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Saturday, September 10, 2022

A dream

This was a dream.

I was in front of a school that I didn't recognized.

A large group of students were preparing themselves to get onto the buses that will bring them to somewhere. I understood that I was supposed to get on the bus as well.

I was pondering about what type of temperature at the place that we were going to and will be staying for awhile. It could be cold, and I might need to bring some warm clothes.

"What do I need to pack for the journey and moving to the new place?" Asking myself.

A voice said, "No need anything."

All the other students had already gone into their respective buses with their names written on the lists displayed on the different buses.

The buses were starting to leave one by one.

I was looking for a name that I recognized as mine as the buses passed by in front of me. But, I didn't see a name that I recognized as mine on any of the buses.

Suddenly, my mentor appeared, and he asked me to follow him towards one particular bus.

Not like the other buses, this bus has no wheels, sort of floating in the air at the height of above our head.

He knocked on the bus from below, and said something to someone on the bus.

A doorway opened up with light coming from inside the bus shining down to the ground. My mentor said, "Get on."

The doorway was just an opening under the bus, and there were no steps or ladder below the doorway for me to get onto the bus. I was wondering how should I get onto the bus.

And then, I was being lifted by something onto the bus through that doorway.

There were a few empty seats, and a man pointed at a seat in the back of the odd square shaped bus to me. I walked towards the seat and sat down.

I looked out from the window. There was no road. The bus was floating and moving in the sky.

We arrived at a place. It was a waterfront. I walked towards the beach closer to the edge of the water and was looking at everyone else that were there.

I started to understand why I didn't need to pack or bring anything with me.

I didn't need to carry or have anything with me.

No food. No drinks. No clothing. No purse. No money. No passport. No ID card. And, nameless.

I could eat and drink if I wish, and any food and drinks would appear as I wish. However, there was no hunger, no thirst. I didn't need to eat or drink, to satisfy hunger and thirst. And, there was no need to pee and shit.

When there was a breeze, warm clothes naturally appeared on me. I was neither too hot nor too cold. The clothing on everyone changed by itself naturally in accordance to the temperature.

There was no heaviness, no discomfort, no irritation, no tiredness, no sleepiness.

Everyone there were also the same. Anything that was needed to be there would just appear as it is, naturally, even without the idea of desiring or needing anything beforehand. Things also disappeared as they were, when they were no longer needed to be there. There was no rubbish.

There were some soundless, heatless, smokeless, transparent vehicles carrying people in them moving above the ground. The vehicles were formed by ray of lights shaping the entire structure, with no engine or any other solid compartments.

There's no noisy talking, no shouting, no arguing, no screaming, no crying. There's no reason to be talking, shouting, arguing, screaming, or crying. Everyone was doing their own thing in peace, and not interfering with one another.

It was a place that seemed to be free from the restless need to be existing, surviving and living or free from bodily maintenance, free from inter-dependency, interference, undesirableness, unpleasantness, disagreement, pain, fear, worry, hassle, threat, affliction, violence and chaos, or even maybe a suffering free existence in a perfect world that the imaginative thinking would wish for a world to be like, where everyone's existence appeared to be absolutely free as it is, however, "This is not the final destination and liberation," a voice in me, and I woke up remembering the dream (the mind creation out of a subtle wishful desire when I was little).

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