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Monday, October 19, 2020

The world of exploitation

People who have no choice but are living under great desperation to be working to earn an income for making a living, and hence, reluctantly accepting underpaid job(s), where just working for one job for certain reasonable hours per day/week/month is no longer sufficient to survive or support the high cost of living, but they need to work longer hours or take up more than one job at one time, will eventually suffer from certain degree of physical/mental/emotional breakdown as their over-all physical and mental well-being and/or their relationship with their family are under threat or being compromised because they have to be spending all their time and energy into the underpaid work(s) compromising the essential rest time or free time for something else other than 'work' to be looking after their physical/mental health condition, and they don't have the 'energy' and 'attention' left for their relationship and/or family, and above all, being unable to live ‘a balanced life’ that is more than just being ‘a slave of the world of exploitation’ of working hard physically/mentally for their entire life existence just barely earn enough to feed themselves and/or their family, but have no time, no energy and no money left for anything else, until one's body and mind breakdown, or until one dies.

There’s nothing wrong with the statement of ‘all beings has to be performing action for maintaining one’s life existence until one dies’ and ‘be grateful and contented with having enough food and basic shelter for survival especially making a living through honest effort within one’s capability’, as that is part of life existence, but, ‘being exploited by greedy/stingy people exploiting other people to do underpaid work for them under the world of exploitation/desperation’ is another form of ‘slavery’, which is not what ‘life’ is about.

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