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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Yoga is unconditioned and unlimited by names and forms and qualities...

Yoga is nameless and formless. Yoga is unconditioned and unlimited by any names and forms or qualities or boundaries.

It doesn't need anybody or association or affiliation to give permission to anybody to share the experience in the path of yoga with any beings who need yoga or who are sincerely interested in learning and practicing yoga according to the teachings of yoga in search for the Truth to transcend suffering that arise due to ignorance or impurities. Nor does it bound by any so called "legal" business license law that is created by human beings or does it required any religion or local council or government's approval to be exist in the universe.

Having love and peace, as well as sharing love and peace are nothing to do with having a recognized certificate and qualification or not, or having a "legal license" or not...

Nobody needs nor requires a business license or internationally recognized certificate or qualification to be sharing the path of yoga with any beings who need yoga and who are sincere in treading the path towards Self-realization or the path of transcending the mind or the ego or ignorance or suffering... We can share yoga with anyone at anytime, at anywhere. Just that due to having a building or a place to conduct yoga classes at a particular place in the world is being bound by the local administrative law of rules and regulations, it makes teaching yoga becomes something that required permission and license to be able to conduct yoga classes at certain place. But yoga is not bound by anything even though the physical act of sharing yoga is being bound by some "law", "rules" and "regulations" in the local community...

If there is some "rules and regulations" in certain places that do not allow certain types of race or religion people to learn and practice yoga or the "rules and regulations" do not allow certain yoga centre or yoga school to accept any certain race or religion people to learn and practice yoga in that place, but that won't stop anybody to share yoga with everyone and it won't stop anyone from learning and practicing yoga. It's because yoga is not limited in a yoga class or yoga centre. Yoga practice is everywhere and it's in the heart every moment, it's not just limited in performing some external form of physical movements or postures or chantings and prayers...

Yoga is there in every beings disregard the differences of appearance, race, sex, sects, caste, behavior, personality, social status, financial and educational background, religion, culture, nationality, or any names and forms and qualities, whether we know and practice yoga or not, or heard about yoga or not.

Yoga exists in every beings from the moment the body and mind exist. Love and peace is universal. Every beings have love and peace in their true nature. Whenever there is misery and suffering that arise due to ignorance in the mind, yoga practice exists to help the beings to transcend suffering and be free, be liberated from suffering.

Love and peace as well as suffering exist in every single being, except for those who had transcended their own mind or their ego, they are free from suffering.

If those people who only interested in learning and practicing the physical exercise taken from the yoga asana practice but they refuse or do not really interested in learning and practicing the philosophy of yoga (partly due to the philosophical part of yoga might be contradicted with their existing religion teachings, or mainly because they are not ready yet to practice non-attachment or non-identification with the body and mind, or because their mind and ego cannot accept that our true Self is identical with God, or simply because of the ignorance hinders them from getting rid of the ego and attaining Self-realization, or any other reasons), then they can just do the exercises. Be happy. There's no harm. There's nothing wrong. It is a very good and beneficial physical and mental activity to engage in life. But when they approach a yoga teacher with their strong attachment towards their ego and what they want and don't want, and "telling" the teacher that they only want to learn and practice the yoga asana, but they are not interested at the teachings of spirituality approach in yoga, and they do not want to hear anything about the philosophy or the chantings and prayers (because it might be contradicted with their religion or what they believe in)... They want to learn and practice "yoga" but they are conditioning and limiting themselves and the teacher about what the teacher should teach them... Hmmm...

Well, there are many yoga teachers would be just teaching the physical exercises of yoga asana practice and do not want to get involve with the teachings of yoga (about non-attachment and annihilation of the ego) or the chantings and prayers. It's fine. Then those who just want to do some physical exercises through the asana practice can approach these yoga teachers and yoga centres to learn and practice the "pure asana practice" that doesn't "involve" spirituality that will contradict with their religion or believes. Anyway, a yoga teacher who teaches all the aspects and elements in traditional yoga practice will not force anybody to take up any practice that they are not comfortable with and do not expect everyone to accept and believe in the teachings of yoga... The "yoga students" have the freedom to refuse or reject the essential teachings and spiritual practice of yoga, but how can they limit and condition what the yoga teacher should teach?

In the asana practice itself, it's already containing the philosophy in it whether the teacher mentions about it or not. It is the physical and practical part of the philosophy. It is part of the entire path of yoga. They are not separated. You hold the handle of a knife to cut something, you are taking the entire knife on your hand, you do not separate the handle from the blade. A knife handle without the blade cannot cut anything. A blade without a handle is inconvenient to cut things. Merely hearing the philosophy without practical practice is of no use.

Even when there is no hearing of the philosophy or chantings and prayers involved in the yoga asana practice, but the asana practice is still a very powerful practice that can purify and stimulate the energy centres and energy channels in the body for higher spiritual realization. And spiritual realization can happen in anyone disregards all the differences of religion, race, sects, caste, culture, sex, social status, financial and educational background, behavior, personality, nationality and any other names and forms and qualities... The only difference is the one who can let go of the attachment towards the body and mind or let go of the identification with the ego, will attain spiritual realization easier than the one who identify with the ego and attached strongly towards the body and mind...

Yoga exists for transcending the ignorant lower self and become identical with the universal consciousness or God consciousness. It is about realizing our true nature or true Self is not separated from the universal consciousness or God consciousness. When the mind is not pure, being over-powered by ignorance or impurities or selfishness, we are disconnected with our true nature or true Self, the pure and higher consciousness. Once ignorance or impurities disappeared, Self-realization takes place and our true Self is not separated nor different from the universal consciousness or God consciousness. This is the essence of Self-realization, the path of yoga and meditation. How can we deny God consciousness in everyone and everything when everyone and everything depend on external energy and elements to be exist?

The people who don't want to hear or learn or practice the philosophy of yoga, have this strong resistance in getting to know or identify with their true nature or true Self, which is the mean of all yoga and meditation practice...

Yoga is about Self-realization. It's about unite and identify with the universal consciousness or God consciousness. It's about letting go of who and what we think we are. It's about letting go of all the wrong identifications with names and forms and qualities... Such as "I" am good, "I" am bad, "I" am happy, "I" am suffering, "I" am success, "I" am failure, "I" gain, "I" loss, "I" am 'certain religion', "I" am 'certain race', "I" am 'certain sect', "I" am 'certain personality', or "I" am this or that, and etc...

It's about attaining real peace, unconditional and unlimited peace that already exist within our true Self. It's about knowing what is real and unreal. It's about getting to know the Truth and able to observe and accept the reality as it is...

For people who cannot perceive or does not want to know anything about the teaching about Brahman is real, the world is unreal, the individual soul/consciousness is identical with Brahman, but still want to practice yoga asana practice and telling themselves and other people that they are practicing "yoga", is only deceiving themselves. There is nothing wrong with people just want to enjoy doing the yoga asana practice but refuse to connect with the teachings of yoga or do not want to hear anything about the yoga philosophy. Be happy and enjoy doing the yoga asana practice. It is good for anyone to do the exercises that are beneficial for health and mental peace.

The Truth will always be the Truth. The Truth is always within everyone... There is God consciousness in everyone and everything. There is unconditional love and peace in every beings. We just need to remove ignorance or impurities to realize the Truth of ourselves and this worldly existence. These are the teachings of Yoga.

Even if some people do not want to relate themselves with yoga teachings or yoga philosophy or yoga practice, but if they know selflessness and compassion, if they have unconditional love and peace, then it is not any different nor separated from yoga... It is just a name and form. We don't have to call it "yoga" or any names... It doesn't matter we have a religion or not, whether we belongs to any race and culture or not... We all have a mind and an ego. And whoever has transcended the mind and the ego, no matter through what type of practice, it's all not separated from yoga.

Om shanti.

In certain countries, some meditation centres are not allowed to accept certain race and religion people in that place to come to these centres to learn and practice meditation. But there are many other meditation centres in other places in the world that are not limited by these local "authorities" restriction. People who are sincere in learning and practicing meditation can go to these meditation centres to learn and practice meditation... At the end, yoga and meditation practice is in our heart, unlimited and unconditioned by time and space, names and forms...

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