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Thursday, August 17, 2023

The existing problem in the developed countries is a great reflection for the other countries that aspire to become like them

Just as most people would look 'up' to some other 'more successful' people, and aspire to become like them, similarly most 'undeveloped' or 'under developed' countries will look 'up' to some other 'more advanced or developed' countries, and aspire to become like them.

No doubt that in the beginning stage of such 'advanced and higher' development in the most developed countries in the world, there is certain extend of 'prosperity' where certain people who study hard and work hard can achieve certain living income that can support an easier and more comfortable life condition with some additional pleasurable enjoyment, however, after certain years of 'prosperity', 'convenience', 'comfort' and 'enjoyment' that derived from and give rise to different kinds of 'exploitation' and 'corruption', all kinds of 'problems' starting to show up in the 'most advanced and developed' countries in the world, especially now in this time being, and it will continuously becoming more problematic to all and everyone living on earth that doesn't belong to anyone, it's very obvious that all these 'most advanced and developed' countries are all having certain similar 'problems' due to the imperfect system created by those who are under the influence of ignorance and egoism empowered by limitless egoistic desire, vision, aspiration and ambition.

Many young people in the less developed countries are being empowered and highly motivated to look up at the most advanced and developed countries in the world, to transform their countries to also become like one of these 'highly advanced and developed' countries, under the similar system and approach.

They should take a deep reflection towards all the existing 'problems' in all these 'highly advanced and developed' countries in the world, where all kinds of discrimination, exploitation, corruption, oppression, desperation, greed, hatred, unrest and disharmony are rising and increasing, and see if they still want to 'develop' their country under the similar 'system' that will eventually hurt all and everyone after enjoying certain years of 'prosperity' of easier life condition, comfort, convenience and pleasurable enjoyment for certain people, while be considerate to be making certain adjustment or taking some other different approach in order to 'develop' their country 'effectively'.

Similarly, people can reflect upon the existing 'problems' in those countries that are run by particular 'system' that is under the influence of particular 'cultural', 'spiritual', 'religious', 'political', 'national', 'commercial' or 'social class' ideas, thinking, belief, values and practice, that give rise to all kinds of separateness, discrimination, oppression, hatred, violence, unrest, disharmony, greedy vision and ambition, fear, exploitation and corruption in themselves and into the world.

The history, and what is happening now in the world, is a great reflection for those who have great aspiration and ambition to be developing their country or community to become more 'advanced and developed' with higher prosperity and better living condition for many people in their country.

There is nothing wrong and it's very good for any country to be developed and improved for achieving greater peace and higher quality of existence for all and everyone, unselfishly and indiscriminately.

Certain 'development' will bring more peace and harmony into the world, while certain 'development' will contribute to more unrest and disharmony in the world. Be wise on choosing what type of 'development' and 'approach' towards real prosperity and better living condition that will benefit all and everyone, unselfishly.

Certain good people are trying to 'clean up' the mess or 'reducing' the destructive impact of such 'advanced development' with certain great ideas and practices of so called 'sustainable living', however, it won't change much as all and everyone are still unwittingly 'supporting' such 'advanced development for easier living condition, convenience, comfort and enjoyment' under a faulty 'system' that continuously contribute to further and further destructive impact in the diverse society physically and mentally, and in the surrounding environment under such 'advanced development system'.

It's like exerting energy and effort into cleaning and fixing a cracked dirty pot to enjoy the purest and cleanest food, however, the pot can never be cleaned and fixed as continuous dirt are still pouring in and cracks are still happening to the pot. Eventually the pot will be completely broken, and there's no pot for anyone to hold any purest and cleanest food. The pot is the world or the living environment. The purest and cleanest food is the great ideas and kindness to create all kinds of goodness in the world, and the dirt and cracks in the pot is the destructive impact of a faulty 'system' to be achieving a so called 'advanced development' or 'particular cultural, spiritual, religious, political, national, commercial and social class influenced development' in the world.

A constructive 'system' that is not under the influence of any particular cultural, spiritual, religious, political, national, commercial, or social class ideas, thinking, belief, values and practice, that is void of selfishness, greed, possessiveness, discrimination, oppression, separateness, hatred and violence, that respect all kinds of diversities as they are, that promotes peace and harmony in the world of diversity, through the annihilation of ignorance and egoism.

Inquire towards the truth of everything.

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