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Monday, May 15, 2023

Fine as you are, happy as you are

So many people in the world growing up being conditioned and empowered by certain ideas and values, at home, in school, in workplace, or in the society, about "You need to strive to be like this or that, think like this or that, behave like this or that, do this or that, achieve this or that, possess this or that, become this or that, be empowered, be competitive, be outstanding, be charming, be beautiful, be attractive, be strong, be fit, be healthy, be positive, be optimistic, be inspired, be ambitious, be successful, be rich, be powerful, be famous, be acknowledged, be recognized, be respectable, be proud of, and then you will be blessed with satisfaction, happiness and meaningfulness," or "Do something that will make you happy," or "Do something meaningful with your life existence," or "Do everything that you want to do before you die, enjoy life to the maximum, so that you won't regret when you die."

While in the process of accomplishing all that, one would do anything regardless of hurting oneself and/or others, as well as the surrounding environment, either intentionally or unintentionally, directly or indirectly, in order to achieve one's aspiration of being 'somebody good enough or successful enough' that is 'deserving' satisfaction, happiness and meaningfulness, so that one can live a pleasurable lifestyle and comfortable life with many physical and mental enjoyments and conveniences, so that one will be satisfied and happy, feel meaningful, and won't regret about anything.

* * * * * * * *

You can be happy as you are, if you want.

You don't need empowerment.

You don't need to be empowered/competitive/outstanding/strong/fit/healthy/beautiful/attractive/inspired/ambitious/successful/rich/powerful/acknowledged/respectable, or do and achieve anything in order to be satisfied and happy, feel meaningful, or have no regret.

You don't need to to be living a pleasurable lifestyle with many physical and mental enjoyments and conveniences that exploit many people and the surrounding environment to the maximum in order to appreciate life and be happy.

You don't need to be somebody with particular quality/achievement/possession/recognition to deserve something.

You don't need to be 'deserving'.

You don't need to be 'good enough' or 'successful enough'.

You don't need to be special or extraordinary.

You don't need to be a hero.

You don't need to be proud of yourself.

You don't need others to be proud of you, not even your parents.

You don't need any encouragement, praise and compliment, understanding, acceptance, validation, appreciation, sympathy or empathy, from anyone.

You don't need anyone to make you happy. None can make you happy if you want to be unhappy.

You don't need to make anyone happy. None can make others happy if they want to be unhappy.

You are fine as you are. You are happy as you are.

It's the freedom of being what you are, as you are, that no one can give you or take away from you, even though all is impermanent.

What you are, is impermanent.

How you are, is impermanent.

What you think and how you feel, is impermanent.

You can be as successful as you can be, do and achieve anything that you desire, if it's possible, if you want, within your current capability, without hurting yourself and/or others and the surrounding environment, but all these actions, abilities and achievements are not you, and they are impermanent.

Above all, there's no 'You'.

It's just selfless impermanent names and forms, arising, changing, and passing away, even though there's cause and effect.

There are ceaseless changes, ups and downs, laughter and tears, people coming and going, togetherness and separation, sunny days and rainy days, hot and cold, comfort and discomfort, pain, injury, sickness, weakness, old age, decay, and disintegration.

And it's okay.

Happy as it is.

And if you want, inquire the truth of everything without blind-believing, blind-following, blind-agreeing, blind-practicing, and blind-propagating.

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