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Saturday, June 11, 2022

Want to learn and practice yoga? (11)

Letting go what is impossible, what cannot be undone or changed for better, what is/was pleasant/unpleasant or agreeable/disagreeable, the past memories of desirable/undesirable experiences and relationships, the future anticipation, success and failure, right and wrong, good and bad, positive and negative, strength and weakness, improvement and deterioration, meaningfulness and meaninglessness, superiority and inferiority, ability and disability, achievement and non-achievement, contribution and non-contribution, dissatisfaction and disappointment, anger and jealousy, hatred and discrimination, all kinds of worldly egoistic thinking, belief, values and practice, and all kinds of attachment, identification, desires of craving and aversion, judgment, comparison and expectation, as well as unattached towards what is possible and what can be done/improved in the present moment, is the yoga practice, before/during/after the physical yoga practice, and within every moment in everyday life.

Letting go the desire of craving and aversion and expectation towards everything to be and not to be in certain way, and letting go the aspiration or intention towards 'interfering', 'controlling', 'influencing' or 'changing' everything to be and not to be in certain way according to the desire and don't desire of the thinking mind. It's letting go craving, longing and clinging towards agreeable, pleasant and desirable condition, situation, experience, relationship, interaction, activities, abilities and achievements, while letting go aversion, anger and hatred towards disagreeable, unpleasant and undesirable condition, situation, experience, relationship, interaction, activities, disabilities and non-achievements.

Void of craving and aversion doesn't mean that one has to like and agree with everything. It's non-attachment towards the likes and dislikes, enjoyable and non-enjoyable or agreements and disagreements. The mind is being undetermined and undisturbed upon coming in contact with names and forms that the mind doesn't like, doesn't enjoy and disagrees with, and upon not coming in contact with names and forms that the mind likes, enjoys and agrees with.

Respecting the perceived reality in the present moment now as it is. Being aware of the physical condition and the state of the mind in the present moment now, without forcing the body and mind beyond its limitation, without injuring/hurting/damaging the body and/or the thinking faculty out of dissatisfaction, greed, ambition, or the desire of craving and aversion. The condition of the body and the state of the mind is changing selflessly, where there's no 'I' in the impermanent changes of names and forms, of the body and mind.

Without 'I' being there generating possessiveness towards the physical body and the modification of the mind as 'my body' and 'my mind'. Without 'I' being there generating the desire of craving and aversion 'aspiring' to be 'intentionally' controlling or changing the physical condition and the state of the mind, as well as the condition of the world to be something else that it is not, of "I want my body and my mind to be like this and not like that, to be able to do this and achieve that, and I want the world to be the way that I desire," void of attachment, identification and association towards the impermanent existence and function of the body and mind, and the perceived limited world of selfless names and forms.

Without 'I' being there being disturbed or determined by the condition of the body and the state of the mind as well as the condition of the world that is selfless and impermanent, regardless of in good health or sickness, in pleasantness or painful sorrow, in good or bad condition, in calmness or restlessness, it's not 'I' and 'not mine', and it's impermanent. Eventually, the body and the mind as well as the perceived world of selfless names and forms will also be disintegrating into the nature of selfless elements.

Out of the power of nature, which is selfless non-sympathetic non-discriminating intentionless compassion, just like all the elements that selflessly/intentionlessly existing and performing ceaseless actions supporting each other as well as supporting the existence and function of all and everything in this space, influenced by cause and effect, void of the discrimination of likes and dislikes, agreement and disagreement, pleasure or displeasure, or the desire of craving and aversion, of "I want this and I don't want that, aspirationally and passionately interfering, controlling and changing everything to be in certain way that I desire," performing actions that support and nourish the existence and function of this body and mind, which in then, the 'nourished' body and mind will also be 'unintentionally' benefiting the surrounding environment and all and everything, while allowing and respecting the nature of impermanent changes to be what they are, as they are.

Letting go, is neither something easy nor difficult, but depending on the degrees of ignorance and egoism, it can be rather easy for some, while extremely difficult for some.

Letting go, is not just about letting go what the mind perceived as 'badness', 'meaninglessness', 'disturbing', 'hurtful' or 'sorrowful', but also about letting go the attachment/clinging towards what the mind perceived as 'goodness', 'meaningfulness', 'comforting', 'soothing' or 'joyful'.

Letting go egoism, unveiling the nature of selflessness/'I'lessness/egolessness in all and everything, is compassion.

Compassion is widely being misinterpreted as 'sympathetic and empathetic loving kindness', with the aspiration/intention/desire to give happiness/joy and take away unhappiness/sorrow to and from others, which is not liberation at all, but it's merely the power of nature in ceaseless actions that selflessly and intentionlessly influencing all kinds of names and forms to be arising (births/existing) and passing away (deaths/ceased existing) and ceaselessly changing in between existing and ceased existing, influenced by the nature law of cause and effect. There's neither 'good' nor 'bad', neither 'joyfulness' nor 'painful sorrow', neither 'deserving' nor 'non-deserving', in the births and deaths of all and everything, regardless of the different impermanent qualities projected to and from the names and forms.

The mind that realized this, is void of painful sorrow, disturbs, hurts, or suffering. This is nothing to do with 'emotionlessness', 'ungrateful', 'unappreciative', 'uncaring', 'unloving' or 'negativity' out of emotional dysfunction, mental sickness, selfishness, meanness, cruelty, anger, hatred or discrimination. It's merely the presence and absence of attachment/grasping/clinging/craving/aversion.

No others/teachers/gurus/liberated minds and no huge amount of information/knowledge/borrowed wisdom accumulated from reading, hearing, studying and memorizing can free the mind from ignorance and suffering. It has to come from the mind itself to realize selflessness and compassion. The teachings is there. The teacher is there to disseminate the teachings through various ways. Everything is there to allow the mind to reflect upon the truth of selflessness and impermanence. But it's still up to the mind itself to practice and realize the teachings.

In the beginning of the practice, the ignorant egoistic passionate restless mind needs some sorts of methods/practices to 'influence', 'control', 'conquer', 'quieting' and 'calming' the state of the mind, to 'purify' and 'discipline' the egoistic behavior pattern of the mind, by itself through its free-will and effort, in order to allow the mind to develop the initial understanding and foundation to perform self-inquiry. While during the process of self-inquiry, it's void of 'influence', 'control', 'conquer', 'purification' or 'discipline', to see things as they are, and respect everything as it is. It's not a contradiction. It's merely part of the process. It's also not about 'healing'. There's no 'I' being there that needs to be 'healed'. More importantly, it's nothing to do with 'influencing', 'controlling', 'conquering', 'quieting', 'calming', 'purifying', 'disciplining', or 'healing' and 'liberating' other minds.

Inquire the truth of everything.

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