path towards self-realization.

Anyone also can share and teach yoga to anybody even though we are not completely be free from impurities yet.

When we are still under the influence of impurities, but we are learning and practicing yoga while at the same time we are given the opportunity to share yoga with other people, then we need to have the grace of God or Guru to guide us and support us in our own practice and in sharing yoga with other people.

Then this action of giving and sharing or teaching yoga, we can say that it is coming from the God consciousness or from the Guru. We are just the chanel or the instrument for God or Guru to act in the world.

But, when we are beyond all the impurities, and beyond the duality that generates the sense of separateness, then there is no God, no Guru, no I, no act of giving and sharing, no act of teaching and learning, no act of giving and receiving, no pure and impure. Everything is just being what it is.

There’s no more separateness of God and I, the teacher and the student, pure and impure.

The person who share and teach yoga is no longer the chanel or the instrument of God, but is one with God.

At this point, we are identical with the Self.

Everything is the nameless and formless Self.

The gift of dharma or sharing the knowledge of the Self is beyond all the good and nice things in the world.

But before we are beyond all the names and forms, and attain the state of namelessness and formlessness, do allow ourselves to enjoy and appreciate all the good and nice things in the world, without clinging and craving.

May all be happy.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Being "somebody" with such and such qualities and accomplishments is not the cause for our happiness or unhappiness

Being a "yogi", "yoga teacher", "yoga practitioner", "yoga disciple", "vegetarian", "world saver", "successful person", "beautiful person", "wealthy person", "good person", "buddhist", "enlightened being", or "anything" that we can name ourselves with, is not the cause for our happiness or unhappiness.

All these "being somebody" is not a guarantee that we will be happy and be free from unhappiness.

Being a "good person" is not the cause of happiness. So many good people out there are not necessary are happy and free from unhappiness.

It is when we let go of trying to become "somebody" and let go of the identification as being that "somebody", that will free us from the condition of names and forms, free us from the effect of impermanence, free us from attachment, clinging, craving, aversion, doubt, fear and worry. And due to this state of being free from all the conditions and limitations, we are free from duality of good and bad, positive and negative, happy and unhappy.

When we are free from all these conditions that are subject to changes or impermanence, we will be free from tensions that arise due to fear and worry. And thus, we will be happy always disregard what is the present condition of the world, the life, the body and the mind.

This is truly liberation. Be free from suffering.

Liberation doesn't mean that we can control our body and mind to be exactly what we like them to be...

It doesn't mean that this physical body and the mind will follow all our wishes and orders, and achieved immortality for this physical body.

This body will still be subjected to impermanence, limitation and condition (such like pain, injury, illness, weakness, decaying and old age) and sooner or later this body will stop functioning (death and decomposition take place).

Look at all the wise beings, enlightened beings, saints and sages in the past. Whose body live forever, be young and fit forever, be strong and healthy forever, and had not experienced pain, injury, illness, weakness, decaying and death?

But they were free from unhappiness and "suffering". They were free from the limitations and conditions that are subject to impermanence. They were free from the conditions of the body and the mind. They were free from fear and worry that derive from impurities. They were free from attachment, craving and aversion that come from greed and dissatisfaction. They were free from doubts that come from ignorance. They were free from the duality of names and forms that comes from the mind itself.

A liberated being doesn't see or perceive this worldly life existence as something suffering or not good.

A liberated being who is free from duality, doesn't need to getaway from "suffering" because there is no suffering.

Why waste so much energy and effort in trying to prove to the world that we are "somebody"?

We are who we are. All the names and forms are just something temporary that we are carrying with us due to our responsibility in this world, and all these names and forms are subject to impermanence, they do not belong to us, and they are not us. If we know this, we don't need any recognition or acknowledgment from the world nor need to prove to anybody including our own self.

It is the ego trying to prove to itself or to the world about "something" that is "making" it feels good about itself.

Once we know who we really are, and have love, peace, compassion and wisdom, we will not be affected or disturbed by all the names and forms, limitations and conditions that are subject to impermanence and the truth about all these things are non-self.

Be free and be happy, not because of being "somebody" with such and such qualities and accomplishments...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Control Of The Mind?

Yoga is about control of the mind.

But how does this work?

Initially, why do we want to control the mind and how? It is because all tensions, unhappiness and suffering come from this mind. The impurities in the mind influence our life experience and how we feel. By purifying the mind, calming the mind, stilling the mind, can help us to understand our own mind and know how to deal with it. When we have the mind under control, we will be free from tensions, impurities and dissatisfaction that arise in the mind. We will be free from unhappiness.

Many people say that it is so difficult to control the mind and they gave up the path of mind control.

To control the mind is not easy, for sure…

Or we can put it in a more practical terms – We don’t have to control the mind but we don’t want to be controlled by the mind, or not to be influenced by the thoughts more accurately. Thoughts will always be arising and passing away, from one thought to another, it doesn’t matter if it is positive thought or negative thought, happy thought or unhappy thought. Let the mind be the mind, does what it wants to do, but we are not attached to it and not generate reaction towards the mind’s activities or thoughts.

When we say taking control over the situation, it means that we are the one influencing the situation and not the situation influencing us. It is the same for taking control over the mind. We are the one who is aware of what is happening in the mind and not being influenced by it. If we don’t have this awareness, we don’t know what is happening in the mind, but constantly getting involve with the mind, identify ourselves with the mind and associate with the state of the mind, and react towards the mind. And thus we are being controlled by the mind and being affected or influenced by it all the time. And so, we want to be free from the condition of this mind which is full of impurities, such like anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, lustful desire, dissatisfaction, disappointment, irritation, frustration, doubt, craving, aversion, fear and worry…

Mind control is about we become the master of our own mind and not being over-powered by the mind. We are the one who are in control of our action and speech, and not the mind controls us for our action and speech. If we are not attached to the mind and not identify nor associate with the mind, let the mind does whatever the mind wants to do, and we are not being disturbed or affected or influenced by the forever changing phenomena (thought waves) that are constantly happening in the mind, then we will be free from the condition of the mind or the state of the mind.

If the mind is agitated, it is just the mind agitated, not us. If the mind is calm and peaceful, it is also just the mind being calm and peaceful, not us. We are beyond the mind. We are the witness that is aware of what is happening in the mind, observing whatever the mind and the body are experiencing at the present moment now. We don’t have to react to what the mind feels, like and dislike, want and don’t want…

The state of the mind is constantly changing from positive to negative, from good to bad, and the other way round. It is full of impurities like anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, lustful desire, irritation, frustration, disappointment, dissatisfaction, fear, worry, imagination, craving and aversion. If we are being controlled and influenced by the mind, we will be getting frustrated all the time because we only want to have good and happy experience and reject unpleasant and unhappy experience.

The perception of the entire world existence happens in our mind only. All the differentiation of good and bad, positive and negative, pleasant and unpleasant, they only exist in our mind. Without the mind, there is nothing to be perceived. Calm the mind, tame the mind, the “world” will be calmed and tamed. The thoughts are still there but they have no power to influence us anymore.

By doing the yoga asana, the breathing exercise, the concentration exercise and meditation, it can help us to have certain influence towards the mind, calming and stilling the mind, slowing down the thought waves, but not necessary to control the mind to be what we want it to be. We couldn’t, because the mind doesn’t belong to us. All the good and bad thoughts, positive and negative thoughts arising and passing away unceasingly, it is not in our control at all. All the thoughts come and go as they like, whenever they like. It is not up to us that we only want the mind to have good, positive and happy thoughts, and don’t want the mind to have bad, negative and unhappy thoughts. If we think we can control the mind like this, we are getting ourselves into huge disappointment and frustration.

It is like the sensations that arise and passing away throughout the body from moment to moment. These sensations do not belong to us and it is not in our control that we only want to have pleasant sensations and retain the pleasant sensations forever not changing. And it is not in our control that we don’t want to have unpleasant sensations and want to get rid of the unpleasant sensations.

The effects of the asana practice, the pranayama practice, the concentration and meditation are there to influence the energy, to calm down and to balance the energy, and at the same time this will influence the state of the mind as well. This is because the mind is influenced by the energy or the mind is moved by the prana. That’s why by doing yoga and pranayama practices can help us to have certain influence or control over the state of the mind. But even the state of calmness in the mind also is impermanent. We cannot attach to the calmness that comes from the mind due to the influence of the energy. That will change also. It will be disturbed.

By meditating, we are practicing non-attachment towards the mind and its activities. Stand as a witness observing all states of the mind. Let the mind be the mind. We are just an observer.

We should go beyond the mind and transcend all states of the mind (the dullness, the agitation, the calmness). Then true and lasting peacefulness is here instantly. It is always here, but it is beyond the function of the mind. Once we let go of the identification with the mind, and not associate with the state of the mind, then we will identify with this everlasting peacefulness which is not affected by impermanence, or energy, or conditions, or qualities. It is beyond happiness and unhappiness. It is beyond good and bad, positive and negative, pleasant or unpleasant. It is beyond birth and death, names and forms.

Within this peacefulness, is unlimited and unconditioned love, compassion and wisdom…

But the mind is not a bad thing at all… We should not judge the mind as something bad. The mind is just being what it is. It is not something good or bad… It might give troubles to us if we allow ourselves to be controlled or influenced by the mind. But it won’t give us any problems if we are not attached to it, and not being disturbed or affected or influenced by it.

We are being conditioned by our own mind, not the things or happenings out there that are conditioning us to be happy or unhappy.

And yoga is about freeing ourselves from the condition of the mind and the body. Be free from the condition of our life and the world.

The point is, we don’t have to control, or to change or to interfere with the mind, the body, the life and the world. But just by observing the mind, the body, the life and the world as it is, accept the present moment as it is, no craving, no aversion, everything is just being what it is. At the same time, we can perform our duty or perform any actions that is bringing beneficial improvement to the mind, the body, the life and the world, without attachment, without craving and aversion, without intention, judgment and expectation. Just like the sun, the water, the air, the earth and the space. They just give and provide, and are performing action that is supporting all the existence in the universe without any discrimination of good or bad beings, living beings or non-living beings, ancient or modern beings, happy or unhappy beings, wise or ignorant beings, selfish or selfless beings, healthy or unhealthy beings…

This is selflessness. This is compassion. This is renouncing the fruit of action. This is what yoga is about…

If we have attained yoga in ourselves, then no matter where we are and where we go, we see yoga in everywhere and everything.

If the mind wants to be negative, let it be but not attach to it, and let it go. If the mind wants to be agitated or depressed, let it be but not attach to it, and let it go. The mind can have likes and dislikes, but not let it determines our happiness and confidence, not let it controls our action and speech, not let it distracts us from our inner peace (which is beyond all the states of the mind).

May all be free from the condition of the mind. Be the master of the mind. Be the witness of the mind. Not being over-powered by the mind. Not being disturbed or affected or influenced by the mind. Not being controlled by the mind.

This is control of the mind.

We are the one who is in control of our own self, not the mind controlling us.

Be free.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Keep smiling and be grateful even though life is not easy for us...

Some people may think that when a person is always smiling and cheerful, it must be because his life is very "good", there's no obstacles, difficulties or unwishful happenings in his life, everything is just what he likes and what he wants it to be... But in truth, no body's life can be free from the law of impermanence which is the cause of all suffering, but we still can be grateful and thankful for all the good things that we had before and what we have now.

Everyone has to go through impermanence, fear, worry, disappointment and dissatisfaction, as well as pain, weakening, decaying and death towards this physical body, no matter we are rich or poor, knowledgable or not knowledgable, healthy and fit or not, happy or not, having good behavior or not, speaking good language or not, smart or not, and having whatever we want in our life or not?

Some people will want to know how come I can still be smiling, cheerful and grateful when my mother had passed away, my father is sick and paralyzed, and my entire family has financial and health problems, my siblings have lots of resentment about life and responsibility, the world has so much problems, our living environment has problems, my close friends also had their own personal problems, many people that i know are suffering anxiety and depression, and people here and there also have many problems?

But the point is, whose family has no problems at all? Whose family and friends had never had lost somebody that they loved and closed to? Who has never been sick or unhappy in life? Who has never encounter any discomfortable situations or difficult moments in this life existence?

Some people think that I am selfish and don't care for anybody else, that I am feelingless and cold hearted. They think that I should not be smiling or feel happy at all, because my life is "bad" and full of "unwanted and unhappy happenings"... They think why should I be happy when so many people are depressed?

Why can't I?

My life also encounters many different kinds of problems and difficulties before. On and off, there will always still be some other difficult moments may arise here and there... But I never see all these happenings as "problems". I don't have "problems", why do I need to be unhappy?

About other people's problems and unhappiness, I am compassionate towards all of them but I don't need to be unhappy for someone else's "problems", how could I? I will try my best to help them to come out from suffering and unhappiness if possible. But if these people don't want to help themselves, or don't want to come out from miseries, and are enjoying being upset, unhappy and depressed, then there is nothing much that I can do about it. Everyone is a free person to live their live the way that they want it to be, the way that they are comfortable at and do whatever they want to do with their body and mind. I cannot stop someone from endangering his own life even if he is the dearest person to me in my life. Everyone has to take responsibility for their own self.

Who said that we cannot be cheerful and smiling when we encounter different kinds of problems in our life? And why do we want to make small little problems into huge problems? Why don't we make big problems into small problems, and make small problems into no problems? Unwishful things are always happening whether we like it or not, but why do we want to see everything as a problem?

Who said that when our body is sick or when our family and friends are sick, we should be moaning and is not appropriate to smile and be cheerful? Cheerfulness is the best natural medicine to cure any physical and mental sickness... Even if our body is so sick that it cannot be cured, we still can be cheerful and enjoy the very last moments of our life and live meaningfully...

Who said that everyone should become depressed since the world is so depressing?

Who said that we cannot enjoy life when there are unhappiness everywhere?

Being depressed about things that are depressing is not going to help to ease depression nor can it make the depression go away...

Being unhappy and worry for unwishful happenings cannot help things to improve or help the situation to get better, nor can it make unwishful happenings disappear or not happen at all.

Why do we want to waste energy and time in being upset, unhappy, moaning, fear and worry, while we can turn these energy into something constructive and productive that can help to make some positive changes if possible, and to accept the fact as it is if changes are not possible and let it go?

When true compassion exists, there is no unhappiness or depression, no craving or aversion, no attachment or expectation, no disappointment or dissatisfaction, and no fear and worry, but only love and wisdom is there to perform actions that need to be done for the well-being of all beings, for ourselves and for others.

If we don't have compassion, then we need to have forgiveness to accept ourselves and other people for being imperfect.

If there is no attachment, there is no need of letting go. We need to let go of "something" only if we had attached to something.

Non-attachment will lead us to become undisturbed or unaffected by all the conditions of names and forms in the world, but that doesn't mean that we are feelingless or cruel.

Having negative emotional expression towards the law of impermanence and the law of cause and effect will not help anyone to feel better or to be free from the effect of impermanence.

The existence of this physical body and the mind is an unchangeable truth about the effect of impermanence. We are creating suffering for ourselves if we cannot let go of things and human relationships when impermanence strikes.

It is perfectly okay to feel sad, to cry and to show respect to the dead and the sick, but there is no need to create extra suffering onto the existing suffering.

When suffering arise, we observe, aware, and let it go...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Patience, Perseverance & Cheerfulness - Basic Yoga Practice

Most of us will either be angry with ourselves or with "God" when we encounter difficult situations in life or encounter sickness and injury in the physical body... There is nothing wrong with being angry when things turn out not the way that we want it to be... It is very normal to feel frustrated.

We will blame ourselves or criticize ourselves for being weak and helpless or being unfortunate or being sinful, and give ourselves all these reasons how come our life is in bad condition, and why our body is sick and is in painful suffering...

Or we will be angry with someone else, trying to blame somebody for the cause of the difficult moments in our life...

The point is, being optimistic, patient, persevere and cheerful, undisturbed or unaffected by all conditions, are the basic practice of yoga. If we are full of negative thinking, being impatient and depressed most of the time, easily giving up and being disturbed and affected by all the conditions, then what is the point of all our "yoga practice" that contains asana, pranayama and meditation?

We don't have to judge or criticize ourselves or anybody for whatever is happening to us in our life. It's because by doing so, it won't change the fact of the reality that we have been through and are going through. But it will create more negative energy into our system and into the surrounding people and environment that are connected with us in our life existence. This won't help to solve any problems nor make our problems disappear.

If we want to realize yoga, we need to have great patience, perseverance and cheerfulness to go beyond or to transcend all kinds of physical and mental agony and other obstacles or difficulties in life.

Having a weak or sick physical body cannot stop a person who is endowed with patience, perseverance and cheerfulness from being happy nor can it stop a person from attaining yoga in them.

But if we have no patience, perseverance or cheerfulness, then it will be very difficult for us to go beyond all the attachments, clingings, egoism, craving and aversion that are constantly happening in our mind. And hence, it is difficult for us to be cheerful when things went wrong, or it's difficult to attain yoga even though our physical body is very strong and healthy and is performing all kinds of yoga practices for a long time, but without the real enforcement of the yoga philosophy about non-attachment, non-identification, non-reaction, non-dualism, namelessness and formlessness...

People like to ask about how long we have been practicing yoga. This is a common question that people like to ask, either the teacher will ask the students, or the students will ask the teacher.

The truth is, whether we will realize yoga or not, it has got nothing to do with how long we have been "practicing" yoga. Time and duration is really not the factor that will determine how much we understand about yoga or what level of consciouness that we have attained.

A person can be practicing "yoga" for many years but is still attached strongly to the body and the mind, and the mind might still be full of impurities, attachments, clingings, egoism, craving and aversion, and is unhappy and unpeaceful, being disturbed and affected by the condition of the world, the life, the body and the mind. This person may call himself a "yogi" but is not really a yogi at all.

A person can be never practice any "yoga", didn't know anything about yoga practice, but still can be free from impurities, attachments, clingings, egoism, craving and aversion, and is happy and peaceful, not being disturbed or affected by the condition of the world, the life, the body and the mind. This person is truly a yogi...

Yoga is here at this very moment if we can let go of any attachment without craving and aversion at this instant moment...

Be prepared to let go of the selfish ego and be very open minded to receive the knowledge that will lead us to our inner peace, love, compassion and wisdom...

"A person may know how to be happy and is full of love, but he cannot make others happy nor can he gives anyone love"... If this can be done, then in truth, this world should have no unhappiness and hatred at all, but why are there so many people are not happy and full of hatred?

If a person says to somebody, "I want to make you very happy and I will give you lots of love", but this doesn't mean that the other person will be happy and will have lots of love, and is free from unhappiness and hatred... That's why lots of love relationship didn't work out very well.

True love and true happiness is coming from within ourselves... Love and happiness that come from the outside condition springs from craving and clinging for things that the mind likes and wants, and is subject to changes and impermanence...

Everyone must realize this love and happiness that is within ourselves by our own self...

May all realize this and be free from all conditions.

Monday, October 4, 2010

An Advice To A Yoga Teacher On Teaching Classes

A yoga teacher was asked to replace another yoga teacher for taking over some of the yoga classes at a yoga centre...

On one condition, she has to teach the similar style and similar exercises as the other yoga teacher is teaching... And the centre will provide two assistants to "assist" her in the class to "make sure" that she won't teach something that is too different from the other yoga teacher...

The class size is about 20 - 30 people.

She feels confused about the condition because that means she couldn't teach what she usually teach but will have to teach something else that she doesn't practice and have to teach something that is not her own experience of what yoga is about. She is also worried that whether she can handle a group of 20 - 30 people by her ownself.

She doesn't know what should she do with the condition that come with the opportunity to share yoga with more people. She is wondering should she take it or leave it?

This is what I told her...


What is big? What is small? What is a lot? What is little?

I taught 200 people in a yoga session before. I also taught 1 person in a yoga session. There is no differences.

It is your confidence that is seeing the differences.

Yoga is not about the physical ability to do the exercises, but it is about not attach to the thoughts, feelings and sensations. Be the witness observing what the body and mind is experiencing. Not being disturbed by what we see, hear, smell, taste, touch and think. Remain equanimous, calm and at peace all the time, not being affected by whatever is happening in our life or in the world. Not being influenced by the past or project into the future.

Yoga is purification of the mind and changing the habits of the mind. It is life transforming if it is being practiced accordingly to the yoga philosophy as it is, about non-attachment, non-duality, namelessness and formlessness, compassion and wisdom, transcending happiness and unhappiness and be free, truly free. Free from the condition of the body and the mind, as well as the condition of the world and our life. Free from craving and aversion. Free from impurities like anger, hatred, jealousy, greed and lustful desire. Free from dissatisfaction and disappointment. Free from fear and worry. Free from ignorance. Free from the conflicts that come from duality, and so on...

The process of transformation can be very uncomfortable for the mind and the body. The mind and the body tend to resist this transformation especially at the beginning stage, there are lots of purification going on, lots of "rubbish" need to be throw out from the system physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually... Because the entire path is nothing but trying to eliminate the selfish ego and trying to tame the mind, and trying to go beyond the mind...

Yoga asana practice is about being at the present moment, being aware of the breath and sensations that arise while performing the poses, without generating craving towards the pleasant sensations and not generating aversion towards the unpleasant sensations. Letting go physical and mental tension. Letting go judgment, comparison and expectation. Accept the body as it is. Accept the reality as it is. Accept the present moment as it is. Relaxed into the poses, not forcing, not struggling, should be comfortable in all the exercises. The students should know their own body and their limitation. If there is any physical limitation that they cannot perform certain exercises, then they don't have to do it, just take rest...

Slowly they will develop confidence and physical strength and flexibility to perform most of the basic exercises... It takes time. Once they have mastered the basic exercises having the confidence, strength and flexibility, then they will move into more complicated exercises naturally without any extra guidance...

If they are not perfect in the exercises, never mind. Everyone has different body types, different mentality and different physical limitations. No need to adjust the student's posture so much on the first class. Just let them do whatever they can do, or not do anything that they cannot do.

Every yoga teacher is unique. A yoga teacher share what is in himself or herself with the students. A yoga teacher shares what he or she knows about yoga, his or her own experience and insight, his or her path, his or her compassion and wisdom. It doesn't matter if the students understand the teaching or not, accept it or not, benefited from it or not. Just like God has many "channels", each "channel" does different thing, but it all come from God.

Do you feel the love from God? If you do, then you know what I mean...

Don't see the class as big or small.

You are not the one who is doing the teaching.

You are just the channel/instrument for the universal consciousness to act.

The teaching comes from the universe, not from you.

Be yourself.

Don't mind if they don't want you to teach there anymore. Yoga is self-believe. If you cannot believe in yourself and be true, then what is the meaning of the yoga class?

If you are the one who is doing the teaching, then teach whatever is "you", not about somebody's class... Yoga is be yourself.

About assistant... Normally "assistants" will bring you obstacles if they try to "guide" the students... Unless they truly know what is yoga, that yoga is not about try to imitate other people (not even the teacher) to perform the exercises like everyone does. Everyone is doing the same exercises but not necessary that they will be looking the same. Everyone has different strength and flexibility, and physical limitation like knees injury, back injury, neck injury, hip injury, weak muscles, weak heart or anything... And so, everyone will be doing the exercise depending on their condition. And so, no one should push or pull them into doing any poses that they are not able to do or not comfortable to do.

People get injury in a physical exercise class because the teacher or the assistants simply push or pull the students into certain poses. They don't know what they are doing and they don't really know the condition of the students. Only the students themselves will know how their body feels and on what extent that they can exert or stretch to the maximum. And the responsibility is yours, because it is your class, whether you think that you are the one doing the teaching or you are just the "channel"...

Usually just teaching a yoga asana class we don't need any assistant even if there are 100 people in the class. Only when we do yoga retreats from early morning until late evening doing many classes, then we need different teachers to teach different classes. But even so, one teacher can teach the class by himself or herself, provided that this teacher knows what he or she is doing. It's because other teachers don't know what this teacher want to deliver to the students. A real yoga class has no specific pre-planned exercises to be taught in the class. It is all subject to the present moment now...

Real yoga class is delivering something very special from the teacher's heart directly into the student's heart sharing love, peace, wisdom and compassion. No one but yourself know what you are doing. There is no differences whether there is only one student or 100 students.

That's why assistant are not necessary. Unless that "yoga class" is a physical exercise fitness class about pushing or challenging the students to perform highly complicated exercises, then a few assistants is required to help to supervise the students performance...

Relax, be yourself. There is nobody. No students. No you... Just yoga.

Om shanti.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Confused Love Relationship Mixed With Hatred & Jealousy?

In most love relationships, we are struggling with mixed feelings in ourselves being in the relationship. Love and hatred seems like existing side by side or back to back of each other.

How many love relationships ended up in hatred and condemn about each other? And why?

There is nothing wrong with having disagreement or argument in a love relationship. That is something very normal and healthy. It is because we all are having different personality, character, likes and dislikes, and different goal and objective in our life. All these things are constantly changing as well because our mind keeps changing. If our love relationship is based on all these things which are subject to impermanence or changes, we will be so frustrated when the things that we like about our partner had changed into something that we don’t like about.

There is nothing wrong with feeling angry and upset, and want to express our feelings and talk about it when things went wrong in a relationship. It is very good to be able to express how we feel and talk about the things that are troubling us openly with our partner. This will help us to understand each other more and to develop tolerance, adaptation, adjustment and acceptance among ourselves. This will help our relationship to grow.

Usually when things happen that are against our wish, we tend to get upset and frustrated. Instead of trying to find faults in each other and blaming each other, or do things and say things that we will regret for the rest of our life, we need to know what was the cause for the anger and hatred in us when our love relationship turns sour and bitter.

Sometimes we feel so much love and passion in the relationship. We’ll tell our partner or lover about how much we love them or how grateful for having them in our life. But at some other time we will feel love-less and passion-less. We’ll tell them about we don’t love them anymore or complain about they don’t love us and don’t care for us anymore, or complain about they didn’t love us or care for us the way that we want it to be.

And usually, after sharing life intimately with each other for some time, knowing about each other’s little habits, on how we would spend our time, and about different ways of doing things, we might be so unhappy and dissatisfied with our partner, with our relationship. We will have so much resentment in us, having anger, hatred, jealousy, comparison, competition, hurtful argument and back-bitting, but at the same time we thought that we love our partner very much. And thus we develop conflict in our heart whether to continue the relationship or to let go of the relationship. We don’t know what we really want and don’t want. We are afraid of losing something “important” if we let go of a sour relationship. We don’t want to bear the guilt of being responsible for the unhappiness that arise in the relationship. We are having lots of expectation towards everything and having assumption in the relationship. Sometimes we might take things for granted, not knowing how to appreciate the little good things that exist in the relationship.

When we think and say that we love somebody, do we really have love for this person? Or is it we are merely looking for love, care, comfort, companionship, attention, support, reliance, some sort of social status, or family recognition from being in a good and stable “love relationship” with somebody? If these are the reasons why we are having a love relationship with somebody, then it’s because we have no love in ourselves, feel empty in life and in our heart, and are afraid of loneliness and being unloved. Usually this type of relationship is built on great possessiveness mixed with anger, hatred, dissatisfaction, frustration, irritation, jealousy, doubt, fear and worry. This is because we don’t really love that person but actually we are trying to please our own selves, to fill up the emptiness in our heart and try to satisfy our own craving for love, care, companionship, attention, support, respectful social status and recognition from our family especially from the one who we look up to, who is very important to us.

This type of relationship usually doesn’t last long. We will be changing partner unceasingly trying to look for fulfillment and satisfaction that come from getting what we want. We will never be satisfied no matter how nice our partner is or how much goodness that our relationship has brought to us.

Some people are in a love relationship because they are in love with the partner’s physical appearance or personality.

Some people are in a love relationship because they think they need a partner in life for companionship and to build a family.

Some people are in a love relationship because they want to be loved and want care and attention from somebody.

Some people are in a love relationship because they merely want to please their family especially the parents.

Some people are in a love relationship because they want to have somebody to share some of their life responsibilities off their shoulders.

Some people are in a love relationship so that they can stay in a country legally to live or to make money.

Some people are in a love relationship because most of their similar age friends are not single anymore. Everyone has a life partner or a family as priority and couldn’t spend their time with us to do things together as often as it used to be anymore.

Some people are in a love relationship because part of the society will respect and appreciate people who are in a stable and good relationship with the partner or with the family. This is one of the criteria when people are being interview for an important position in the company that requires good communication skill and effective public relation.

Some people are in a love relationship because they feel lonely and empty in life and in their heart. They are looking for companionship.

Some people are in a love relationship because they need the love relationship to give them sense of self-worth and confidence, to give them sense of security and protection.

Some people are in a love relationship because they need the partner to give them love and attention, to give them supports and encouragement, to do the housework, to make babies, to build their dreams, and etc…

Some people are in a love relationship because they want to build a “healthy” and “normal” image.

Some people are in a love relationship with somebody because that’s the way it is.

Some people are mainly interested in sexual relationship that doesn’t talk about love or commitment at all.

Some people are in a love relationship because they are truly loving each other selflessly, want to learn and grow together, want to share life and commit to each other, want to respect and support each other without selfish intention.

How many love relationships out there are based on true love without possessiveness, anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, worry, doubt, selfish intention, hurtful argument and back-bitting? I guess there are quite a number of people as well. For better or worst, in good health or in sickness, sharing life and taking care of each other without selfish intention. These people are patient, tolerant, forgiving and love unconditionally.

If we have love, peace, compassion and wisdom in ourselves, then there is no differences whether we are in a relationship with somebody or not. And it doesn’t matter if the relationship is having ups and downs or not. We will still be happy and contented. This is because we are not attached to anything and are self-independent and are truly self-confident. This happiness and contentment are not coming from a good relationship nor come from any success in our life.

If we don’t have love, peace, compassion and wisdom in ourselves, then there will be lots of discontentment, disappointment, frustration, irritation, anger, hatred, jealousy, possessiveness, doubt, fear and worry in us whether we are in a relationship with somebody or not. And it doesn’t matter if the relationship is very good and calm, it doesn’t matter if our partner love us and care for us very much, we will still be unhappy and discontented deep in our heart. It’s because our craving and aversion are still there never satisfied.

If we are happy and contented in our heart, then everything in our life and in the world cannot determine, nor affect, nor influence our happiness and contentment.

If we are not happy and discontented in our heart, then our happiness and confidence is determined, or affected, or influenced by everything in our life and in the world.

The happiness and satisfaction that come from a relationship that we think is “good” and it is just the way that we want it to be, then this happiness and satisfaction will be shattered very soon due to the law of impermanence.

That’s why sometimes our partner will tell us, “oh my darling, I love you very much and am so glad to be with you, am so grateful to have you in my life…”

And some other times, our partner will tell us, “I don’t love you anymore. I am not happy with you. I want to be with somebody who is better than you, who can give me love, who can give me what I want, and who knows how to love and care for me the way that I want it to be…”

Most of the time we think we love somebody but actually we are not. We are loving our own selfish ego and wanting to fulfill or satisfy all our cravings through a love relationship.

We want to have a good relationship to prove to ourselves and to the world that we are doing okay in our life. We want to have a stable income or a good career to prove that we are successful in life. We want to have a partner that is obedient to all our requests and will respect us and do whatever we want them to do as the way that we want it to be done.

We also want our partner or lover to fulfill or to satisfy all our cravings or else we will be so furious, angry, hating, frustrated, disappointed, and upset with our partner.

We will be so unhappy when our partner didn’t meet our expectation of how our partner should behave, or how they should treat us, or how they should present themselves while being with our family and friends.

We will be so jealous and irritated when our partner is more successful than us or they are getting more attention and applause than us from the society, from our family and friends.

If we truly love somebody, there won’t be any selfish cravings that come into this relationship.

If we truly know what is love and being loved is nothing but realizing the love within ourselves, then no matter we are in a love relationship or not, it makes no differences because true happiness is not based on geting love from the outside but it is coming from within our own self. And we can give and share so much love with others unlimitedly, unconditionally and inexhaustably without any expectation, without any intention, without attaching to the fruit of our action of giving and sharing.

We need to know how to love ourselves unselfishly before we can love somebody else and share love with others. If we don’t know how to take care of ourselves, don’t know how to love ourselves, don’t have love and peace in ourselves, don’t have peacefulness, then how can we share love and happiness with others?

If we don’t know how to be happy and have no love in ourselves, then how do we guide others to be happy and have love?

By truly loving our own self unselfishly, naturally we are loving all, and we don’t crave for love from the outside. People who complain about they don’t get love from anybody or don’t get enough love and care from somebody, it is because they don’t love themselves.

If we know how to love ourselves, we will be fine and contented. Our peacefulness and confidence about our own self won’t be disturbed nor affected by whatever is happening in our life, and whatever we encounter and experience from moment to moment.

People who are not happy with themselves or with their lives or not happy with some other people is because they don’t love themselves. If they do love themselves, they won’t be unhappy.

We are weak is not because of the physical limitation and physical weakness, but it is when we are having lots of craving and aversion, and we are being over-powered by our own craving and aversion, easily being disturbed or affected by whatever our mind perceives through the senses (sights, sounds, smells, taste, touch and thoughts). We are attached strongly to the body, the mind and the ego. We are attached strongly to our likes and dislikes, and constantly being influenced by what we like and don’t like, pleasant and unpleasant sensation. We are being disturbed by the law of impermanence. We cannot accept, adjust, adapt and accommodate to changes and uneasy situation and condition. These are what making us weak.

We are not happy because of our own attachment towards craving, clinging and aversion. It is not because of the things out there. It is because our craving, clinging and aversion are not being attented and not being satisfied.

If we really want to be unhappy, there is nothing wrong about it too. Be happy being unhappy. Enjoy being unhappy. After all what is happiness and unhappiness when we are beyond duality?

May all found this unconditional love within ourselves and be happy no matter what.

Om shanti.

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