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Monday, May 18, 2009

Be happy, now...

If there is no happiness, everything else will be meaningless.

Be happy with who we are, how we are, where we are, and what we are doing now at this moment, is the most important thing in life.

Not longing to be somewhere else when we are here, and not longing to be here when we are somewhere else.

Eat when we feel hungry, sleep when we feel tired, play when we feel energetic, rest when we feel low energy, cry when we feel need to, laugh when we feel happy, and sing when we feel like to.

Don't mind about the criticism from other people.

This is our life, not his, not hers, not theirs.

When we come to this world, when we leave this world, does it concern anyone out there?

What can they do when our life comes to the end?

What can they do when we have so much consequences of actions to deal with?

They don't feel pain when we are burnt by fire. We are responsible for every actions and the consequences of actions we are going through. No one can take the pain for us. Not our parents, not our children, not our friends, not anyone that love us very much.

No one can take away our happiness or stop us from being happy.

No one can take away our sadness or stop us from being sad.

It is our freedom and choice to feel happy or feel sad. We can be happy always it doesn't matter if we feel happy or we feel sad from time to time, impermanently.

Appreciate good health when we are having it. No need to be sad when we don't have it. A sick body cannot stop us from being happy.

It is our own self.

Not complain when we are busy, not complain when we are not busy.

Enjoy being busy and doing things when we are busy, and enjoy being free and doing nothing when we are not busy.

Life is not that hard when we know how to live it.

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  1. Being a perfectionist, i started to accept that a perfect world means the combination of perfection and imperfection. I used the word accept instead of realize because by realizing, you are only noticing it, but by accepting it, you stop struggling between right and wrong, good and bad, should and shouldn't, you stop wondering accepting, you learn to move on ur life with courage and without doubt...

    As what meng foong said, ur own happiness doesn't not depand on the praise and criticism from others, BUT is from our own self.

    By learning to accept the nature, accept the perfection and imperfection, accept WHO U will find the peace within you....i am still learning and will keep on learning as well......

    Ohm..shanti shanti shanti


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