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Sunday, October 30, 2022

Non-separateness or oneness is not about non-diversity or uniformness in the diverse community

Non-separateness or oneness in the teachings of yoga or buddhism, is nothing to do with the passionate idea and vision deriving from ignorance and egoism to be developing and empowering a 'strong', 'uniformed/non-diversified' group identity in a particular community, school, company, tribe, religion, culture, sports, politic, military, area, state, or country, that emphasizes on uniformness, togetherness, loyalty and patriotism by discouraging, restricting, oppressing and eliminating diversity within a group of community, while empowering discrimination and defensiveness towards all the others that are different from 'us' or not the same as 'us', that don't support towards, or comply with, or fit into 'our' uniformed group identity.

Selflessness, non-separateness or oneness, is the absence of attachment and identification towards all kinds of qualities of names and forms, while respecting all kinds of diversities being what they are, as they are, and all are impermanent. It's not about depriving a unique personal identity to be empowering a group identity holding and sharing common names and forms of appearance, action, reaction, way of living, way of thinking, belief, ideas, desires, visions, values and practice.

Non-separateness or oneness is there as it is, upon the realization towards the nature of selflessness and impermanence in all kinds of diverse names and forms under different qualities and uniqueness, that leads towards respect, accommodation, tolerance, non-discrimination, non-violence, peace and harmony among the world of many diversities, that embraces all kinds of diversities as they are, instead of discriminating and eliminating diversities to be uniforming all and everyone to be 'non-distinctive' among one another, out of ignorance or selfish intention.

It's actually contrary to that passionate egoistic idea and vision of developing a 'uniformed' and 'non-diversified' group identity that is about upholding 'unity' or 'togetherness' among that particular group, that is not so much for developing respect, accommodation, tolerance, non-discrimination, peace and harmony in the world, but it's mainly about building a strong shield of self-protectiveness or defense (recruiting or forming a group of supporters/workers/servants/army) out of survival instinct to be protecting towards the survival of one's own particular interest, or ambition, or group, or community, or country and etc, as well as out of greed towards 'claiming' and 'possessing' more and more space, land, natural resources, food, wealth and security, that promotes corruption, force, bully, threat, violence, invasion and war, which hurts, damages, or destroys world peace and harmony, physical well-being, mental health, lives and the surrounding environment.

The idea and value of 'unity' or 'patriotism' within a community/area/region/country/specie, is meaningless and useless under the absence of ignorance and egoism. The world of diverse human beings, not just within a particular community, area, region or country, will be peaceful and harmony as it is, if the minds are void of ignorance and egoism.

That's why the selfish, greedy, highly ambitious and prideful 'politicians' or 'leaders' that shout about 'unity' and 'patriotism', don't like or welcome the existence of non-separateness or oneness, respect, accommodation, tolerance, non-discrimination, non-hatred, non-selfish, non-violence, peace and harmony among the people of many diversities in this world. As they would have no 'power' or 'opportunity' to be accomplishing their selfish greedy ambitions.

May all minds realize non-separateness or oneness among all diversities upon the realization towards selflessness and impermanence in all and everything, and be free from selfishness, greed, corruption, discrimination, hatred and violence. The only 'difficulty' or 'almost impossibility' to achieve that, is the minds themselves need to have awareness towards the ignorance in themselves, and be initiative to free themselves from ignorance.

The only way to stop corruption, discrimination, hatred, bully, threat, violence and war in this world of human beings, is the minds being free from ignorance and egoism, and the by-products of ignorance and egoism, the root cause of all kinds of corruption, discrimination, hatred, bully, threat, violence and war. A fight ends upon the fighters themselves stop fighting. A war begins and ends by the one(s) who igniting and participating in a war. Anger, hatred, violence, hurt, bully and discrimination cease existing upon the one(s) who is(are) angry, hating, violent, hurting, bullying and discriminating stopped being angry, hating, violent, hurting, bullying and discriminating.

Yoga, is definitely not about attending regular yoga classes, yoga courses or yoga retreats, acquiring some yoga practice or teaching certifications, engaging in some yoga poses, stretching exercises, breathing exercises, cleansing exercises, detoxification, concentration exercises, chanting, mindfulness, healing, relaxation, enjoyment of the senses, clean eating, pure diet, or connection building under different brands and styles, to attain some impermanent physical and mental or emotional benefits, to feel good, calmed, relaxed, empowered, inspired, healthy, strong and meaningful momentarily, but it's about the elimination of ignorance and egoism. Although there's nothing wrong or bad with people who are interested in yoga and the benefits of the different yoga practice, but are not interested in the elimination of ignorance and egoism. It's everyone's freedom of thinking, desire and action.

Those who understand, there's no such idea of "I am being proud of ......"

Those who don't understand, there's the idea of "I am being proud of ......" as well as instilling and encouraging the sense of pride towards certain qualities, possessions and identities in oneself and others.

Anyone, including close friends and family members, successful people and social media influencers, or some 'teachers', 'politicians' and 'leaders', who instill, promote and empower the sense of pride in particular quality, possession and identity, while encourage the sense of shame, discrimination and hatred towards some others, who dislike and discourage openness and respect towards all without discrimination, who disagree with open-mindedness and mental/emotional independence, know that these minds are functioning under the deep influence of ignorance and egoism.

Inquire towards the truth of everything.

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