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Saturday, December 22, 2018

The great aspirations vs the reality

The minds that are free from ignorance and egoism don't need to be inspired to have great aspirations to achieve something to feel good and meaningful towards life existence, but there's nothing wrong with the minds that are still under the influence of ignorance and egoism, that need to be inspired to have great aspirations to motivate them to achieve something in life for them to feel good and meaningful about themselves and their life existence.

Anyone also can have great aspirations, to set as a direction in life with certain goals and visions to achieve what they want to achieve, or to be what they want to become. Though the reality of whether those aspirations would be materialized or turn out to be what they are, or not, might not necessarily being the way that the minds imagine or anticipate, of what the minds expect it to be, or want it to be.

There are important elements or factors that allow people achieving all their aspirations and goals, which are hard-working, discipline, focus, attentiveness, patience, determination, perseverance, forbearance, tolerance, acceptance, adjustment, adaptation and accommodation, along side with the available intelligence, knowledge, technologies, enthusiasm, talents, skills, creativity, opportunity, support, assistance and cooperation from many other different fields and levels.

It's very good for people to have great aspirations of "I want to do/achieve this and that" or "I want to be this and that", but if the minds are being over-powered by laziness, impatience, lack of discipline, distractions, inattentiveness, lack of determination, lack of perseverance, lack of forbearance, intolerance, incapability of accepting things as they are, reluctance of making adjustment, inability to adapt and accommodate, then those aspirations or goals might not turn out to be the best as they could be, even when intelligence, knowledge, technologies, enthusiasm, talents, skills, creativity, opportunity, support, assistance and cooperation from many other different fields and levels are available to the minds with great aspirations to achieve something that they want to achieve, or to be somebody that they want to be. 
These minds are being affected or disturbed very much by the hardship, challenges, distractions or obstacles that might exist along the way towards achieving those aspirations, and be over-powered by dissatisfaction, disappointment, irritation, frustration, anger, self-criticism, meaninglessness, laziness, impatience, inattentiveness or demotivation that arise in the minds due to lack of those important elements that allow the minds to be focused and persevered to achieve what they want to achieve. These minds would easily give up whatever they have started in the beginning with great aspiration and full of motivation, but then, everything that they have started will be abandoned halfway when those excited passionate feelings of aspiration and motivation slowly fade away.

For example, many people might have the aspiration of "I love the Earth/nature/world", "I want to help to look after the Earth/nature/world" and "I support environmental and ecosystem friendly way of living." That's great.

Everyone can help to look after the environment and ecosystem by adopting a simple way of life or living.

But the reality is not always the way that the minds aspire it to be. Simple way of life or living is extremely 'tough' for many people who have been pampered by all kinds of commercial products and conveniences in the modern world of civilization.

People like to talk and share about the issue of looking after the environment and ecosystem, and talk about living a simple life, but at the same time, living in the modern society, many people want to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle and many conveniences, be busy doing many things or creating new things, and need to be presentable all the time in their active social life, by looking after their physical appearance, beautiful skin and hair that needed to be washed, cleaned and treated frequently especially with particular brand of body care, skin care and hair care products, while frequently applying the body with perfumes, lotion, moisturizer, beauty products, branded fashions and accessories, and couldn't live without using iPhone or Gadgets that needed to be replaced with the latest/up to date model every now and then, or enjoying very much indulging in different forms of indulgences for the body and mind, such like, enjoyments of the senses and different types of leisure activities, while at home, people who have the spending power want to decorate their house with the latest design of beautiful things, enjoying the convenience and comfort of different kinds of electrical devices that would be replaced with new ones once in a while, where all these commercial products and leisure activities are mostly related to some kinds of 'exploitation' and 'pollution' in the world.

Some people are also being passionate about bringing people to come together for some activities, frequently organizing birthday/anniversary/new year celebrations or cultural/spiritual/religious/sports festivals that require certain expenses, such as getting appropriate attires/costumes/decorations/huge amount of food for the specific functions, or getting presents on daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis to please, motivate and reward oneself or other people for a cause that worth 'celebrating' and 'rewarding', expending extra money, energy and effort, and generating extra waste products and rubbish into the world.

But then, we still want to think and believe that we are very friendly towards the environment and ecosystem because we have the great aspiration in the mind to be good and responsible human beings who care for the environment and ecosystem of the Earth, and be passionate towards supporting the activism for protecting the environment and ecosystem, as we think we love the Earth/nature/world very much.

It's everyone's freedom for what they think, feel, act and react, and what they want and don't want, what they aspire and don't aspire, or what they achieve and don't achieve.

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