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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The stronger the ego is, the greater the rejection towards the teachings of yoga about I-lessness...

It is normal that some people who want to learn yoga or want to do yoga, will show intense rejection towards the teachings of yoga about I-lessness, due to strong egoism and identification derived from ignorance. It doesn't matter who we think we are and what we do in life, or how intelligent we are and how much knowledge we know about this and that, we still can be influenced by ignorance and egoism. The mind is deeply attached to the conditioned thinking and beliefs about what things are, and generates agreement and disagreement based on what the mind believes how things should be like.

Even when we think we love yoga very much and love to do the yoga asana exercises in a particular style, and have been doing yoga for some time, we thought we know much about yoga and its practice, and we think and believe that 'what we are doing' is yoga, and identify ourselves as 'yogi' or 'yoga practitioner' who practice yoga, who love yoga, and have been practicing yoga for how long, for how many hours a day and how many days a week, or identify ourselves as 'yoga teacher' who has such and such 'qualifications' or 'experiences', taking pride in all these names and forms to be 'I', then we are still ignorant about the truth, and haven't realize what yoga is about. We are not free form ignorance and egoism.

Such like the ego thinks and believes that 'I' am doing yoga or teaching yoga, or 'I' am a good yogi, or 'I' am an experience yoga practitioner or yoga teacher, 'I' think 'I' know what yoga is, and takes pride in all these identifications, and thus the ego will feel humiliated or insulted when somebody points out that there is no 'I' at all, which is completely contradicted with what 'I' think 'I' am. The ego will reject this teachings. 'I' don't want to hear this. This is not the yoga that 'I' know, which 'I' like. 'This teaching' is incorrect.

The ego attached to the body and the mind with certain qualities of names and forms to be 'I'. The ego takes pride in all these qualities of names and forms to be who 'I' am. And when it hears or reads about the teachings of yoga about I-lessness, it cannot go beyond the mind perception of self-existence or self-identification with some qualities of names and forms, it feels insulted and generates disagreement and rejection towards the teachings about there is no 'I' existing as somebody with such and such qualities.

The ego thinks and believes 'I' do all these yoga and meditation practice, and 'I' will be receiving the fruit of the yoga and meditation practice. The ego thinks and believes that because of the yoga and meditation practice that 'I' have been doing, and so, 'I' am 'good', 'kind', 'strong', 'flexible', 'healthy', 'positive', 'happy', 'satisfied', 'peaceful', 'compassionate', 'wise', and so on.

There's nothing other people can do about it, but it has to come from the mind being aware of what is happening in the mind, and willingly to let go of attachment towards the thinking and beliefs in the mind, let go of the egoism and all the worldly identifications with different qualities of names and forms, let go of attachments towards what the mind thinks and believes, and what the mind perceives through the senses.

It is pointless or meaningless to ask those who truly practice yoga about how long they have been practicing yoga, and how many hours a day or how often do they perform yoga and meditation practice, or what results they have achieved from the yoga and meditation practice. As yoga and meditation is not separated from one another, and it is not separated from the present moment. It is not something that we do separately in a particular name and form, time and space, or in different way and order. They might give us 'an answer' that we want to hear to satisfied our curiosity, but there is no 'I' exist to be practicing yoga and meditation for how long and how often, nor there is 'I' exist to be receiving the fruit of yoga and meditation practice.

Om shanti.

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