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Sunday, May 17, 2009

chapter 20 - Forgiveness

In fact, there are no so called pure good people or so called pure bad people. Everyone has got some goodness and some selfishness or imperfections at the same time.

The only differences are how many percentage of positive and negative elements in a person and how much we can have self control over our actions, speech and thoughts.

Either we will hurt somebody through our selfish actions and speech or we can help others through our selfless actions and speech.

And all these are not fixed or permanent, because every moment there is changes going on in everyone.

A good man can change over night and become bad. So does a bad man can change over night and become good.

A so called good man might do something bad in his lifetime, and a so called bad man might do something good too.

Until one day we had purified our mind, have total control of the mind and we are identified with the pure consciousness which has no quality, no intention, no name and no form.

We need to learn to accept ourselves as imperfect that we all have weaknesses and different cultures, and then it is possible for us to accept other people being imperfect and not the same as everyone too.

We need to be able to forgive ourselves and then only we can forgive other people. If not we will never be in peace no matter how much we strive to look for peacefulness.

How can we be happy about other people when we are not happy with our own selves?

Stop feeling guilty about the past mistakes, we can’t change anything from the past, but we can decide our future.

Guilt is a big hindrance for us to advance in the path of self realization.

It is wasting lots of energy and does not help us at all. Just drop it and move forward with the awareness of not to commit the same mistake again.

Constantly forgive, let go and move on.

But not let this be an excuse for us to be loose on morality and to commit any evil action. Because we still have to confront all the karma that we have committed. The bad actions that we do now will soon come back to us.

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